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  1. ...go back in time and tell me this in 2013 pls ! but my question was not it...if you are only a member, and you know nothing about it, pls say nothing ...
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question that I ask myself for some time, having a caracter on my account banned since 2013! yes it's a little over 5 years now ... I was so young at that time, I used a program for my caracter to walk to make for 1 egg! yes at that time we made the eggs eclipse while walking! :) The time has passed I became a very mature young woman now! with a brain and I do less stupidity lol !!! But the question is not this ..... My question is ... I have never had shiny on pokemon, is it because of this banned character? does having a banned character block our account in getting a shiny? I have never had shiny in 5 years ... That is my question thanks for your answers :).
  3. I find that it is completely unbalanced with Pelipper, but if it agrees to all the majority of people ... well, it s ok.
  4. if we put only a part of the ''capacities '' or '' object '' that appears in the version '' 7 '' it inevitably favors one strategy... And pelipper in geration 6 is useless cuz without drizzle he is useless... if we put him, with drizzle , we must put all the strategy that appears in the 7th generation, or all rain team are better than other strategy... you know.
  5. Hi everyone ! My simple quetion ! why pelipper have drizzle?? we are in version black/white, he cant to have this in version Black/white, so yeah... why pelipper is not uber cuz ''drizzle '' in version black/white this is like a cheat lol.... its favors the drizzle strategy, compared to any other strategy, for realy pelipper no have this capicity '' drizzle'' in black/white version and he is not OU cuz that ....
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