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  1. i never thought this thread would get here. i assumed everyone would die of old age before we hit pg 100
  2. what if i were to blow the dust off the ole jeymus account
  3. in 2013 i caught a hoppip   timid   25-30 20-21 29-31 27-31 25-28 30-31   This prolly isnt that impressive compared to some of everyone elses but this was prebreeding and a big deal   edit:   would supply a pic but i traded it (biggest regret :( )
  4. MIST

    Vanity Thread

    I expect some ludicolo sombreros in the next exclusive vanity item release. Also darkshade did zehkar show you all the stuff me and vorred came up with?
  5. MIST

    Vanity Thread

    finally i found this
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