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  1. It was a lot of fun, imo there should have been a secret boss battle vs the host for a shiny pichu. Thanks for the 100k and the tm enjoyed it 👍
  2. add resistances too ? :P support for shiny mons would be nice too :P
  3. hello there, overworld Softboiled and milk drink. i would just like these implemented thank you :)
  4. hello there, was thinking it would be a good idea to enable players to send hyperlinks to other players on their friend lists. maybe even the links are only clickable in a whisper box, or even a check box in settings , which would allow you to enable/disable friends to send you hyperlinks via whispers or not. thanks.
  5. no idea really. Some of them are really good (discounting my own) so I'm sure it difficult to judge them.
  6. completely understand, Just putting it out there though, illigant dark theme, (the green one) was so the best :3
  7. could i maybe request a update on all three of your themes for the new gui and updated pokemmo? :3 they are so good i miss them already xD Edit: just realised i was a little late to the request. nice to know you may update it <3
  8. TITLE: The Feature Creepening 2: Electric Boogaloo: Revengence IGN: AxelAgain WORD COUNT:​​ 491 couldn't help but risk embarrassing my self for such an lovely shiny :3 brilliant idea for a contest btw :P also i'll take a it as a jolly nature, and mailing it on the pc system would be nice, not had any mail yet. [spoiler] The time is 02:50 he knows he has done it again, it’s far too late and he doesn’t care. Click Tick Clack hitting the keyboard with the fluidity of a machine, tapping away talking to his fellow pokemmo players, time flows fast, the clock hits 03:00 He heard it again, that sound he was so familiar with around this time of night, static in the tv, a cold sweat broke out down his arm and the back of his neck..” why always at 3am!” exclaimed the pokemmo player, “has anyone else got this issue” he started to type to the chat ingame, the chat fell silent, eerie as only ten minutes ago it was Teeming with conversation. 03:03, User: BrokenGard replied “static, I hear it also”..The static noise seemed to spike and get increasingly close, not in an aggressive manor but much more of a disarming encroachment, slowly, like honey falling down the pot it clings to, almost seductive. Finally someone else with the same experience he thought, “so it’s not just me then” he typed to BrokenGard, chat fell silent yet again.. 03:13,The static encroaches further, a much more persistent hiss now, BrokenGard:“they put us here”.. “put you where” he replied, BrokenGard:”there is nothing for anything here” once again she replied. “BrokenGard, what is this static noise?” he tapped again, BrokenGard: ”WE the abandoned” this left him confused, and definitely a little uncomfortable, who is he talking to, who are are “WE” …. “you are making the static?” he asked, chat fell silent again, and the hiss subsided. 03:30 once again the static spike, this time not a benevolent inconsequential sort of hiss, this seemed to have intent, it rang so loud he had to remove his headphones briefly, dazed he placed them back on and noticed the static hiss was still present but stable at an almost soothing level, comforting, BrokenGard:”we miss you..”, he did not reply must be a troll he thought. Hat died down yet again. BrokenGard: “ YOU THREW US AWAY LIKE WE WERE NOTHING” the static spiked again and he let out a audible yelp of surprise and pain, his finger stuck to the keyboard, he tried shaking his head but the headphones were stuck fast and he couldn’t get them off, “HELP” he cried out for someone, there was no one, BrokenGard:”you have no one to help you, you threw them out of your life as easily as you did us” 03:33, Shattered Glass rings out. As the TV breaks apart, As if in slow motion, the pieces ring and chime clattering together and bouncing on the floor as if dancing with each other, Shimmering With the fluorescent light that gleams from the edges, as you look to the now broken television you are met by a set of almost sad eyes and a cracked forced looking smile “I seeee…ee ….you much better now” …. [/spoiler]
  9. i'd love to see a really pollished Super Metroid theme <3 Or a Greyfox (metal gear solid) one :p
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