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  1. add resistances too ? :P support for shiny mons would be nice too :P
  2. hello there, overworld Softboiled and milk drink. i would just like these implemented thank you :)
  3. completely understand,   Just putting it out there though, illigant dark theme, (the green one)  was so the best :3
  4. could i maybe request a update on all three of your themes for the new gui and updated pokemmo? :3   they are so good i miss them already xD   Edit:   just realised i was a little late to the request. nice to know you may update it <3
  5. i'd love to see a really pollished Super Metroid theme <3      Or a Greyfox (metal gear solid) one :p
  6. I don't even check the spoilers, i just download your themes bro, they hawt.
  7. @ Ikarus   yeah i thougt there would be some sort of coding issues, and it actually works 1.4 along with 2.6 raphics mod. unfortunatly im well out of touch with messin with that stuff, last time i ventured into that was on my psp over 6 years ago lol. i would be grateful for a chance to download your fix though  ^_^
  8. So i fixed it for me, all i had to do was install the UpdatedGraphics2.6 1st then the moemon1.7   [spoiler]     [/spoiler]           Edit:   I was wrong     ._.    the overworld is messed up when i patch moemon last.   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   for best results use the moemon patch 1st i guess but some sprites would be messed up if using the updated graphics patch after
  9. so will moemon be made to work along side updated graphics at any point? because when i was running moemon1.4+updatedGraphics2.6 they worked fine
  10. so i applied 1.7 patch and i had a little issue with shuppet.   not. i am running 2.6 graphics mod aswell as moemon 1.7, think i installed moemon then the graphics patch to the same fire red rom.   [spoiler]   [/spoiler] did i mess up or anyone else had this issue?   p.s first ever post on this forum, sorry if i fail in some sort of online etiquette
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