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  1. trustworthy and quick enough I gave him a tip. pause
  2. Service was faster than expected. Highly recommend! my IGN is TheBabybloo btw
  3. Whens the next PSL?

    1. DoubleJ



    2. AugustRed


      you are the only legend in this interaction. Im joining the next PSL tho 

  4. Hi, Im back. Ex LYLE, ex NYLE ( lol ) Im tryna get back into the comp scene after being away for so long an have some comp friends
  5. those get annoying but they end up dying quick as long as they don't set em up And happy birthday golden & double JJ boiii
  6. as i said on the last tread, you might as well wait till the hoenn region comes out
  7. my venusaur doesn't have leech seed tho. Sludge bomb, sleeping powder, gigs drain and synth
  8. two fist is princess peach confirmed catfish, anyways the last time I battled you(her) was without my breloom
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