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  1. @Kamowanthere I owe you 250K, whats your IGN so I can mail it?
  2. I owe @SiWall 200K paid @calidubstep owes me 100K @LeJovi owes me 100K paid
  3. This. Isnt there anything else you guys can do? I'm sure this will probably rule out alot of the players from EU from playing because it's so late. I dont think many if any EU players would complain if you were to push the date forward or even back.
  4. Are you guys high? This is past midnight start for most EU people. Yikes
  5. Devil Bats vs Vermilion Villains OU2: Frags - Yosoyarca 250K UU: tMoi - Zhiko M-LC: KiiritoX - Busso Empoleon Bonapartists vs The Trashtalking Taillows UU: Getovaherez - QuinnW Dubs: Superman - IJulianFNT 250K M-OU: Schuchty - Bluebreath M-Dubs: Badbaarsito - iKillua 250K (taken by @Kamowanthere) Sailor Lunatones vs Nincadas with attitudes OU1: DoubleJ - Chuckunso 250K OU2: THORRM - Abstractt UU: TohnR - Umbramol 250K NU: Cogeid - Zymogen Dubs: Aldahirramirez - DocPBC LC: Inxss - GasaiYunoSan (taken by @SiWall) M-NU: SweetForU - Aerun (taken by @calidubstep) M-Dubs: Artemiseta - EYL 250K Just Blaziken it vs The Ruthless Rotoms OU1: Lunarck - Darker OU2: Zokuru - Wrathend (taken by @LeJovi) Dubs: Zigh - AkaruKokuyo 250K LC: TheDH - Xondex M-UU: Icekob - Mkns M-NU: Tawla - Stelian (taken by @SiWall) 100K on each unless specified otherwise.
  7. I guess someone gotta start this 101 days until c h r i s t m a s
  8. Yeah, I wouldnt be against it for non shiny gifts too. But I dont think theres much of an argument for it for shinies. For people to make their gift shinies perfect they still gotta spend, and it still takes money out of the game afterall this
  9. How so though? it's not like they can get a perfect shiny comp by grabbing one breeder, they're still have to spend like minimum 10M+ out of their own money to breed a perfect shiny comp if they choose to do that
  10. Is there any possibility we could make it so gift mons you get can be bred? I get that you dont want them to be tradable, but I dont see why it would be a bad thing to make them breedable even if it means them keeping the gift badge and not being able to be bred after being traded. Pros: It means people who arent currently using these gift mons you get from PvP/shiny prizes are able to be bred if you wish to spend the money or resources to do it. Therefore encouraging people to use these mons more instead of either releasing them or letting them sit in their boxes like most shiny prizes do. Cons: Idk? Enlighten me Any chance we could get this at all? @Kyu
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