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  1. Congrats to @MaatthewMLG for winning the third invitation and to @TheBeldumMaster for the reserve for picking up 2nd!
  2. Parke

    kyu hat

    Damn I think we found the nicest guy on mmo
  3. wiser words have never been spoken also, daily reminder that SRIF
  4. Parke

    World Cup week #4

    Me & Rendi in 10
  5. Nah, if you cant play you cant play. Someone who gets a reserve can take your spot... it wouldnt be fair on the people with reserves if we let you give your invite to someone else
  6. Congrats to @calidubstep for winning the second invite, and @AxLKGhost for second place!
  7. Parke

    Cheels' EVing Service & Store

    pay her 20m i bet she'll do it
  8. If you're looking for non perfect breeds @Funkykong or @razimove are two of the best. Razi might also do perfect breeds depending on what you need.. I guess pm them!
  9. Parke

    Garbage Day (Thursday, March 7th)

  10. Parke

    World Cup week #3

    even if that were true he better now than u ever was boy, show some respeck
  11. Parke

    World Cup week #3

    gg france
  12. Parke

    Lunar Event Strategy

    Forgot Luxio here

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