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  1. so fair that this man got 18 encounters doing hordes of 5s. Insane
  2. wow sethsen, so smart and hansome
  3. Shiny breeding is a thing. I hatched this shiny squirtle a month or so ago now. You cannot breed non shiny mons with shiny ones though, it's either shiny x shiny = 100% shiny or non shiny x non shiny = 1/30000 (or more if donator/charm active) chance to be shiny
  4. Team Tag: [VVVV]Registered Players: CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Senjutsuka, Zigh, Kanzo, SweeTforU, Spaintakula, OrangeManiac, Rynners, EverDaryl, Cali, Axellgor, Forfiter, Aerun, HXIN, Parke, Razimove, theworstt, RAVAELTeam Captain: Aerun
  5. Just a thought bro, ever thought about EVing Speed somewhere else? :V
  6. Something like this was what I was originally thinking. But I dunno how it'd work because it may encourage people to just not queue for X amount of time. So there'd have to be a way for the system to detect if people are queueing or not I guess. Idk
  7. Ikr haha, first shiny encounter I've ever had where I genuinely had a reaction to it
  8. I get that there's only so much the devs can/want to do to reward us. Giving UU/NU better prizes than OU makes no sense, you're right. Which is why I made a discussion here to see if anyone has any ideas that could work with the system. I'm just worried we're going to go back to how it was before where the only active MM'ing is OU because not enough people play the lower tiers. I guess we wait and see though, sucks but nothing else we can do.
  9. I'll start this by saying I was going to make a suggestion but figured this would be better to see how the community in general feel and maybe get ideas from others that could help. Any staff/dev input here would be cool too because I'd like to imagine you guys are noticing the same things we are I feel like the whole matchmaking system for the lower tiers (UU, NU, Dubs) is getting stale again. It's getting to the point where I'm seeing people waiting like 10/20 minutes without finding games only to face the same person they face every single time. I don't really know what we could
  10. Been hunting Magmar for a month as I took a break from hatching squirtles.. Started hatching again y'day.... W
  11. People are gonna cry and disagree either way whatever the decision is yeah. Case and point of whats happening currently haha. There's no way to keep everyone happy unfortunately, thats just life.
  12. Like I posted on discord. Who cares about the poll? The poll is irrelevant. The discussion is the main thing here, as most of the votes come from V4 and NORE in opposite ends anyways basically and so far I've seen about 2 people actually contribute to the conversation here while 40+ people vote. Speak people, things aren't gonna change by just voting. Back up why you think things should change or stay the same.
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