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  1. Player name: Parke Timezone: BST Preferred date of draft: 25th/26th/27th May or 1st/2nd/3rd of June (bold the dates that will work for you) - Any, I'm easy Do I think I can be active for the duration of this event (~ 2,5 months): Team Name: TBD
  2. http://twitch.tv/mparkex Figured I'd do some hunting since I havent played properly in a while, bored of other things. why not stream and hunt for abit :)
  3. I've caught 2 shinies within 15 minutes of eachother back in the day
  4. Proud of u and hate u at the same time. but above all else get fucked @DoctorPBC
  5. Do you like racist scumbags? If so I'm your guy.
  6. Parke


    Duno, maybe I had 5 anywho haha thats what my screenshot says
  7. Parke


    Got the last 2 kills tho so I basically did tbh
  8. Parke


    join the server for discord kaynine linked above if you wanna play, we're mostly all on there
  9. Parke


    @TheBloo ^
  10. theres a special place in hell for all u shits who sell ur ots
  11. Stop spending your money on beer for one day and buy a new phone you noob
  12. Parke

    PokeMMO VGC #1

    This is guna be fucking lit. Damn. @RysPicz @Blu3Breath VGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGCVGC

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