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  1. pepe-glasses-e1475196933170.jpgParke big noobe


  2. Parke

    Goodybe MMO

    Goodbye Terresa! It was nice knowing you :) have a good life.
  3. Parke

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Parke Fluff: memes Preferred tiers: I can play any tier  Most/Least preferred manager: idc
  4. thats some strong hate but I hate coolio even more than all 3 of those @DaftCoolio fak u
  5. Parke

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    Me & TJ vs Burro & Platoons Game 1: 0-0 Game 2: 2-1 Burro & Platoons ggs boys
  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL GG congrats breh
  7. cant even post a pic/video. you're such a shit asian jeez also
  8. Parke

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    still actively uninstalling it till this day
  9. Parke

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    yelled at him once to build, not my fault he a bish
  10. Parke

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    u forgot to say this game garbage tbh also u all toxic asf
  11. Parke

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    Epic Name: mprk94 Platform: PC Server: EU Season 5 KD: 1.04 Lifetime: 0.69 A solid 40% of my overall games are me blue screening after 4 seconds

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