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  1. ahahaha u go gluumuk fish for those likes my friend
  2. Parke vs RealDevilLegend after Schuchty vs Hallen
  3. I asked for a mudkip and she bred me 6 squirtles 2 charmanders and a lapras 1/10 would not recommend :(
  4. Think you needa whip up a spell first to rise him from the dead
  5. IGN: Parke Timezone: GMT+1 Tiers: I can play every tier but Dubs is preferred.
  6. I'll do a separate 1M bet with you that Aerun finishes in top 4 if you want
  7. What you expect when you got people like Hopy throwing the first jab lmao
  8. tru, PSL9 document is lying to me https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nTvryPQ7-K-rqzx-J2tPvyCAQoEYj5EhJFDPwY5-oRE/edit#gid=493837541
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