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  1. Who said I wont bet on my own team winning? not me anyways kek
  2. @xCaptainAwesome said he'll take Sejuani & SirVector
  3. Saying Nemo too uguu to take this bet, this is valid for anyone from Buzzwoles who has the cajonas. 1M ons us getting more than 3 wins this week.
  4. wow u are so smart!!1111
  5. wow the pass rate is 21/40 u fail my child
  6. listen up all u drugs its time to homework @DarylDixon @everyone else
  7. Ya boi Ranjeet from Tech Support asked could he take this aka @xCaptainAwesome aka zozoth aka u mom but not u dad
  8. @DoubleJ u know what to do