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  1. Parke

    Pvp Rewards 25s

    Agreed, it's not like they're "giving" people these PvP comps neither. You still have to win 35 games or whatever it is to get it. Hell if it's that much of a deal, increase it to 50 wins or whatever. I'm sure people wouldnt mind as long as they're getting a comp they can actually use at the end of it.
  2. I guess so - but I feel like if youre good enough at making teams you should have multiple teams made in advance, and be able to freely switch between those. I get that some people may not have that option, as they may not have access to all the comps etc. But this argument could also be pushed the other way too - someone who hasnt got all the comps doesnt have to worry about being counter teamed because their opponent knows theyre playing them next and just counter teams them. I just cant see how it's a bad thing for the game to have the shuffle brackets honestly other than the whole "glorified matchmaking" argument which honestly to me isn't really an argument because you're gonna know after a certain amount of rounds anyways that you're either gonna be playing like 1/7 or 1/3 people etc. I can see this yeah, but at the same time even tiers like OU are kinda stale and in the old bracket system even the same cores/or like 4/6 mons in a specific team were ran a lot. So I dont think this is a great basis for an argument as it was somewhat similar in the old meta too. An example is that screens setup team that SO MANY people ran in UU before this update. This is just one example of a team, but theres obviously countless examples of actual cores that people use and just switch out 1-2 mons. This is pretty boring too, the issue isnt the bracket - the issue is that the people who play this game lack creativity in their team builds most of the time.
  3. Referring to what Rendi says about "making an effective cteam to your oppo and not losing the rest of your meta" That's just not the case at all. I'd say in alot of cases when people make these counter teams, their teams they make are insanely weak to another core, or even another mon sometimes also. It's impossible to cover everything when you're building thats just how it is. But if you're confident enough in your ability to build teams and understand the teams you're making then you should be able to win against any team as long as you play properly.
  4. If Daryl can do it effectively I'm gonna have to strongly disagree on this one boss
  5. There's literally nothing wrong with the shuffle bracket imo. It just encourages people to use all round more better built & balanced teams, and reduces scouting instead of just straight up building for the guy you're playing after spending 10 minutes scouting his previous rounds. Like, I'm struggling to find any bad side to them adding this to the game???
  6. I dont think it should be reverted completely, because I've seen a few times where people have matched either friends/teammates and just gave them the win. Imo this isnt right, but I also agree that for dubs it's a bit much, I'd say lower it in doubles to like 7 turns maybe.
  7. The hat (this could LITERALLY be any item though) is there as an incentive to keep people engaged with PvP over the 3 month period of the season. Otherwise people wont want to grind for it because why would they if theres nothing to work towards at the end? It works the same way as you (I assume if you dont play PvP) grind money ingame to get something you want, whether it be a shiny, or a vanity, or even money to hatch for an OT shiny. These are all examples - then it gives incentive to keep going to the end point, because without that whats the point? Just like you, PvP players need something to grind towards also. Plus honestly, over a 3 month period, that's like less than 6 wins a day on average to get the hat assuming you play everyday like most of us do. So it's really not that hard to get when you think about it either way.
  8. @Kyu Can we at least get the rest of the other IVs to be like 29+, most of us use comps already with those IVs (if not better) So grinding to 35 wins etc is literally pointless to get a gift mon that's gonna sit in your box and get no use at all. I get that it's there to give us incentive etc to play, but this just seems kinda stupid when youre grinding for no reason when you can just make a better IV'd comp for about 300K.
  9. I like to think it's one of my better posts
  10. Has this been confirmed yet? I dont think it has haha
  11. all im seeing from this thread is "Make Garchomp even more broken than it already is" things are absolutely fine how they are right now
  13. This is why they pay u the big bucks Lifestyle, big brain move right here
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