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  1. You're catching up. It's only a matter of time
  2. tru post ur shinies go
  3. You're merely a memory to him now. smh Kiz you've changed so much
  4. MMA/UFC Discussion

    WHOS WATCHING? Holy shit that might be the best submission finish ive ever seen
  5. Pokken Tournament

    Aight so. Tournament DX. Who has a switch and wants to catch these hands?
  6. 7500+ for every time he plants on all them
  7. then meowth then 2 more persians
  8. Available on Twitch for streaming

    idk what you're talking about, Xatu streaming this on YT is guna make it a global phenomenon
  9. Let them add the fkn region first, jesus christ
  10. when ur too ghetto to use gyazo
  11. The Best of Youtube!

    I swear every time I see this I die.
  12. The Notorious McGregor VS Floyd ODDS

    People need to shut up and stop criticising Conor lmao, he just went 10 rounds with arguably the best boxer of all time, never-mind the best of our generation. Sure I'm a huge UFC and a massive Conor fan. But even I knew that if it went past the first couple of rounds Conor stood no chance. But there was always that "what if he lands the big left" thats what made the fight exciting. Props to Conor though, he went much longer than I would've thought he could've.

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