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  1. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: Aerun, Draekyn, Parke, OrangeManiac, Zigh, StriderxD, CHUCKunso, Razimove, HXIN, Samoerai, Tyrone, Bakugo, Tranzmaster, Cheels Team Captain: Aerun
  2. OT number 29, first time doing singles tryna get that Dratini. We go again!
  3. After 3 damn months of hunting this thing, finally! OT #27
  4. I'm not against this at all. The frequency of tournaments just isnt enough for tiers that arent OU. So it's basically hard to practice in actual tournament scenarios.
  5. uh no they're not. Agree, I should've clarified in the OP I meant shinies too and gave more context but most people I know with shinies prizes barely ever use them or they just dont at all because they have better comps. These things are supposed to be a brag, something to flex. But when you have a normal version with better IVs which gives you better ingame stats then whats the point? Give people a reason to use their prizes that they earn instead of giving them a trophy that has literally no use at all.
  6. There is currently a tournament in the queue that has a 6x31 prize, so that raises my question. Why hasnt this become a normal thing before now? Surely if someone wins a prize, MOST PEOPLE have perfect comps and are obviously gonna use their perfect comps over these ones they're winning them as they prefer perfect IVs. What's the point winning a tournament prize when you cant or dont use it? Pros: Promotes people using their prizes, more usable comps for people to actually try to win. Cons: ?
  7. Thats how it works in the normal games too, it sketches the move with the amount of PP you currently have haha
  8. This mans a beast. Super quick breeder will definitely be using again in future. tyty
  9. This is why you dont leave your shiny hunting spot kids, lesson learnt FU rng OT #26
  10. Shoot me a message in-game when you're on man. I wanna chat to you.
  11. h o l y s h i t i t s c h r i s t m a s MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR X
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