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  1. I hope going by this logic we're banning all these idiots listing their shitty shinies for 800M then all the time.
  2. I think Orange would literally rather be locked in a room for a day with Daryl than host that shitshow again
  3. Ah so you waited until after it lost to point that out that you were only letting one person take it. Gotcha. Then yeah, you owe me 100K You also liked my post saying I'd take all the bets the day I posted and didn't reply to say you were taking one. lmao
  4. Brother you literally run the scummiest shit ever in your teams half the time. You're in no place to tell people how a "real dubs duel" looks lmao
  5. @MknsZblex owes me 600K @Tawla owes me 2.45M
  6. Paid @ItsGray @Tawla & @Quinn010
  7. You good bro? I'll do 500K though
  8. I'll do 350K per match if you're down?
  9. [Live] Little Veterans (0) Vs [läva] läva (0) OU: zAnderson vs Endiii NU: Mansterix vs Kriliin Dubs: CrissCy vs Lactosoid Dubs: Chjul vs Retremos [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) Vs [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi (0) OU: Jaawax vs Senjutsuka taken by @Tawla 350K OU: Lunarck vs CHUCKunso taken by @Tawla 350K UU: gbwead vs Parke taken by @Tawla 350K UU: enchanteur vs Kanzotaken by @Tawla 350K NU: MadaraSixSix vs RAVAEL taken by @Tawla 350K NU: Kanicula vs Axellgor taken by @Tawla 350K Dubs: Mkns vs Imabeverybest taken by @Tawla 350K Dubs: Badbaarsito vs OrangeManiactaken by @Tawla 350K LC: Stelian vs Cali taken by @Tawla 350K SM-OU: LLLiolaes vs Spaintakula taken by @Tawla 350K [VGC] Vermillion Golden Champions (0) Vs [NORE] NoRematch (0) UU: urquidi vs UmbraMol UU: GasaiYunoSan vs LeJovi taken by @LeJovi 500K NU: Cristi vs LifeStyle Dubs: AngelosRed vs DocPBC 100K Bolds unless stated otherwise.
  10. Take all, @ItsGray Let me take yours again if you aint a uguu
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