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  1. Must be @Suneet I wouldnt waste my time with that shit
  2. I'm down. I'll hit you up ingame later.
  3. Crazy how a trashboi like you can win top player in a non existent tier, crazy world eh
  4. a rat king who'd smash u at every tier with minimal effort. c u good night
  5. scared the god beats you in his only tier? i c
  6. Idk how noone else has suggested this yet. @EricTheGreat vs @gbwead in doubles bo3. I'll happily donate the full 250k for this.
  7. didnt even make a rat kid post, im disappointed in u
  8. He asked for only pokemmo forum links to be the ones that embed Fred you dumb fuck
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^current rat kids^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Flygon is Green & Red and Milotic is White Red and Blue
  11. I cant even be mad, its lit