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  1. Just dont add a big ass sword or a thanos glove and ill be happy
  2. Congrats to @MaatthewMLG for winning, and to @Imabetheverybest1 for taking 2nd place. I'm aware it was a bit of a shambles, but I wanted to give those who qualified a chance to play. https://challonge.com/HughMoongussPokeMMO mod can close this now, ty
  3. RIP, aight. Thanks for the heads up
  4. https://challonge.com/HughMoongussPokeMMO Heres the bracket, @DoubleJ & @Joalza you both made it clear you want to play, and are gonna run a little late, so I gave you byes for round 1, I'm gona make it fair and give 10 minutes after all round 1 games have ended for you guys to get on and play. If you arent on I'm gona let your opponents for this said round move on. That's the fairest and best I could do. Also. The link for the document with everyones 6 pokemon on it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/105OZAf8QHzVu6a718D7e-8QaDppW4DMmF57YpfwJQks/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Hmm. It seems like a few people can only make 3PM as they have other plans, I did post days ago saying I messed the time conversion up, I dont think I can change it this late man. Its gona fk too many people over I'm fine with that if you all are.
  6. @DoubleJ are you gonna be able to make it if it was at 3 instead of 4?
  7. Yep, but the clocks were forward there when I made the times. They only recently went forward here, im fine with starting at 3/4 EST though, whichever most people want. @MaatthewMLG @AxLKGhost @FNTCZ @Redav @MadaraSixSix @Getovaherez @Joalza @AJooo are you guys all okay with the tournament starting 1 hour later?
  8. Thanks guys, still waiting on a bunch of your teams though :( 1 hour 15 left.
  9. As title says, April 1st is over guys, can we pls fix this mess
  10. It's at 4, clocks went forward an hour here, so its changed
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