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  1. I beg devs remove Cinnabar mansion from the game
  2. It doesnt take an absolute rocket scientist to recognise majority of your boys votes also came from NORE or friends of his. This is how this shit works, it's always been this way.
  3. Send 10M pokeyen to @Kanzo ingame and he'll invite you bro
  4. I hope going by this logic we're banning all these idiots listing their shitty shinies for 800M then all the time.
  5. I think Orange would literally rather be locked in a room for a day with Daryl than host that shitshow again
  6. Ah so you waited until after it lost to point that out that you were only letting one person take it. Gotcha. Then yeah, you owe me 100K You also liked my post saying I'd take all the bets the day I posted and didn't reply to say you were taking one. lmao
  7. Brother you literally run the scummiest shit ever in your teams half the time. You're in no place to tell people how a "real dubs duel" looks lmao
  8. @MknsZblex owes me 600K @Tawla owes me 2.45M
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