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  1. I am not coming back but Titinn is of the darker tone
  2. uwanna trade me some then :P
  3. hit me uppp I need people worldwideeeee 8807 6966 3607 also if I dont accept ur req.. its cuz i dont know you f off
  4. Mo nica Titinn said to come on to black list people Who am I blacklisting? Cuz usually theres only like 1 person a season but seems like everyone got a stick up their ass nowadays
  5. do u know how many bets actually happen during the season? theres too many for me to be the middleman of all the bets
  6. thats probably it... and its the only thing that I'm actually decent at that helps so whatever
  7. definitely support all 8 of the managers that were chosen, and I'm glad I'm not managing or that the managers chosen weren't shitty than me I don't really plan on registering as a player cuz I havent played in so long and i gave all my comps to someone... aka one of the managers However, I can still make the spreadsheets and keep up with the PSL and shit, if thats okay with yall
  8. changed ItsGray to Parke... whos ItsGray
  9. icould only put in 20 slots... everyone knows Parke aint gonna make it
  10. Welcome to the PSL Betting Thread Also thanks to eggroll for this amazing og banner. Alright uguues... None of the rules changed But since everyone is gonna ignore this, it doesn't matter lol Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE TAKING OR MAKING BETS Disclaimer: Take each bet with risk! Although unlikely, it is possible you can get scammed and I won't be held responsible to pay unpaid debts. Though players that do not comply will be added to BLACK LIST and all players will be warned when betting with those players because... they dont pay their debts Players can bet with players on the blacklist however the blacklist is only there to warn them them How to Bet: When you are betting, provide the following info: 1. Your IGN 2. What match(es) and which player(s) you are betting on 3. What are you wagering Black List: No one that I know of reserved
  11. This thread is to post predictions on various things, such as which managers will be selected this season, which player will be drafted first / bought for the highest price, predicting results to some hyped battles, or who'll be this season's breakout player? Made a poll with 20/21 signups.. yall got 12 hours to vote and yall can discuss in here since the manager thread is locked Also only had 20 spots so I couldnt add my #1 pick @Akshit
  12. IGN: JIce Motivation: Other shitty ass managers... I'm not the best pick out there but so far there aren't 8 good picks to be managers so I'm signing up because it will be fun and I know I'd make a good manager Competitive Accolades: Obviously my ass ain't too good with comp. I mean I know all the tiers, and I play doubles and like to taunt with zapdos in DPP but thats about it. I would most likely end up playing doubles if my team needs it, but I'll make a good enough draft to be fine Other stuff: I've been in the PSL since PSL3... I've been with good managers and shitty managers. I do the spreadsheets almost every season so I know the good players, the players that choke, and the shitty players. I don't expect to be a top pick to be a manager, but just dont pick Kami or Toast over me and I'll be fine
  13. Too much drama and im too dead to play this damn game... I can make the spreadsheet, do the betting thread and maybe a couple of the other hype threads I was gonna manage, but since managers are fighting now I doubt I'll be picked and if I do my team will be an L soooooo have fun... hmu when shit goes down
  14. I miss Kami taunt zapdos is pro strats... u just dont know it ;P
  15. Its okay... hopefully no one is dumb enough to draft me I'm as good as Jared Dudley
  16. IGN: JIce Timezone: EST Tiers: Doubles... not really, please buy me for your own enjoyment
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