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  1. Mine
  2. Heres links to all of PSL3 matches each week and administrative thread in case you need it Spartacus was on Shit Name Inc.
  3. ill take it
  4. honestly speaking from experience, anyone who goes through the pain of doing this deserves to get paid its tiring and boring and if u miss something ull get called out on it also takes hours of reading every single post on this thread and calculating the math I'm not saying they deserve like 5mil or something... but some recognition would be nice
  5. The Human Caterpie (0) vs VALE (0) OU: Aerun vs Maekaaay OU: Kevola vs LeJovi OU: Legendl vs AbdOu UU: DABBROoo vs Osuki UU: overToasted vs EpicVerde NU: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL vs SejuaniSupport NU: GymLeaderGaryy vs miguelez Doubles: DoctorPBJ vs Rendiz DPP: Gunthug vs Kimikozen VGC17: imabetheverybest vs Suigin
  6. ill take 1mil
  7. @yangsam owes me 1.75mil @Torinnnnn owes me 800k @DiDi bet on Keith 100k and I took 1mil if I lose and 2mil if I win Taken by @NikhilR 500k on MISC winning Taken by @Suneet
  8. ill do a 1:2 bet on me... just dont have enough money to do 2mil also 500k on MISC
  9. ill take @Parke fuck you too
  10. think... we'll see about that
  11. @yangsam owes me 1.75mil @Torinnnnn owes me 800k @gbwead owes me 25k (cuz I beat keith... still mindfucked I won) paid and I mailed @DoubleJ his 95k 1mil on MISC winning the tiebreaker 500k on enchanteur 500k on LKrenz and one bet per player cuz i hate stacking
  12. Its Moetal's fault he sides with gb and we know they are both inbreds