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  1. JIceJDragon

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    1mil USA somehow loses this week
  2. JIceJDragon

    A Spanish Mayor of PokeMMO

    I agree
  3. JIceJDragon

    World Cup week #2

    Funkykong and I in 10mins or so
  4. JIceJDragon

    World Cup week #2

    Funky vs JIce in 24hrs
  5. JIceJDragon

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    50k more bad decisions will be made and 200k USA wins this week
  6. JIceJDragon

    World Cup week #2

    France B vs Brexit are the only matchups im hyped to watch
  7. JIceJDragon

    Rework Amnesia Brace

    As someone who bought the amnesia brace when it was actually useful, who now has no use for it... I agree Its a waste of 1,000 RP now that I would like to see used
  8. JIceJDragon

    PokeHoe's EV Training Service

    Should just name it "PokeHoe's Services" you'll have many more visitors for the store and probably many more clients
  9. JIceJDragon

    World Cup Week #1

    Arimanius DCed cuz he was hit by an earthquake.... where's his representation?
  10. JIceJDragon

    World Cup Week #1

    I agree
  11. JIceJDragon

    World Cup Week #1

    Yall remember when my mans Arimanius got fucked up cuz an earthquake...
  12. JIceJDragon

    World Cup Week #1

    damn its getting intense
  13. JIceJDragon

    World Cup Week #1

    upsets everywhere
  14. JIceJDragon

    World Cup Week #1

    who said PSL wasn't the only one with shit hosts? still love you though rox
  15. JIceJDragon

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    I forgot Kami has money to flex on us... my B

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