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  1. lol everything is still here... i never log on unless someone asks me too
  2. So I got vitamins but they are all untradeable so if anyone I know wants to hit me up I can EV train their poke 12 calciums 9 carbos 3 Protein 4 super calcium 1 Super HP UP 4 Super Protein 4 Super Zinc 18 Zinc and I got 2 rare candies
  3. JIceJDragon


    I am not coming back but Titinn is of the darker tone
  4. JIceJDragon

    Pokémon GO

    uwanna trade me some then :P
  5. JIceJDragon

    Pokémon GO

    hit me uppp I need people worldwideeeee 8807 6966 3607 also if I dont accept ur req.. its cuz i dont know you f off
  6. Mo nica Titinn said to come on to black list people Who am I blacklisting? Cuz usually theres only like 1 person a season but seems like everyone got a stick up their ass nowadays
  7. do u know how many bets actually happen during the season? theres too many for me to be the middleman of all the bets
  8. thats probably it... and its the only thing that I'm actually decent at that helps so whatever
  9. definitely support all 8 of the managers that were chosen, and I'm glad I'm not managing or that the managers chosen weren't shitty than me I don't really plan on registering as a player cuz I havent played in so long and i gave all my comps to someone... aka one of the managers However, I can still make the spreadsheets and keep up with the PSL and shit, if thats okay with yall
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