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  1. JIceJDragon

    psl X donation thread

    Someone tell me where I can donate... I swear I can still be relevant
  2. JIceJDragon

    A Player you will never forget.

    Wtf do you want
  3. havent played in a couple of months and I still got it https://gyazo.com/372cb214290bc496a1e925a90726a8e5
  4. someone reinvite me... NORE died... again
  5. @gbwead @Rigamorty I don't mind doing spreadsheets and other meticulous things again for the season, but being given the dates and things ahead is very beneficial. I did a lot of things during the beginning of the season to lighten the number of stuff managers and the host had to remember. I also don't really like arguing and will give input if asked, but other than that I usually just help out in the back
  6. If we are going off the fact that this player has achieved many accomplishments over the history of PokeMMO and can play almost any tier than the answer is clearly Frags. There are other players that specialize in specific tiers that are better than Frags on a given day, such as enchanteur or Jovi in OU and Axoa or Destruct or Yang in UU and Sejuani or BurntZebra or ZDFire in NU and DoctorPBJ or LKrenz or Rendiz in Doubles. Those are some people (and many more) who deserve to be at least mentioned for how good they are in their specific tier. But overall players that are strong in all the tiers (including doubles) are Frags, BurntZebra, LKrenz, DoubleJ, enchanteur, Raaidn, and BlueBreath. Now among those players, those that have been around for most of PokeMMO history is just Frags, BurntZebra, Raaidn, and DoubleJ and among those who have achieved the most victories in tournaments and accomplishments... is Frags.
  7. JIceJDragon

    NBA playoffs betting thread

    100k Cavs win Game 5
  8. JIceJDragon

    NBA playoffs betting thread

    Thans Tor
  9. JIceJDragon

    NBA playoffs betting thread

    100k says Cavs win today
  10. JIceJDragon

    NBA playoffs betting thread

    I hate KD
  11. JIceJDragon

    NBA playoffs betting thread

    100k on Cleveland winning game 1 nvm ill just take JJ's bet ill take

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