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  1. shit... im still new at this but I'll get better
  2. The fact that yall are uguuing about if you guys really knew it was a joke or not or who got salty first You mean these two?
  3. I would like to thank PBJ for a very nice example of shit talking props for @DoubleJ and @KaynineXL for playing along
  4. If its one thing Eric and K9 can agree on... its how much they dislike gb
  5. It reinforces the Elite in PokeMMO Super League Basically makes the strong players looks stronger and able to flex more... and makes it harder to be in that top portion of the league but also reduced the amount of inactivity calls or substitutions (hopefully) each decisions has its pros and cons but its up to the host
  6. IGN: JIce PokeMMO Team: [SASS] Secret Agents of Secret Stuff Experience: PSL3 - Helped play doubles and DPP and lead the Narcissistic Nidokings to third place PSL4 - Captain of the UFO and basically lead the entire thing myself and almost going undefeated in doubles again till leading UFO to third place PSL5 - Almost went undefeated in doubles and helped the Road Ninjas into third place PSL6 - Went like 5-2 in doubles and Baenines got to 2nd place PSL7 - Came in midseason and rocked VGC with like 3-2 winrate and MISC was a top tier team that choked Motivation: I am willing to throw down and shit talk other managers as well as players for the entertainment of this season. I can communicate and motivate other players as well and have a pretty good relationship with most of the competitive players. I have a pretty decent knowledge about every tier including LC and the showdown tiers and have played most of the tiers if not all of them at one point. Although I havent been active until recently, not much has changed on the competitive scene and am willing to learn and fight for what I need to as a manager. Fluff: You can ask all of the managers that I worked under that during the PSL season I was very active and willing to help with anything and even go as far as to learn a new tier to help out a team. I am a very fun and competitive person and understand that shade will be thrown but its all just a game. also... I paid off Sejuani. and HUGZ #1
  7. I personally think doing bo3 in doubles is fine but what if we did it somewhat like VGC where you have to use the same exact team each time but u can change up your leads it allows you to really test the strength of your team, knocks off most of that RNG factor and theres not really an issue with time in between matches cuz ur not really making a new team
  8. yea it was mentioned in earlier seasons but I mentioned it in the PSL7 thingy I think it would be beneficial to start the week on Wednesday so after the weekend, managers still have time to make a substitution in case so they dont get activity losses
  9. Can I donate the 1.75mil yangsam owes me? i think they should be able to change leads but not the whole team
  10. @yangsam owes me 1.75mil @Torinnnnn owes me 800k @Mnemosyne owes me 250k just keeping it here for my reference
  11. whats ur IGN?
  12. yea :/ waiting on 800k from @Torinnnnn 1.75m from @yangsam 250k from @TheChampionMike and i think the only bets I have this week are The Human Caterpie (1) vs The Giant Legends (0) OU: Legendl vs belieberboy Taken by @WhiteJovi UU: FABBROoo vs DestructX Taken by @WhiteJovi DPP: Gunthug vs SoyHector Taken by @WhiteJovi 250k on each match
  13. @yangsam still owes me 1.75mil @Torinnnnn still owes me 800k I owe @Kamimiii 1mil still @TheChampionMike owes me 250k @Bilburt owes me 300k I owe @Artemiseta 500k soooo looks like im like at +1.6mil
  14. ill do both