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  1. anyone?
  2. 1mil on DoubleJ lol
  3. The Brave Blazikens (0) vs The Boosted Monkeys (0) OU: fipp vs Miguelez OU: pIata vs Belieberboy UU: LeJovi vs Axoa (100k) UU: DestructX vs Kanzo NU: Sebat vs Lazaaro (1mil) Doubles: LuisPocho vs Kamimiii (1mil) DPP: Kimikozen vs XPLOZ Taken by @BlackJovi SM: Forfiter vs Telf The Hungry Salamences (0) vs The Flocking Buzzwoles (0) OU: LucasCisneros vs MaeKaaay OU: Aerun vs EVLGOON UU: Mlhawk vs Wiriketchup Taken by @BlackJovi UU: Frags vs Mkns NU: Kriliin vs Gazelli/Axelgor Doubles: StriderxD vs BlueBreath DPP: Gunthug vs SweeTforU Taken by @BlackJovi SM: Kizhaz vs Raptori 250k on each unless specified 1mil on Salamences
  4. Got it! Thanks! They did extremely well! I don't see the 500k You owe me 300k
  5. btw with the 3rd and 4th place teams knocked out its still anyone's game but (1) Monkeys beat (5) Blazikens 6-2 during week 4 but (2) Buzzwoles lost to (6) Salamences 2-6 week 4 how will they do now?
  6. Yall should just stop arguing and get on with semis cuz im anxious to win more bets off @Torinnnnn
  7. So @Torinnnnn owes me 500k and @DoubleJ owes me 300k they small bets so pay me first so I can leave you alone
  8. Too lazy to make it fancy Here are all my comps I'm selling Venusaur [Sassy] 23/30/31/26/31/30 F on GTL for 350k Blastoise [Bold] 31/25/28/30/31/25 F on GTL for 500k Mist, Fake Out, Yawn and Muddy Water Eggmoves Starmie [Timid] 28/30/29/27/26/31 on GTL for 700k Starmie [Timid] 21/27/19/29/21/31 on GTL for 500k Starmie [Timid] 20/14/19/31/31/31 on GTL for 800k Gengar [Timid] 26/27/26/31/24/31 M on GTL for 450k Will-o-wisp Eggmove Gengar [Hasty] 26/26/26/31/23/31 F on GTL for 400k Hidden Power Ice Gengar [Timid] 31/24/27/29/26/31 F on GTL for 500k Haze Eggmove Gengar [Timid] 31/27/30/23/31/31 F on GTL for 700k Will-o-Wisp Vaporeon [Bold] 23/21/29/23/30/24 F on GTL for 75k Gyarados [Adamant] 25/29/27/17/25/31 M on GTL for 450k Skarmory [Impish] 29/30/26/7/30/23 F on GTL for 450k Dragonite [Adamant] 30/28/24/20/30/29 F on GTL for 600k Dragonite [Naive] 30/29/29/31/27/31 F Hypno [Bold] 31/30/28/30/27/30 F on GTL for 500k Hitmontop [Impish] 31/25/30/19/29/17 M on GTL for 500k Mach Punch, Counter, HelpingHand Eggmoves Jolteon [Timid] 26/9/28/29/25/31 M Hidden Power Ice Swampert [Relaxed] 23/14/27/22/30/31 F on GTL for 250k Swampert [Relaxed] 25/27/25/27/29/7 M Blaziken [Naive] 28/30/29/19/25/31 F on GTL for 450k Reversal and Rock Slide Egg Move Typhlosion [Modest] 26/15/22/31/31/31 F Quick attack and Extrasensory Egg Move with Hidden Power Ice Ludicolo [Modest] 29/7/24/31/30/30 F Ludicolo [Modest] 31/10/29/31/25/30 F Leech Seed, Water Gun, Giga Drain Egg Moves Ludicolo [Adamant] 31/31/22/21/31/31 F Synthesis Egg Move Milotic [Bold] 26/16/27/31/29/26 F on GTL for 350k Mirror Coat Egg Move Milotic [Bold] 31/10/31/24/30/31 F DragonBreath, Mist Egg Move Manectric [Timid] 24/31/24/24/25/31 F Hidden Power Grass Salamence [Adamant] 22/29/31/31/14/31 F Salamence [Jolly] 19/31/25/10/21/31 F on GTL for 250k Metagross [Rash] 25/31/29/29/23/25 Metagross [Adamant] 15/31/27/15/13/31 on GTL for 200k Metagross [Rash] 26/27/25/30/28/27 on GTL for 400k Metagross [Jolly] 19/31/21/10/23/31 on GTL for 300k Prices on the GTL dont matter, I just threw shit on the GTL You can offer less and I'll probably take it
  9. UU: Yangsam vs DestructX shoulda happened for the 4th time
  10. 50k on Jovi 100k on Fipp 250k on Kimikozen
  11. im poor so 500k on Blazikens
  12. yea gotcha
  14. I owe @BlackJovi 200k I owe @Kizhaz 150k @xStarr owes me 50k I owe @XPLOZ 100k
  15. won 2-0 >Best doubles of the season