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  1. 50k more bad decisions will be made and 200k USA wins this week
  2. As someone who bought the amnesia brace when it was actually useful, who now has no use for it... I agree Its a waste of 1,000 RP now that I would like to see used
  3. I forgot Kami has money to flex on us... my B
  4. no speaka mexican... provide translation scrub
  5. it was on the finals... so 8v8, then went to a tiebreaker so 3v3
  6. ud be surprised the amount of times it doesnt happen in this game... no one's stupid enough to take a 5mil bet on 1 match plus if I saw KingBowser vs Frags... and then saw DoubleJ bet on Frags everyone would know thats a scam right away also if and when someone finds out about this, your reputation as a competitive player bombs and odds are you wont be able to play in unofficials anymore But by all means... try it
  7. PSL Spreadsheets > World Cup Spreadsheets
  8. Wheres DemonicDax and xSkyy? I hatem both
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