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  1. I agree it's a pokemon game, and it's not supposed to be vanityMMO, but sadly, there's nothing we can do... limited items won't come back ever, and if people are willing to pay so much for clothes or hair to make their character look better in a pokemon game, then so be it. it's just a game
  2. what has this game become ? > vanityMMO
  3. I don't get why you're talking about turning trash shiny into rare ones, it makes no sense, since we all know it's the female who makes the ot. (aside from ditto) The thing is, he hatched a female, with the same 1/30k rate than shiny hunting.
  4. devs should fix this though, you got it as a lucky hatch with the "1/30k" rate, it's not fair to make you lose ot if you breed it, there shouldn't even be the ot* thing.
  5. It was nice to meet you, we didn't speak much but enough to say you're a really nice person, good luck irl
  6. congrats :) It's weird though, how often people get shinys when they come back after a long time break; happened to me too, several times, when i came back from few months hiatus. I've noticed that happens a lot
  7. CZD

    new theme

    I dislike the new theme, is there a way to get back to previous one ? previous font, text size, colors, etc ?
  8. ohrly ? another lucky hatch 2333333333 another 'made in china' shiny, congrats EDIT: how is shiny rate ?
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