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  1. my friends and me on the team want this pokemon and we have looked for some 14 or 15 days . I look 2 maybe 3 times every day in the water spots
  2. our team has 3 girls that have stopped to play with us and we suggest that if you are female you can come see if you like our team we have discord and play pokemmo also
  3. bl0nde


    :D iam oka i play in team scum and my name in pokemmo is breederJenna i still have my blonde acount but downt play on it much becuse my typing changed people say it was not me so i changed my name thank you for saying nice things with welcome
  4. bl0nde


    i have had a acident in the past and cant remember most things from back then but i always have pokemmo on my computer and my acount saved i did not want to make a big thing about it but if your a friend to me here on pokemmo forum i wanted to say hi and send hugs to you < 3
  5. bl0nde


    Hi PokeMMO looking to talk to friends here :D
  6. team fire to help me learn pokemmo again
  7. hi inego. welcome to pokemmo
  8. I wondered at times if I should feel bad for playing defensively until I saw some players using tactics like the spite/mean look dusclops. I am aware that those are more effective than usual against my teams, but really hard PP stalling in the non-ranked is not fun to me. I haven't played in awhile. I don't know if times have changed.
  9. not sure if this kind of music is poser or legit cool. x) ?
  10. I have been making tutorials for people in my other game for about a week. I get a lot ....( A LOT)... of positive feedback. I was thinking that we could have some sort of organized tutorial thread(s) somewhere here too. Similar to how BestFriends likes to do news videos, I thought some persons who have been around awhile or knows a lot about pokemon might enjoy doing tutorials. It's pretty simple to do. I use a free program called ShareX to record my screen. Then I just make little slides in paint on what I want to teach. Then you can do demonstrations in game if you want. It took me about 20 minutes to type out my slides and record a pretty detailed 8-9 minute video. It's pretty easy. We all realize that having unknown pokemon movesets and tactics is an advantage, but I still thought there could be tactics overviews and pokemon overviews of some sort with the purpose of helping others learn and sharing ideas. For example: show your team's basic idea and just explain each pokemon's general purpose. You don't have to show your moves. For example: show one of your old pokemon and explain why it was good. For example: You can be creative and make your own video ideas instead of just looking to me. Since I started doing this I realized some people play totally different than I do (in mindset, thought processes, etc.) and it's become more and more apparent that discussing tactics and ideas has really opened people's minds up. There's a lot less "Hey you hacking fag0toad face" and more of "hey, that's cool. What kind of loadout you got?" The newer guys are also getting a ton of help from the videos and they learn fast with good help. So here is an example video I made yesterday I think. It's just in game demonstrations plus slides I made in paint. I am not elite enough in this community to instruct everyone how to play, but I thought collectively the community may be able to make a nice video tutorial section for each other and new players. I could get us a tutorial section started in the guide tavern if others would be interested. Let me know if you think it would be cool or if it's stupid. Edit: Stuck some slides together to give an idea of videos:
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