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  1. this month will tt be at same time as halloween event?
  2. OU1: YEYOxD vs Cali OU2: KiiritoX vs PedroLindoUnico OU3: WarwitoX vs havsha OU1: Gabuchox vs Hernjet OU2: Lunarck vs Stelian OU3: Pablobacas vs TheDH UU: QuinnW vs Pachima Doubles: OrangeManiac vs Mkns OU1: SebastianRVM vs NagaHex OU2: Tawla vs DarkQuiler OU3: Azphiel vs RealDevilLegend Doubles: Gasyflour vs RohMartinez 100k each bet, void if sub/activity/any incovenient
  3. Team captain: Sebat players 1: Santiii players 2: EpicVerde players 3: MexiDany players 4: ZacM players 5: CristhianArce Team name: TheLordsOfLords
  4. 1m on me @Mkns1070 or any who wants
  5. NagaX paid me @Wallarro owes me 100k
  6. ? this core is good including the last meta, its not just made for lucario, u can use the checks or trappers that i said before anyways I'm agreed to ban lucario and p-z, uu has enough revenge killers like swampert bulkup, scrafty dd, sigilyph, etc. and they do it well, put more and more broken it's not healthy, the ppl just will play 6 wall or hyperoffensive to stop them, we will have an uber meta in an under used tier...
  7. Lucario Physical: cc, xspeed, icepunch, sd [LifeOrb] Lucario Special: aurasphere, vacum, flashcannon, nastyplot [LifeOrb] Seeing these sets as better for meta imo (meteormash, bulletpunch, psychic or darkpulse as possible options too) Checks for physical set: Spiritomb with wow+foulplay, Slowbro, Crobat only if lucario is sacked, Swampert Impish, Torkoal, Sigilyph, Donphan Checks for special set: Swampert Careful, Tentacruel(only if it has no psychic), Gastrodon, Gligar Trappers: Dugtrio, Magneton Scarf(only for physical set and if its sacked) A good core to counter it and stay on meta: Crobat Spiritomb Gastrodon, with Crobat u can check what set it is and send tomb or gastrodon to stop it
  8. when uu&nu seasonals without tier changes...
  9. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat ZacM Santiii CristhianArce MexiDany CipherKS SnowOT Redav DylanWoodz Starkallen CarolML xDarksSoul Darkneu RobertoLlerena Isperea BurgoRD lFrankiel Chopyta EpicVerde Team Captain: Sebat
  10. Tenacious TaillowsVs The Legends Never Die OU2: Gabuchox vs Sebat Any bet on me, 500k or more I prefer with middleman, void if sub or any strange event
  11. IGN: Sebat (Xebat in SD) Preferred Tiers: LC gen8 & all if u lend me mons Competitive accolades: I have a shiny vanillite gift for lc Discord contact: Stalker. Fluff: I want money and therefore win this Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: Cali/Cali
  12. 24 hours to send lineup once we all know who is the last semifinalist
  13. 5m with middleman, are u agreed? I would do for 10m but I dont have it and hax is always present ;(
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