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  1. IGN: RicardoIgnacioo // Country: Chile (He has problems with his account)
  2. IGN: Sebat Country: Chile
  3. lf takers
  4. The Outraging Lions vs Top Kecleons OU: Schuchty vs Senjutsuka UU: Kanzo vs Guerinf - @MknsZblex DPP: Gunthug vs Kriger The Human Caterpie vs Spartan Warriors OU: Legendl vs Walpayer NU: YUBELLLLLLLLLLL vs Gazelli NU: GymLeaderGaryy vs Jostarr - @Rendiz VALE vs [MISC] Aesthetics Crew OU: LucasCisneros vs enchanteur UU: Osuki vs Sebat - @Rendiz Doubles: LuisPocho vs LKrenz Kakuna Matatas vs Giant Legends OU: Fipp vs Kriliin NU: Burntzebra vs Frags NU: Parke vs Mnemosyne 50k each ~
  5. Hola amigo, I am available during weekends only due to my tough working schedule. I can fight at any time in Saturday and from 8 to 10pm CET in Sunday.

    Let me know what time suits you best :)

    1. Sebat


      I prefer saturday in any hour

    2. RysPicz


      Alrighty we will catch each other online then and set up the match :)

  6. The Outraging Lions vs Spartan Warriors OU: Schuchty vs Walpayer 100k [MISC] Aesthetics Crew vs Top Kecleons UU: Sebat vs Forfiter 100k - @RysPicz Paid Giant Legends vs The Human Caterpie Doubles: Frags vs DoctorPBR 100k Kakuna Matatas vs VALE UU: Burntzebra vs EpicVerde 100k - @Rigamorty
  7. The Outraging Lions vs [MISC] Aesthetics Crew UU: xSparkie vs Sebat 100k ~ Taken by @DarylDixon The Human Caterpie vs VALE UU: FABROoo vs EpicVerde 400k ~ Taken by @DarylDixon
  8. Beautiful sign bro, ty so much *o* <3
  9. Text: Sebat [LØRÐ] Render/Background: Absol shiny / late afternoon Other: surprise me :$ Donation: 100k
  10. Hi sebat, I will be available for our UU psl match this friday, saturday and sunday moslty from 1pm gmt to 10pm gmt, which day and hour would suit you?

  11. over 90% of your post are ign sebat. you are literally groot from guardians of the galaxy.