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  1. playing since I had 12 y/o and the great progress in this years was put other 31 in the shinies prizes, but keeping the 25's, nice mmo
  2. Team Name: TheLords Team Tag: [LØRÐ] Registered Players: Sebat Santiii Redav EpicVerde Isperea
  3. TeamName: Gyara2 Players: EpicVerde Santiii Sebat
  4. *BannerEpicardoMal* Accolades Team January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LØRÐ] TheLordsoftheHax (2017) May ~Bracket~ 2nd Place [LØRÐ] TheLordsoftheHax (2018) January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax (2019) February ~ Bracket ~ 2nd Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax (2019) July ~ Bracket ~ 2nd Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax (2019) Members soontm
  5. HaxBat appeared! #VullabyTooOP #5-0TheUndefeatedNU #0-2TheDefeatedSMOU srry for hax anyways
  6. Drako.. Dracarys! Vs Munya's Kecleons ~ 500k UU: Zhiko vs SweetforU ~ 100k @SweeTforU SMOU: ZenkShooter vs Linken ~ 100k OU: yeyo vs Kiwikidd ~ 100k NU: Enchanteur vs Mackx ~ 100k Gardevoirs of the Galaxy Vs The Krafty Krooks ~ 1m NU: Sebat vs Souu ~ any bet that you want (LF more) - 150k @soyhector
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