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  1. Felicidades SantiPrrooo, finalmente uno mas a la familia de Karps! @EfronX
  2. Sebat

    [PSL X] Week One

    Aurum vs Cbat in 20min
  3. Sebat

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    OU: Stairway vs ZhikoDark @Chjul19 OU: Schuchty vs StriderXD UU: Axellgor vs xSparkie @Zymogen UU: yangsam vs DestructX NU: Risadex vs Butlerrrr @RLotus Dubs: Zigh vs RealDevilLegend LC: YettoDie vs Suneet DPP OU: XPLOZ vs gunthug @RysPicz OU: kiwikidd vs EVLGOON @RysPicz OU: abstractt vs kimikozen UU: Moisessss vs BurntZebra UU: Kizhaz vs LeJovi NU: ZDFire vs DoubleJ Dubs: Roxxass vs DoctorPBJ LC: yosoyarca vs Goldeneyes DPP OU: Elcoolio vs KaynineXL OU: Suigin vs SpartacusGD OU: MadaraSixSix vs NecroskullDark UU: Lotus vs Aftershocker @RLotus UU: EpicVerde vs Wiriketchup NU: Tintinn vs Calidustep Dubs: AxLKGhost vs iJulianFNT LC: xRosee vs OrangeManiac DPP OU: SweetForU vs NikhilR OU: Pitzzin vs Titoooo @Zymogen OU: JRyuk vs Aerun @Chjul19 UU: Mlhawk vs gbwead UU: enchanteur vs villadelobos @RLotus NU: AurumPegasus vs Sebat (500k or 1m) Dubs: Artemiseta vs EfronX LC: Lazaaro vs Jaawax DPP OU: Linken vs Kamimiii 100k on each one except on me, pls don't take it if u don't will pay (just one x bet)
  4. I had this problem in other situation, I'm honest in this facts
  5. I received the 1st and 2nd place reward @Squirtle @Lightningvolt
  6. Sebat


    @Sashaolin nice team and I hope the best on us but if u want a fusion of SIA and Lord just u can say it
  7. Aleso - caanserbero - SATVRNO [DREADLOCKS]
  8. TiToooo - Moisessss - Sebatttt [LosFacherosDeLaVilla - LFV]
  9. July, 2018 ''he doesn't play in 3 years'', the manager picks can be always disgusting for someones but the unique reason that can debate to the pick on hazu is for the ghousting in other season, not for the inactivity.
  10. Kriger - MorrizBel - EnrriqueX [DX]
  11. GauchoPower - BlackHunterX - DeatHWa [#ModoDiablo]
  12. Sebat

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Sebat Timezone: +1 EDT Fluff: I'm better than a noob Preferred Tiers: PokeMMO NU and Doubles Most Preferred Manager: Forfiter Havsha Kriliin LifeStyle MaeKaaay pachima PredaKiller Least Preferred Manager: Haazuu
  13. Sebat

    Allow us to host automated tournaments

    The priority of PokeMMO is not the competitive area, is most like the casual player (or chineses), just cuz it is business, I don't want to say nothing but c'mon we have a TC thats not playing competitive from 1 or 3 years (except the fantastic gb) and just ban pokes from the use of theses.
  14. Sebat

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    TiToooo is the same and more
  15. Sebat

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    Cuz he doesn't have the chance

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