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  1. vs Captn as soon as its possible - srry for hax, wp tho
  2. Team Name: Pasteleros de Amor Registered Players: Chopyta Sebat CipherKS
  3. Team Name: #BanKingRock Captain: DylanWoodz Players: Clayclover ZacM DylanWoodz CarolML CipherKS MexiDany DaRkCeGn Santiii WarwitoX Kepzal Subs: Sebat Starkallen Cheerleaders: mercenariex darkneu hikugoro cristhianarce chopyta redav yumikok anavidales
  4. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat ZacM Santiii MexiDany EpicVerde CristhianArce Redav Kepzal DylanWoodz Isperea Darkneu CipherKS DaRkCeGn IWiriketchup Huargensy lFrankiel CarolML Starkallen Clayclover ChilyOCB Team Captain: Sebat
  5. In-Game Name: Sebat Country/Region: Chile Preferred Tiers: OU UU NU LC Dubs Personal Note: Discord Tag: SrBat#6920
  6. Since wc is the world of the opportunities and the new promises, and we have a clear winner of poll (8 Tiers (OUx2/UUx2/NUx2/LC/DUBS)) could be removed 1 nu for 1 untiered and test this format as a serious tier in this competition
  7. waiting to sell a vanity to pay gasai and kiwi @MknsZblexstill owes me 100k from week 4
  8. Dw we can still do wars while this plebs play playoffs since we are both eliminated :)
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