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  1. take ------- 100k-1m on SnowOT
  2. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: ZacM SnowOT Sebat EpicVerde Redav Chopyta Crisandresargal Starkallen Aisker ChilyOCB AnaVidales Darkneu AlexandraaPS Starknowlan XDMigue Javess AndreZm Therrorr AdriSkull ThomasFG Dunsparitox ManuThunder XlearsiX Team Captain: Sebat
  3. Bad service, rude person and expensive prices thats what I would say if true, but its totally the opposite, 1000/10
  4. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: ZacM Sebat SnowOT EpicVerde Chopyta Starkallen ChilyOCB AlexandraaPS AnaVidales Isperea Darkneu Astrayx Starknowlan Redav Crisandresargal Team Captain: ZacM
  5. IGN: Sebat Preferred Tiers: All (If u lend me mons) Competitive accolades: I sometime play ou ranks Discord contact: SrBat#6920 Fluff: I have dubs lc from last season Preferred Potential Manager: the 50% serious sign up if not anyone is fine
  6. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: [LØRÐ] Registered Players: Sebat ZacM SnowOT EpicVerde Chopyta Crisandresargal Starkallen AstrayxX ChilyRayne Isperea Redav AnaVidales Team Captain: Sebat
  7. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat Santiii SnowOT Aisker TiToooo EpicVerde CipherKS Redav Chopyta DylanWoodz Isperea Excalibur Crisandresargal Starkallen ChilyOCB AnaVidales Darkneu xXKingDarylXx AlexandraPS RobertoLlerena Team Captain: Sebat
  8. you must be too confident to be more aware of what juancho uses than preparing for your duel with endi
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