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  1. que triste que cada publicacion sea para que no nos borren el club
  2. is that possible? I thought shiny rate is totally fair
  3. @Kaitha owes me 500k @TiToooo owes me 100k @iJulian owe u 700k, I think mdm vs forfiter wont happen, so we can void it, ill send u a mail
  4. I understand the point of pachi but when u need run specific mons to stop 1 team, something is bad, seriously are useless; whimsi defog, mamo (subs rocks stonedge eq), fakeout users, thats not UU, thats not the metagame of it, we can do a specific team that can be useful with the meta and has advantage vs this team (we can see these cases in VGC metagames) but if im not bad this is centralizing a tier, and when this happen exists some called BL to nerf them, seismitoad in actual gen8 OU is good but for who? dracovish and now is uber, conkeldurr in OU mmo was and is a problem but it doesnt need specific counter, yeah, you can run cofagrigus or other check to has adventage, but also just run mons that outspeed it and resists a machpunch. This discussion is not about a one mon or a pair, its a team and I can understand the reasons to defend it, its not black and white, its gray, but If i should make a decission, would be ban electrode and send it to BL, this team can still good with others screeners, like serperior or sigilyph, but lose powerful and is more stoppable.
  5. Maybe there are checks for this team (krokodile, haze/clearsmog users, foulplayers and others) but in the practice doesnt work at all, yeah u can still win against it but its the classic team that u dont need to be skillful to win, u can see the potential of this team in the last uu tourneys and wc event, where ppl won spam it in each round, I think that this team is like dray rain team in ou and where wobbu was banned and ludi moved up to ou. My point is only discuss it, I dont think that its a 10/10 and guaranteed win all the matches, but yes its stronger and should be nerfed
  6. Can we talk about dual screens team in uu? dugtrio could be a nerf of trode (it can put both screens tho) but a buff too being a nice trapper and memento user. Electrode (screens, taunt, volt/explosion) Venomoth Azumarill/Linoone (bdrum users, the team can run both) Scrafty (dd set) Rotom-Heat Mamoswine I dont see movements to nerf them, being the most stronger team actually in uu.
  7. Team Name: TheLordsOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat ZacMorales EpicVerde Wrathend tMoi TiToooo Santii Kepzal Redav Cali isperea SnowOT KiiritoX MexiDany Dreico Team Captain: Sebat #PrideMonth #LFLordBanner
  8. what is the third? u only quoted me for lk vs zeldris and briana vs azaz Also the bets are already taken with 100k, how i said, u can complete them betting 100k but not 200k, so tell me if u still want to do it for 100k please clarify these points to add you in the list, ty
  9. Ou - Jaawax VS WallsLife (200k @Moi) UU - Mkns VS KokenoCastro NU - Kriliin VS Mexidani (500k @Kaitha) LC - Stelian VS Baneadito (200k @Moi) Doubles - iMat VS Crisscy SMOU - LLLLiolae With 4 L's VS CamiNeko OU - BrianAttackPro VS Azzazz (100k @TiToooo100k @nicollassiittoo) UU - Yaritan VS Souu Nu - Jamesfaul VS Wiriketchup (200k @iJulian) LC - Enchanteur VS GasaiYunoSan (100k @TiToooo100k @nicollassiittoo) Doubles - IJulianFNT Vs Titoooo (500k @iJulian) SMOU - Zeldris VS LKrenz (100k @TiToooo100k @nicollassiittoo) Special Match NU - MonkeyDMathew VS Forfiter (200k @iJulian) 100k-200k all except red and blue bets ; 100k-500k (specifies amount when u take) (void if sub or activitywin) I can take as many as necessary to complete the bet limit (ex: 1bet 500k or 5 bets 100k)
  10. Team Name: BatCrew Team Tag: . Registered Players: Sebat TiToooo Kepzal iMat tMoi MexiDany Team Captain: Sebastian aka Sebat
  11. @Sethsen waiting for cali vs kanzo match - - - UU - Zenenn VS RexB Doubles - xshandow VS Leviatharian OU - Estratsgema VS Araashi UU - AlejandroGB VS Sebat NU - xWhinkz VS Redav LC - Nallhara VS Nowall SMOU - xGamemasterjuan VS Maxiix NU - Angelorgulloso VS DavidADK LC - RaiderOP VS Lkrenz Doubles - Lokiid VS Titoooo OU - ZAnderson VS Santiii UU - Urquidi VS Mlhawk (200k @Paul) NU - Cristi VS Xluneth LC - YeyoXD Vs Hernjet Doubles - Darkquiler VS Grdzick LC Poufilou VS Risadex OU Enchanteur VS Rayuwu NU - SweetforU VS Zymogen 100k-200k all except red and blue bets ; 100k-500k ; 100k-1m (specifies amount when u take) (void if sub or activitywin, void if timerwin only for venezuela players) I can take as many as necessary to complete the bet limit (ex: 1bet 500k or 5 bets 100k)
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