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  1. Team Name: . Team Tag: [.] Registered Players: Sebatttt TiToooo Moisessss Santiiii Reda[vvvv] Team Captain: B.
  2. Team Name: Batman&Catwoman Registered Players: Sebat and Cali
  3. I don't know if that its possible but how we have dugtrio with base atk nerfed (by old gen), maybe use the base speed of mega-garchomp on garchomp could be a big nerf, just as option.
  4. Sounds interesting! Im waiting to participate
  5. just show that gunthug is a man of his word, ty.
  6. So sorry I used google translate cuz i dont have time to translate it and well my english is not very good. First point I'm sorry but Sebad is a Cali stamp, it's like you call me honey and I can't allow it. I could leave answering you but I do not see it necessary, you are a good player at least in nu and lose for a bouffalant scarf and withdraw dramatically for a couple of weeks do not make you a worse player, continuing, since people apparently do not read the rules since at the beginning, the gb format says that you cannot play a tier that you are not registered to and also limits that only 5 players per week can play, the best way to go was to register in all the tiers, I am not a new player and people already know in which tier I am good and in which not, also you do not have to be very intelligent to see that my registration was a copypaste of the Mkns registration, I do not think I played badly against any of my opponents, giving them the difficulty of a good player (except the 2nd duel of bluebreath where I screw it up), a 1-7 is a horrible marker which I assume but does not overshadow my quality. Cali is one of the best players and a very nice and fun person (they must know her) who tries to make her best manager attempt, close to one, prepare good scouts and help you in whatever you need, without a doubt she does not deserve all this bullshit that he is receiving and that I also did see yesterday, which I already apologized, it is not my own to show the problems of a team and it was my fault to make those jokes, that they only wanted to do more psl show, as it was In its beginnings. I do not blame gb with its format and new rules, he tries to innovate but they did not finish convincing, at least with those that I have spoken, I may not agree with him on many things, but at least he is a better host than some previous , I hope the best for Cali and our team in what is left of psl, which we still don't have to take for dead. Ily
  7. 2 IQ omg, I just did a joke of that the managers like mathew and cali did a bad decission, so I ''blammed'' to gb for the managers or picks of managers was bad, like a jk. You said too that wouldnt pick them, and the fault is for who? I'll not to long more, gn. u have new hashtags now gb, #Sebench1-7 and #GbTheMillenialBlammed
  8. I talk with results, I support her like his friend and teammate, we had bad results, so the decissions were the fault, like any collective sport
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