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  1. gg bro
  2. fabro vs me in 10
  3. ik that u admire me but stop, i won't do this things
  4. I can retire if I win this *-*
  5. me vs zebra in 20 min
  6. Yeah ik but its a suggestion for new updates in the future, maybe 2018
  7. we can have daily missions how catching 10 rattatas in 1 day with a prize of 10k or something. Also make charges, for example with npcs bring them mails (fab mail, retro mail ...) to other npc with a prize of 1 magnet (mech mail), 1 mystic water (harbor mail) or stones idk, missions how to save a kid of the hands hypno but missions when u were online u have something to do
  8. but corphsih can be lc comp, so with ur point it should be a crawdaunt :I
  9. can be oddish instead of bellossom?
  10. I'll take this ^^
  11. stall vs wall \o/
  12. but u can use pory + doom for the standard sweeps today... and swampert for electrictypes and metagross... and weezing for the fighting type... so use a lot of pokes instead of 1, but is test ban :) PS: I don't use this core... e_e
  13. ign: Sebat showdown: Xebat