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  1. maybe it's late for this... but I got my 3rd Shiny for a random breed (Shiny Sentret)
  2. Congratulations @EpicVerde for ur New tourney and shiny! u deserved it bro And a great applause to @EfronX for this weekend, the demigod (Cause I'm the god ;))
  3. Make mask =/= hat

    why not add it in the slot of eyes and renamed as ''face''
  4. Wise form + final art added (and new name).
  5. Ideas for the EntraLink Location

    Birth Island can be a good place and easier to implement. But I prefer a new place with poke center.
  6. Congratulations @EpicVerde for ur cubone in the LC tourney! My marowak is better muahahaha
  7. Breed with hidden ability

    I know that the breed with HA is 60% with female (w/HA) and 60% male(w/HA) with ditto, but what happen with the actual breeding service, that guarantees that the final breeding inherits the hidden ability? I think in 3 options: the first an item as everstone but with the abilitiesn the second, non-sacrificing parents or the third is a expensive pill for the change abilities (maybe the breed needs a simbol that is a breeding of HA or dungeon origin), the most easy way, is the first option (example: 6x31 nature (father) + 6x31 ability (mother), everstone and item for a breed with ivs, nature and ability), it sounds coherent, but a breed can cost 2-3m easy, so what will be the method of breed? and if is the first example, what will be the solution for the cost? PS: I have a basic english, so maybe I can't explain very well
  8. LordEpic is back ;) cgratz @EpicVerde for ur 9th(? shiny I wait see it in the update with prankster ^Epic cuando le dicen que tienen 12
  9. Normal Form Wise Form Final art ^ First designs Character Name: Sebat Pokemon your evolved form is based upon: Girafarig Name of evolved form: Paurafarig Typing of evolved form: Normal / Psychic PS: I still working in it, i will edit in the future
  10. Congratulations @Redav for ur 2nd Shiny, and what better than in LORD, enjoy with ur GodSeedot RIP EfronX, FinalLORDAgain, TopitoWhithoutSebatIt'sNothing

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