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  1. Team Name: The Lords of Inactives Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Caanserbero Aleso Redav TiToooo Giantpipe Sebat Santiii AngelOrgulloso Kepzal EpicVerde Risadex KiiritoX OscarFail Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: Caanserbero / @macho245
  2. I made a simile with the hunting prizes vs tourney prizes(ignoring cc's and host players) I don't want to critique ''the value'' of the prizes cuz are gifts and someone can like most one than other, but well I'm actually saw ''standard prizes'' on the tourneys meanwhile the hunting and the luck is most compensate and varied, We don't want normal comps we breed comps, the prizes must be rewards that we can show to the others that we won something and the ppl wants to get or at least think that it's valuable, repeat a steelix a kazam a gengar a joltik and others, just lost the hype on the tourneys. And the other point that I can see, how the inflation won't be fixed I propose to ''help'' the competitive players, decreasing the value of the braces, ability pill and tm's, can sound irrelevant but with this can be big change on the economy for us. PS: I want to add more argument but I don't have an advanced english to get understand me better, ty for read
  3. yeah can be difficult to win the five rivals, but seeing both sides, we just win 20k-100k each one and if we lost I need to pay 500k-2.5m and I need to be responsible that I can pay. I can up to the prize in the future If I have the cash and well I don't have the possibility for now u_u
  4. ah I responded to butler the other day about the same question, it's not necessary 5-15 matches consecutives, you can take your time with each rival but being aware with responsability of the challenge
  5. I don't know if I understand exactly but you say that 5-15 matches (cuz you can choose bo1 or bo3) is too long? Up, Redav will be the LC and Sebat UU, also the prize for the callenger will be upgrade to x5
  6. yep you need to defeat all them, but you don't have any restrictions in your team on each duel
  7. It's simple, five members of LØRÐ, represent each Tier&Dubs (so we have OU UU NU LC Dubs) You can bet since 100k until 500k in your road If you lose, your bet is for LØRÐ If you win, you won your bet x5 (Example: you bet 100k and you can win 500k, you bet 500k and you can win 2.5m) You can play bo1 or bo3 with your rival (it's decission of both) If someone lost by timer or dq, your rival decide a rematch or not (we are lord, please be trust) You lose one time in the road and you are out Elite (Cycle 1) OU: TiToooo (@TiToooo) UU: Sebat @Sebat NU: Aleso (@Aleso) LC: Redav @Redav Dubs: Santiii (@EfronX) And for last, please don't participate if you don't have cash, ty
  8. I want to do a request ^^ I just want the icon Ty
  9. Hola me gustaria hacer un pedido, pero que solo diga '' [LØRÐ] '', y tengo la duda si se puede variar la paleta de colores. Trans: Hi I want to do a request with '' [LØRÐ] '' instead of a name, I have the question if there more colours for the edit
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