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  1. how no one wants take 1m in doubles, this cash is mine, another 1m in singles
  2. lf some of Hype, 1m 2m on our match of singles and another 1m on doubles Yuno & Yuki (gasaiyunosan & sebat) vs Wombo Combo (kiwikidd & pablobacas) [Singles] @xMago(1m) @kiwi (1m) TeamQuiler (DarkQuilerr & LokiID) vs Yuno & Yuki (gasaiyunosan & sebat) [Doubles]
  3. Team Name: TheLordOfTheHax Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat Santiii EpicVerde xCarryM MexiDany Redav Isperea SnowOT Darkneu EXCALlBUR OZEEN Ihatos BuenaFe lFrankiel ChilyOCB Mercenariex yriveron Javess THORRM hectorlr Chopyta Fixxe Chastiefold TiToooo giantpipe Team Captain: Sebat
  4. Up to UU from NU: Slowbro - 4.53% usage in UU Down to NU from UU: Electrode - 4.21% usage in UU Machamp - 3.66% usage in UU Dugtrio - 3.16% usage in UU
  5. no mentions to the 1st winner of the edition, its fine LØRÐ
  6. And with this the third place is for Bats, gg lunatones!
  7. GG Empoleons and Good Run Rotoms both deserved it
  8. Team Name: The Last ''.'' Captain: Sebat Players: xCarryM Sebat Santiii tMoi Redav SnowOT CristhianArce Darkneu Chopyta Isperea Subs: Ihatos Fixxe Cheerleaders: TiToooo lFrankiel Yriveron Mercenariex Elchachon (Without subs, if we win, just send all the cash and I distribute it) For u @TiToooo, R.I.P.
  9. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen8ou-1245020969 --- https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8ou-1245020969 gg, this ou is mad
  10. Devil Sebat vs God Daryl after our plebs fight
  11. #BreakingThePredictions #KiriMVP #DreamingWithPawniard
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