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  1. I'm confident on me but I'm a honest player and I'll not bet cash that I don't have and I'll not farm, so I have 1m on garde + 2m on this match and the left for my expenses or other bets in the moment, sorry.
  2. ''talk less and play more'' .- Santiii I don't like the shittalk or whatever u do, If u want take 2m, take it if not pls dont quote me ty
  3. Dynamic Monkeys vs Gardevoirs of the Galaxy ~ 1m @Chjul19 NU: Kamimii vs Sebat ~ 2m
  4. por jugarle al vergas :L Trans: too ez
  5. I don't have 10m, but is ok with 900k, I just want spend 1m on me, cuz I'm retired from MMO tiers (maybe cuz I'm trash or maybe cuz the game is too bored for me that I ha to play with NFE), but I'll do my best and thanks it's a honour be named trash by the king of the trashes
  6. take take Also, 100k-700k on me and 1m on Gardevoirs, void if tie @xStarr
  7. bump, also OU: enchanteur vs ZDfire UU: xluneth vs Mkns LC: yosoyarca vs Stelian LC: Lotus vs lazaaro Doubles: MaatthewMLG vs DoctorJJ OU: Drayyton vs Dylanwoodz @plata1 OU: NotArchon vs Necroskulldark @plata1 SM OU: TheChampionMike vs BlueBreath Doubles: AxLKGhost vs iJuliantFNT OU: Zhiko vs Aerun Doubles: Lluvia vs RealDevilLegend @Lluvvia LC: Samoerai vs Cali 100k each one, void if sub
  8. 1m on Gardevoirs of the Galaxy void if tie
  9. well played, was 148 turns if anyone wants see it
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