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  1. Sebat

    WorldCupMMO Week #5

    won, gg
  2. Sebat

    Team Tournament February 2019

    Team Name: The Lords of the Hax, aka ''WaleritoArmy'' Team Tag: LØRÐ Registered Players: Sebat Santiii Redav TiToooo EpicVerde caanserbero Aleso moisessss Risadex Kepzal AngelOrgulloso giantpipe KiiritoX DylanWoodz piata Team Captain: Sebat
  3. Sebat

    World Cup week #4

    seba-t vs sixsixsix-t in 10min lost, gg
  4. Sebat

    Team Tournament February 2019

    @SneakyTeddi amazing draw, I love that u thought in my sentret <3 now...
  5. Sebat

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Uu: Zbleeex vs AxLKGhost @MknsZblex Doubles: KindDomii vs Titooooo Ou: Stairway vs RayUwU Uu: Zhiko vs Raihco Nu: Sejuani vs StrikerOak Ou: Vhalak vs LuisAnderson Uu: Killuminatis vs MlHawk Nu: Risadex vs Butler @DrButler Nu: AlejandroGB vs Aurumpegasus Doubles: Roxxass vs iJulianFNT @TiToooo Lc: Axoa vs Coolio Ou: Huanliu vs cifudemian Uu: sixsixsixt vs sebat Nu: Mamoswinez vs aleso Lc: MingKa vs nowall Doubles: HedgeWitch vs Redav 100k each one / void if sub 200k on Chile 200k on RestOfTheWorld @Kamimiii 200k on Brexit
  6. Sebat

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    @DrButler @TheChampionMike @Parke , butler thechampionmike and parke are ur ign right? @yangsam sent it
  7. Sebat

    World Cup week #3

    is it? how to say my friend We can lose 2 weeks and still be 1st place in this group, cuz is the ''death group'' so pls if u want to talk bullshit, talk with a chinese or idk
  8. Sebat

    World Cup week #3

    Ima vs Bat in 10min lost, gg
  9. Sebat

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    take me also, 250k on Chile

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