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  1. GOK (GOD ONLY KNOWS) will be back soon :)
  2. sandro baylon :V, y no, no creo que se mate el game, el game volvera a resurgir como el ave fenix c:
  3. New generations, the best thing that can happen to the game, why make so much trouble u_U
  4. I started playing this game without knowing the second generation and I've been here for almost 3 years .... it's fun to meet new pokes and appeal to new players.
  5. Hey, when do you wanna battle?

    1. xILuLu


      I have alot of time. So it would be great if you could message me back when you have time. :)

    2. xILuLu


      Well. It seems you don´t want to battle. I can battle every day from 1pm gmt to 8pm gmt and from 9pm gmt to 11pm gmt.

    3. xILuLu


      So let me know...

  6. Oh ty so much you are the best *o*,but you Might change the letter color to gold? please *o*.
  7. Hello there !   Text: [GOK] MorrizBel Animated text?:nope Character/Pokemon/Whatever:Scizor and Umbreon Regular or Drawn?: regular Background: maybe like you did to Yagu of GOK to Anything else?:nope  n,n
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