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  1. GOK (GOD ONLY KNOWS) will be back soon :)
  2. sandro baylon :V, y no, no creo que se mate el game, el game volvera a resurgir como el ave fenix c:
  3. New generations, the best thing that can happen to the game, why make so much trouble u_U
  4. I started playing this game without knowing the second generation and I've been here for almost 3 years .... it's fun to meet new pokes and appeal to new players.
  5. Team: GOD ONLY KNOWS GOK MorrizBel, Dreico, AngelOrgulloso, RicardoIgnacioo, Mkirito, Bethorp, Tetto, CarlosCls, Darkyami,
  6. Team Name: BlackCavalliers Team Tag: BCav Registered Players: MorrizBel/ Dreico/ Kriger / JorgeBale / Rollermine / DarkCricri / Terryble / Alejandro / CarlosCls / SkatersJCS Team Captain: MorrizBel
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