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  1. What about a diferent tournament?

    there are npcs that do triple battles iirc
  2. Selling lots of comps n cool stuff

    i did xd, sold it to jj, that was my only calm one
  3. #freeintor

    if u were still in sass u would know he isnt actually banned anymore n3rd
  4. Selling lots of comps n cool stuff

    i sold it already to jj sorry
  5. disappointed it wasnt quick rats amirite @Parke
  6. cmon dont u read? they obviously want to do sinnoh then hoenn then johto because they like to work backwards, thats why gen5 is here jaja
  7. ^ thats @mayuuuuu btw
  8. #freeintor

    those are also triangular
  9. #freeintor

    dont forget those triangles underneath its eye. it also has 3 triangles on its head. hands are 3 triangles too. 3 sides make a triangle. mmo devs dont want to release legendaries yet. KNOW THE TRUTH
  10. #freeintor

    intor in-tor switch the two around it is tor-in what happens to torin frequently? jail therefore intor = torin = jail pokemmo conspiracies, pokemmo staff = government dont trust anyone

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