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  1. i won gg, first post is fake
  2. french rng ok
  3. me v axoa in like 15 or so
  4. #whatdoesitfeel
  5. predicted am i a bad person?
  6. golem pretty centralizing imo, youre practically forced to use meganium on every team just to counter golem, and meganium is so easily abused it can pretty much cost you the game. golem also an op lead unless you counter lead it, and if youre not prepared for golem you practially have to sac like 1.5 pokes in order to kill it
  7. Me and ari in 10
  8. gotta focus on exams first rip
  9. me and ari sat 9am est
  10. take these
  11. well if i can speak for coolio, hes currently doing some shit exam or something, our other players arent available to be subbed too edit: as of currently, cant speak for before
  12. i think he died taking a shit
  13. who comes home from wherever to specifically play pokemon