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  1. the way that the randbats code works (in gen8) is that there is a bulk threshold on mons, i believe its hp + def + sdef = or > 249 it will be sash, if no recovery or smth like that. (pursuit also doesnt exist in gen8 anymore, but in gen7 it works the same). the generation of sets here is different than showdown, where each mons have set sets instead of have a movepool of moves it can roll. however, i think that's fine still because keeping trapping leads is still part of the nature of randbats
  2. self proclaimed randbats god here and i dont think this should be a thing, because in a way it reduces the "randomness" of the format. being trapped t1 can be a possibility and is just the nature of rands, and that shouldnt be taken away. fwiw showdown randbats does not do this
  3. tier contributor badge for forums so people can flex requirements to help ban/save things from tiers, ez
  4. IGN: overToasted Reason: the fuck u mean reason obviously to play Preferred Tiers: whatever the good ones are Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): certified randbats mod, staff luck, basically the most skilled player in the game Discord contact (optional): Other random stuff: someone draft me so i can keep my psl streak alive
  5. i forgot that even happened lol free showdown
  6. lmao aura ded sass still alive gotti
  7. at least like my post before u say it u piece of shit
  8. won gg https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1125631977
  9. oh god no what ever will he do
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