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  1. oh god no what ever will he do
  2. u can say that witht all the matches here then bro wtf
  3. wdym it says he won right there
  4. toast best choke artist 2020
  5. since vgc is gone you should add rands for us dead people
  6. Team Name: Secret Agents of Secret Stuff Team Tag: [SASS] with the weird A Registered Players: overToasted, Elcoolio, Flavajabari, mayu (rip flava x mayu :( ), dededoge, imabetheverybest, SirVector, Ploegy (vec x ploegy still going strong), tinco Team Captain: overToasted in
  7. i knew we shouldve played kami from the start, he led the team to victory
  8. @mayuuuuu can i have a sig to fix our friendship pls ily
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