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  1. Toast

    [PSL X] Week One

    "iM tHe BeSt pLaYeR eVeR u AlL cOuCheD jAjAjA"
  2. Toast

    [PSL X] Week One

    cant make the lineups but can make the hashtags easy
  3. Toast

    Marriage System

    @Kizhaz will sing it for you
  4. Toast

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    shutup ur spanish now ur opinion doesnt matter
  5. Toast

    [PSL X] Predictions Thread

    why do u think i was bought for 2k?
  6. haazuu = lkrenz = frags
  7. u mean quadrio cause u forgot about urself also how do u think all the aura + friends made it as manager? cmon gbwead u should know this
  8. heres how it went: forf, life, maekaay, havsha:, pachima blue can i b manager pls blue: ok haazu & preda: i dont play but can i b manager pls jajaj lkrenz: ok krilin: can i b manager pls mkns: ok ask gbwead gbwead: can pretend to be host but not really mkns: ok! both managers done psl XD
  9. Toast

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: overToasted Timezone: EST Fluff: best fortnite player in psl. 1v1 me if u believe otherwise. robbed of manager spot this season. guess they only wanted bad ones amirite @Bilburt and lol @ haazuu still mans didnt even make a post yet. 2.1k+ elo on randoms. streamer btw. Preferred Tiers: DPP/SMOU Most Preferred Manager: all bad i was robbed Least Preferred Manager: all bad i was robbed
  10. im the best smou player here just to let everyone know
  11. should be battle factory instead of randoms so its not completely rng based
  12. ur hair doesnt even match u dweeb
  13. Toast

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    Toast & Flava vs Cheels & Captain Game 1: Toast & Flava 1 - 0 Cheels & Captain Game 2: Toast & Flava 1 - 0 Cheels & Captain 2 kills total lul this is hard

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