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  1. Toast


    do u not play with mats or something
  2. Toast

    Team Tournament June (30th, Saturday)

    not even starring SASS this is a joke
  3. Toast

    [GUI] Dark Blue

    its ok
  4. Toast

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    go write a book or something that probably gives u more reward than this, youll get like 600k max
  5. thats what u get for killing psl tbh
  6. Toast

    Thank u

  7. Toast

    best hax

    fuck off
  8. Toast

    Can you buff competitive prizes?

    i doubt that, since there are so many possibilities of different sets to be made. also, can't make everything when the money reward isn't good enough ;)
  9. Toast

    Can you buff competitive prizes?

    i disagree, because any good comp player will have more than one set of the same pokemon, so just because they win a gift doesn't negate the fact that they can still make multiples of one pokemon.

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