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  1. I dont dream because i make it happen
  2. Even after the 7 months there still wont be an update
  3. I'm Lebron James with his body and skillset, and AI with his handles and competitiveness stop me now (you cant)
  4. This is why we cant have nice things this has been the best banter since gbwead tbh
  5. IGN: overToasted PokeMMO Team: the best one, [SASS] #1. all the other teams are fake. Experience: all of them because i'm the god. S1: Winner with that delibird team. Carried the team with an undefeated record of like 1-0. S2: Carried in UU with Noad's Jumpluffs. Craig sucked. S3: Pretty much the only guy in TJ's Nidoking team. I was the king. Carried in UU once again. S4: Carried the Legion team once again with a 6-1 record in UU. Captain of the team. Won best UU player, awards don't lie. S5: It must be annoying saying I'm good but I'm good. Carried the Mountains to the playoffs. Not my fault my team was full of chokers. S6: Captain of the West High Knights. I was pretty much troy bolton ballin on these nerds, carrying UU with jovi. Placed 3rd because Coolio was a shit manager. Hard to change stupidity S7: Captain of the Human Caterpies, won the season because I was a great captain. Carried the team with a great 5-4 record, but it's what's in the heart that counts. Coolio was still a shit manager, but luckily I stopped him from doing anything stupid. @kevola will agree with me, couldn't let him trade you like that again. Doc might say he was the captain but I am the real captain. overpaid every season ez. Motivation: I want to prove why I'm the GOAT. I'm tired of carrying coolio's teams so I gotta prove my dominance as a manager. I'm practically Lebron James and Coolio is Tyronn Lue, I am the real manager. I'm also tired of being underpaid every season so I gotta prove all the other managers I know how to manage credits properly. Trust me, I'm asian. I've been in the comp environment since forever so I know my knowledge of the comp scene. I'd say I'm pretty respected around here, so I ain't gonna let anyone boss me around. Being manager is my way of showing my dominance over all the other scrub managers. Being the boss of SASS is like being the teacher in a children's daycare. Being manager will be ezpz. tl;dr my motivation is proving that i'm the best and will be the best manager. coolio sucks. Fluff: the god of uu. idc what anyone else says. i carry all and will carry my team as a manager. i would like to thank all my fans: @[email protected]@tinco @Imabetheverybest1 i'm doing this for you dad i would also like to thank all the haters because you all motivate me @[email protected]@warriorfans spurs #1
  6. It can wait unless you want to mail, ill just catch you on whenever im on
  7. U didnt say that tho smh who just bets on one game
  8. @Torinnnnn @Parke LA chokers ez.
  9. 1m spurs win the series against the rockets 500k if youre uguu :)
  10. i bet @DaftCoolio thought this thread was real