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  1. IGN: overToasted Time Zone: EST fuck gmt timezones wtf Tiers: all lolol Fluff: buy me for the meme wont let you down
  2. yOu HaVe To PoSt SoMeThInG oR wE wIlL rEmOvE yOuR tHrEaD ah yes still moderating clubs as if they are active see you guys in 2 months
  3. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-955011032 me v mike
  4. im chinese ill run for mayor vote for me
  5. @managers i am the lamp dude im quite accomplished plz buy me unless ur a shit manager like maat or aerun or something but tbh idek who the managers r lol just bragging
  6. ah yes psl is defined by the auction not the battles
  7. stop being nice and supportive... dont u know this community are assfucks that complains about everything
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