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  1. Team Name: Secret Agents of Secret Stuff Team Tag: [SASS] with the weird A Registered Players: overToasted, Elcoolio, Flavajabari, mayu (rip flava x mayu :( ), dededoge, imabetheverybest, SirVector, Ploegy (vec x ploegy still going strong), tinco Team Captain: overToasted in
  2. i knew we shouldve played kami from the start, he led the team to victory
  3. @mayuuuuu can i have a sig to fix our friendship pls ily
  4. sass imagine playing and grinding the game for a whole year, monthly trying to win ..to try to win 600rp. u could literally work an hour then buy 600rp
  5. IGN: overToasted Time Zone: EST fuck gmt timezones wtf Tiers: all lolol Fluff: buy me for the meme wont let you down
  6. yOu HaVe To PoSt SoMeThInG oR wE wIlL rEmOvE yOuR tHrEaD ah yes still moderating clubs as if they are active see you guys in 2 months
  7. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-955011032 me v mike
  8. im chinese ill run for mayor vote for me
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