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  1. Welcome to the game and forums.
  2. Richie

    Sup ~

    Nice to meet you,welcome to the game and forums
  3. Richie


    Just don't tell your info to anyone and you won't get hacked,I don't really think we need something like this  
  4. Welcome to the game and forum Love your art  ^_^
  5. I like it very much,especially the login screen,thank you!
  6. Name: TRichie Team(optional): VVVV Render: Dusclops How much money you're paying me for these free sigs: I'll contact you in-game
  7. Richie


    Hi and welcome to the forums,enjoy your stay
  8. Am I the only one? Nice mod btw,I like it pretty much. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  9. Welcome to the game and forums,nice to see people joining the comp scene,good luck with that :^)
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