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  1. wait PokeMMO IPO'd? da heck. Where can I buy shares?
  2. I encountered a shiny teddiursa in the safari zone not too long ago. I threw like 8 balls at it before it fled. Each breakout was a heart attack until the flee finally did me in.
  3. Not by me, if it is possible, which I don't think it is, due to the physical (battery powered) and software limitations of android devices.
  4. yes, you can scroll (mouse wheel or two finger swiping on touchpad) when it is like that. The gui can't be resized currently. You aren't the first person to get tripped up by it, I should make it more obvious you can scroll down.
  5. Can you switch to English client language in-game, and then boot up the encounter counter app. Confirm it isn't working in that case and then open that same gecDebug.log file and see if the error has changed? Wondering if it's an error due to the header of the mister strings having 'nk' as its identifier, when the string filename is strings_mr.xml
  6. hmm, you appear to be on an old version. Did you install the tool from the google drive link or the media fire link? I'm wondering if I forgot to update the file in google drive or something... This error used to occur because I had a list of client languages that I would check against when pulling the client language from the main.properties file of PokeMMO. It worked fine for the default client languages, but broke when you used a custom string (as I would try to check the custom string language name against my list and fail to find it, thus the KeyError). I've since fixed this.
  7. Can you give me the contents of the gecDebug.log file in the debug folder?
  8. For example, in the default strings_en.xml file this is the header: For me, english is my primary strings file (i.e. if there is a string id missing in the strings file you currently have select, like a custom strings file, then it will default back to this english file to look for the string). Only one of the xml strings file should have is_primary set to a value of "1", all others should be "0". Example of one of my custom strings file: You can open and edit xml files in plain text editors like Notepad. Keep the files in config and saveData, and transfer them to new install. If this causes it to not work also, then unfortunately your old data is lost 😕 I had thought I made the saving robust enough, but clearly not, and will be improving it in the future. -Gilan
  9. Back in the CloneMMO days, you had to check off flags for an egg to hatch and you could only have one egg at a time.
  10. It’s an application package. Please follow the installation instructions as seen in the video on the original post.
  11. If you installed it from the link in the first post of this thread, then no it is not a virus. Anything flagging it as a virus is a false positive. The version that is currently released to the public was reviewed by the PokeMMO staff. Of course all this means is that you’re trusting my word and that the pokemmo staff did a thorough review. But, I’d like to think I’m a fairly trustworthy member of the community, I’ve been here a long time and was a Game Master twice. Also, there are more than 3,500 downloads of this app with no reports of it messing with people’s systems.
  12. Rule 10 of Trade Corner: 10. Threads will be trashed after two weeks or more of inactivity.
  13. just wait for the Steam Deck :0
  14. Status update on me and my plans for this tool. So, I haven't released an update for the tool in some time. I have not abandoned it by any means. However, I haven't had too much time recently to work on it. Work and personal life (was on a camping trip, and then thanksgiving trip, got a girlfriend recently, etc.) has taken up a ton of my time, I've very little free time at the moment. I likely won't be working on the tool again until January. Thank you to everyone who has at least tried out my tool, and I apologize to those for which the tool does not work. There have been well over 3,100 downloads of my tool and that doesn't count the google drive link (cause it doesn't show # of downloads). Makes me really happy that my work has been used by so many people around the world for a game that I've always had a lot of passion for. I will work on making the tool even better come January, I am even thinking of completely overhauling the code to better conform to how I want to tool to look and operate. There are a plethora of features and fixes that need to be implemented, and I appreciate everyone's patience with me. Sincerely, Gilan
  15. I have noticed that this happens, though I cannot really figure out why. Usually disabling v-sync/free-sync in the pokemmo settings helps alleviate the framerate issue. It might also be an issue of PokeMMO thinking that it is unfocused (I think there's a setting that decreases framerate when it's not in focus), which might be a result of how I overlay the tool.
  16. The evidence is suggesting that my encounter counter increases shiny odds 😮
  17. in game name? Gilan in-game play time? way too much, yet not impressively so can you speak English? I passed my English classes with C-'s, so I'm better than most 🙂 are you knowledgeable about the game? I know where staff island is, I think that's proof enough When do I get my purple tag?
  18. The tool will not work in the situation you are describing. 32bit is still not supported, sorry.
  19. What is your OS build? For example, my OS build is 19043.1348 You should be able to see this from the "About your PC" settings page
  20. In regards to the false positives, this does not look like something I can fix. The antivirus program that is flagging it is some Chinese-Based company (I’m US based). I will be unable to communicate with them. I submitted my app originally to virustotal on September 17th 2021 and nothing was flagged. @Darkshade Should I remove the download link until I somehow figure out how to resolve this? Genuine question as I don’t want to get in trouble because some antivirus thinks my app is bad.
  21. When I uploaded this it did not throw any flags. I have to run it through virustotal and send to the pokemmo staff team, who also run it and do other tests I am not privy to before approving. These are indeed false positives. I can assure you there is no embedded virus to my program. I am actually surprised it is now throwing false positives. I will look into this.
  22. There is something wrong with your main.properties pokemmo file. My program is trying to read it, but there’s a weird character in there that doesn’t conform to utf-8 encoding. Can you private message me your main.properties file? (./pokemmo/config/main.properties)
  23. Download link is still working. Are you on a Windows machine?
  24. yes that is the point of limited items. They are financial vehicles and symbols of wealth. Each one of the items were easily obtainable when they were released, but many have appreciated to prices that are unobtainable except for a very select few. I completely disagree with any notion that suggests this should be changed. Even if I didn’t have my green labcoat, I would still argue the same. I’ve been an avid supporter of such a system long before pokemmo was a thing (aka I’ve supported the system in Runescape for far longer, and yet I’ve got no limited items in RS kek)
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