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  1. you could try putting the download link here. Maybe a good Samaritan will help you fix it.
  2. Way back in the day when they introduced the new breeding system, I argued in the “New breeding system. megathread discussion” that 80% ability pass down rate was dumb and that is should be 100%. I still think it should be 100%. Ability pills will still be relevant, imo. Separate note, I had a lot of fun rereading that thread just now and seeing so many comments that aged like milk, and some that stood the test of time.
  3. oh, yeah I was thinking sketch copied last used move in the battle. Didn’t remember it targeted a pokemon. My bad. For some reason I remember sketch being way more tedious than it is I guess
  4. Opposing pokemon taunts your pokemon with desired move. Your pokemon fails to use the desired move. Smeargle uses sketch, sketched taunt. Or does it not work that way? I dunno, I just figured if both are faster then there’s just no way to fail. I didn’t exactly think hard about it.
  5. Enter a battle and let the opposing pokemon use the move you want to sketch, then sketch it the next turn (assuming you are faster). Or, the easier option, go into an NPC double battle with a pokemon with you move you want to sketch and a smeargle. Use the move and sketch it in the same turn. If both are faster than the NPC’s pokemon (and smeargle is slower than your other pokemon) then it’ll succeed. EZ PZ smack and cheezy
  6. it incentivizes the use of leppa berries which helps the economy turn round and round.
  7. Try and get into a competitive team/club if you can. A good way to get into comp without needing a ton of cash up front is to borrow comps from friends / team members
  8. Which body pillow did you marry? I was personally rooting for Astolfo. jk, congratz from a random internet person.
  9. You can travel between regions so you can go to hoenn, catch one (requires beating the hoenn e4), and then go back to sinnoh. Or, buy one off the gtl.
  10. always used “kill” Nurse Joy is a worker of miracles.
  11. no it is not possible. Staff will pretty much never give you information about another player’s punishment.
  12. Contact the staff member(s) who oversee clubs. iirc, I’m pretty sure the rules were made such that player ‘mods’ of clubs could hide posts but could not see or unhide posts that had been hidden. The main purpose was to prevent non-staff members from seeing content that is against the rules. Looks like Sethsen and Mikyii are the current club mods.
  13. Pretty sure it has more to deal with potential money laundering and the potential legal consequences should it take place. Though, I’m no expert on the law so don’t really know, but since very few MMO’s (really none that I am familiar with) allow RMT, I kinda think it’s probably legal reasons.
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