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  1. If there’s not a section, the amount of PM’s to staff would be insane. The brick wall response gives finality to the issue, the final nail in the coffin. Personally, having been somebody who was perma banned and appealed the ban to no avail, to becoming someone who dishes out bans (I’ve literally been on both sides), I have no mercy for those who get banned and get their appeals rejected. I trust the system in place and know it works as it should.
  2. If you can find me online I’ll sell you my Desu Labcoat Colorable for 55k pokeyen. :^)
  3. Hoenn Route 113 ez Sinnoh Route 216 Daytime is a clear runner up
  4. no clue, I'm not upkeeping this as I don't play anymore. Was just a sound mod for myself that I posted here for others to use if they wanted. file names probably need to be updated or something. Thought I remember seeing such in a changelog.
  5. Happy New Year, may 2021 bring great fortune to you all!
  6. The main problem is how do iOS users provide the ROMs for a web app? I don’t think it’s possible. But, I’m not really familiar with it, so maybe it’s possible?
  7. False. Everyone knows Spinda is the best. @XelaKebert
  8. There should be a distinction made between Colorable Desu Labcoats, and Normal Desu Labcoats. There are like <10 active colorable desu labcoats; imo the rarest vanity that you have a possibility of being able to trade for.
  9. If only PokeMMO actually had a good pixel artist, smh :^)
  10. It’s not even an annoyance really. It happens maybe once every two months (probably even rarer than that) where a newbie will go waaaay back and post on some really old threads to get their post count up in order to post in the suggestion box. Don’t really think there needs to be a rule about it. If multiple people were consistently spamming old threads, then yeah maybe there might need to be a rule for it, but at that point it may just fall under “spam” anyways. edit: Now wait an entire year and then necro this suggestion >:)
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