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  1. Ayy my edited login splash screen made it to the final product :D Looks awesome! Great work guys!
  2. there’s a flaw in my saving methodology that should hopefully be addressed in my next update. But, it’s curious this is happening every time you close the app. Are you closing the app through the close button in the settings ui or closing it from the windows task bar or letting it close with pokemmo? Or are you closing it via a different method (ie task manager)? Have you named your Profiles and/or Hunts? If so what did you name them exactly? When you reinstalled, did you completely delete the previous installation (ie delete the full Gilans Encounter Counter folder)?
  3. narrow minded fool. A good supreme pizza is far superior than any pepperoni pizza. The multitude of ingredients are brilliantly brought together with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, causing an explosion of flavor on the tongue. But, the fact you consider the flexibility of pizza to be irrelevant is disrespectful. A pizza can be anywhere from a light margherita to a heavy chicago deep dish; it can be as simple as a no-toppings cheese pizza to a creative peanut butter and jelly pizza. Truly, the options are limitless and that is it's greatest attribute.
  4. While I don't deny a good hot dog as being quite delicious. The versatility of pizza puts it leagues ahead and makes it the obvious wiener.
  5. Please get into a wild battle with my app open. Click on my app and try left ctrl+f, and see if it counts anything. If not, please note down the Pokedex ID of the wild pokemon. Then click on my app and hit left ctrl+d. Enter the pokedex ID number in the pop-up dialogue box. Then in a private message here on the forums, send me the generated images in the debug folder.
  6. The code is not publicly available. This is intentional, and I do not have plans to release it in the future, sorry. My main reasoning for this, is that I do not want people to take my code and build illegal (botting) programs with it. It’s also the reason that the included license file explicitly states that use of my code without explicit written consent from me is forbidden.
  7. The base sprites used are from the ROMs that you provide. So it's their original images. If you don't like the original sprites, you can use a mod to alter the sprite images to what you desire. This functionality already exists...
  8. awkways the vanity detective
  9. The guide tavern itself acts as a master guide… You’d provide more value by making an in-depth guide on a specific topic. But, if you feel strongly about making a master guide, by all means go for it. Every bit helps make the community better.
  10. Unsubscribed. Deleted MMO. Permaban my account. 😠
  11. Yeah I completely agree with this. Sometimes, Pursuit, Arena Trap, and Shadow Tag won't even really matter. Sometimes they do cause you to go down 5 v 6 instantly. But, that is randoms. Part of what makes randoms a lot of fun for me, is that there are some feelsbad matches, but those make the feelsgood matches even better. Also, coming back from a 5v6 or even a 4v6 situation feels so good.
  12. Actually surprising to me. Thanks for the info
  13. Green = I agree with keeping these, primarily because I think they perform in a way that is unique from their evo'd versions Orange = I agree with keeping these until gen 4 evo's introduced, which I would prefer replace them. Otherwise I feel like with these, you'll have a superior version and an inferior version of the same species, which I'm not a fan of. Red = I think these should be removed because of their existing evo's. Golbat feels like a worse version of Crobat (eviolite Golbat is tankier, but ehh...). And, for Seadra, I just think it should be Kingdra only, Seadra has similar offense to Kingdra, but is sp defensively so much worse. Also, lack of dragon typing hurts, so Kingdra feels like a superior version of Seadra. Just my opinions, I don't feel strongly about any of it
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