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  1. Hi @Abyss7772, Have you tried going to a move relearner to see if you can teach it that way? -Gilan
  2. Locking as question was answered.
  3. The devs have communicated before that there is no intention of implementing the shift battle style at this time.
  4. Hi @Rohd7777, Please make a support request here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  5. As SneakyTeddi posted, please use the thread that you made in Support Request, thank you. -Gilan
  6. Please contact Xsolla support as they handle the donation process. (in the bottom left of the donation page there’s a chat bubble icon, you can use that to get in touch with them).
  7. I'm locking this thread before it derails further.
  8. This happened because Barboach gives HP EVs so your Rotom's hp stat increased in the middle of battle. It does not update the "max hp" number in-battle, but your Rotom does indeed have 81 hp; just a small visual thing.
  9. You must talk to the Old man (outside) of the Daycare, not the Old Lady. The Old Lady is only the Leveling function of the daycare, while the Old Man is the breeding function.
  10. As far as I am aware, your game is soft locked. I have not been able to advance.
  11. You get the script even if you have beaten the veilstone gym and obtained fly. I've encountered this issue.
  12. Asking for/Providing ROMs is against the Terms of Service.
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