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  1. Cubchoo's Winter Wonders Art Contest The Results 1st Place - LavaFlow The judges really appreciated the style of this piece. While appearing rather simple at first, this work is very pleasing to look at and overall well done. The loudred looks so proud of his not-so-well-done snowman; it's very cute. This is exactly the kind of thing that Cubchoo would love to see to cure his boredom (and give him a little laugh). Very well done, @LavaFlow This piece is well deserving of 1st place in this competition. 2nd Place - Yuckii Coming in at an extremely close Second, is @Haiik's piece of art. The judges particularly liked the art style employed in this piece and found it extremely interesting. Piplup and his cute ">.<" face, the majestic Articuno, and the Cubchoo sliding down the icy tail all make for an exciting scene. Something that perplexed the judges was the figure in the bottom left of the piece. We could not figure out what that was. But, nonetheless, this piece has earned itself the #2 ranking for this contest; well done! 3rd Place - ChaserKen The judges liked the concept of @PKMNtrainer's piece; even coining the phrase "berging" (cause Avalugg is the iceberg pokemon). We appreciated the care that was put into keeping the figures representative of their original look from the games. Some points of criticism for this piece was the shadow under the Abomasnow, the pink bubbles, and the background; however, overall the judges felt that this piece was deserving of the #3 position in this contest. Well done! Honorable Mention - GergFalerg I had to give an honorable mention for @GergFalerg's piece. The part about this piece I love is the full development of a winter landscape. The coniferous trees in the background, and a few barren trees along with the snow and mountains all come together to produce a very fitting scene for the theme of the contest. I liked the ring of trees on the leftmost mountain, as it reminded me of a wreath, and thus Christmas, thus fully locking in the winter feeling. Add in a Teddiursa reaching for some food and a sleeping Snorlax, and you got yourself a great piece, and one of my personal favorites in this contest. Thank you to everyone who participated! I will be in contact with the winners soon to discuss prizes. Also a big thank you to all the judges who gave their input for this contest!
  2. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread

    ;-; So mean.
  3. Staff and Ex-Staff Appreciation thread

    Rip me. To be fair, I wasn’t trying to suck up to staff... But... Yeah... I won’t deny my cringy past, present, and future.
  4. How do you delete a character?

    Character deletion is impossible. You can create 3 characters per account, and you can make as many accounts as you want (even with the same email). Feel free to whisper me if you have questions.
  5. This is getting out of hand.
  6. Mayor Appreciation Thread

    Man, I remember when you were just starting out... Now look how far you've come! Congratulations on your tag!
  7. [TV] Dragonball

  8. [TV] Dragonball

    no no no
  9. nikeboy's alt

    SwooshBoy (y’know, cause of the Nike Swoosh)
  10. Fortnite

    Yep, I play it on the PC. Great game.
  11. Can a program solve pokemon

    Oh, a battle ai? Oh yeah, super possible. Just look at some of the top chess ai’s.
  12. can't login

    Please use: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ PM me if you have questions.
  13. Yes you understand correctly.
  14. Travel

    To travel to other regions you must obtain the 4th gym badge in the region you are currently in. Then if you are in Hoenn, go to slateport, into the dock building (north and to the right of the PC) and talk to the lady on the right. If you are in Kanto, go to Vermillion and go to the docks and talk to the sailor on the right. If you are in Unova, go to Castelia City and go to the second from the left dock.
  15. Frequently asked questions.

    Are you possibly talking about the animation to indicate Normal typing? Each Pokemon Type has it's own special animation in the summary screen to help indicate what the primary type of the pokemon is.

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