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  1. I watched a weaboo video that @Desu posted.
  2. more like speech over 9000. Honestly, it’s probably possible if the stars align. I’ve come close to parting with it on 3 occasions. Once I almost sold it to Awkways just before I found out I was going to become staff. Second I almost just straight up gave it away to an unsuspecting individual on my friends list, but then I started logging in to the game again. Third almost committed to an epic event with it as the prize. I’m notorious for being wishy washy :)
  3. "This feature is not yet implemented" is my guess >:)
  4. Gilan


    oh man, I get link notifications now
  5. They use the xsolla payment service, which can accept a wide range of currencies, as far as I’m aware.
  6. I can't wait for April 1st PTS. Will be very disappointed if it doesn't happen.
  7. Here I am waiting for Orre remake 3.0 for switch
  8. The Breeding Guide used to have a visual like this, however the hosting site deleted the image after so much time. If it is ok with you, I would like to use this image as a replacement. lmk.
  9. Yeah, my main reason I wouldn’t have responded would be that GMs just have zero access to any empirical economy data. The best we know about the economy is just a general “feel” for how we perceive it. Didn’t want to start saying what gms do and don’t know...
  10. Yeah, the issue came while exploring permutations. I think it was something along the lines of: What’s the most efficient way to use a 3x31 natured that was obtained while just trying to make a regular 3x31. The possibilities became so large for the program that it was too slow. Maybe there’s a simpler way to go about it, but the one driving this thing kinda left fairly early, and I got too busy to devote time to it.
  11. @Havsha If I were still a GM, I wouldn’t reply to this thread, for a couple of reasons. And negative, “mean” responses are not one of them. I also don’t think that “saying something dumb” is a reason I wouldn’t reply either; I’d just start my post with “In my personal opinion, and not representative of staff as a whole...” I just think there are reasons that I don’t know if I’m allowed to discuss here...
  12. Yeah it is a dead idea. Ran into issues figuring out how to calculate the ideal path to take in breeding.
  13. ;) When it comes to my labcoat I get super wishy washy. Not gonna lie, woke up this morning thinking that I was an idiot last night. Then throughout the day I’ve been thinking about it more lol. I don’t think I have the commitment level to do 50 events over several months; if I did, I would rejoin staff. So then, naturally I would cut down the number of events to like 10 or something. But then that doesn’t feel grand enough... Also, I wouldn’t want 1 or 2 people to just outright buy all the tickets, but I don’t want to make the tickets untradeable, because then people would play in the events with 0 reward in the interim (and then there’s the chance that someone could win all the events and then lose out to someone who won 3rd place once and as a result get nothing for their feats). So yeah I’m conflicted. I think the idea may be just too flawed for me to pull the trigger.
  14. So, I want to get some feedback on an idea that just popped into my head tonight. This isn’t concrete and I may decide in the morning that I don’t want to do it. But anyways, the idea: 1. Have Staff hold my labcoat. 2. Propose a lottery of X tickets (was thinking maybe 500, so each ticket would be worth roughly 4m each, assuming labcoat is ~2bil) where the winner gets the labcoat. 3. The primary way to obtain a ticket would be to place in an event hosted by me. These events would range across all pvp tiers, pve, and things like art/video/music contests. Going off of 500 tickets, I would think that each event would give 10 tickets as a total prize (5 to 1st, 3 to 2nd, and 1 each to 3rd and 4th), so ~40m in prizes per event, and a total of 50 events over several months or something. 4. You can trade these “tickets” to anyone. That’s essentially the gist of it. Obviously I’d have to come up with a set schedule, would need people to help me host (maybe give a ticket to people every 5 times they help me host or something?). But, yeah. Thoughts? Am I crazy? Would this even be hype? Curious what you guys think. inb4 morning me thinks I’m an idiot.
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      Nice picture in the background. o/

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