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  1. yeah you can find it in the wild again. But if someone else catches it first you’ll have to go challenge them, or wait until Mewtwo goes back to the wild.
  2. Question for the Chinese community (if you know an individual who plays on the Chinese client and uses a Chinese ROM, could you please ask them?) Can I use the Chinese names here https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Chinese_Pokémon_names As the pokemon names? Is only simplified used, or is traditional used, or both might be used?
  3. yes, your login information is held on the PokeMMO servers so will work on any computer
  4. PM’d you on forums. You should be able to PM me back, my inbox is only 75% full.
  5. Update on this. I had a major breakthrough today. I am now able to generate font in the exact same way as the PokeMMO client. Took me learning some Java, but I've got it working. Unfortunately I'm passing the information back to Python by saving a ton of .png images (of the pokemon names rendered in the correct font style), will be looking into how to pass the information back in a cleaner way that doesn't use up disk space, but only memory. The reason this is so important is that it is vital for being able to handle any theme (quite literally was impossible without generating the font correctly). I learned that font rendering is extremely complicated and no one renders font the same way. But, long story short, I am now 100% confident that I can make this omni-theme compatible 🙂 If anyone reads this and is pretty good at Java coding, I'd love to speak with you...
  6. I really do hope to wrap it all up within the next month. But, I am quite busy with work (we started going back into the office 3 days a week) and doing stuff irl with my friends.
  7. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a preview of the project I'm working on. That's right it's another encounter counter. I think this one is a little more special than the others (watch the video to see). I'd really appreciate any feedback you might have at this point. The main features: Count encounters at a per-species level Doesn't double count from tabbing out of PokeMMO Ignores PvP and NPC battles (useful for story runs I think) Overlays the client (always on top) Expanded Mode to show last 3 pokemon encountered and their associated total encounter count Widget Mode to act just like a regular encounter counter Embedded Mode to blend right in with the info hud in the top left of the client Multi-profile selection in the tool (so you can toggle between alts and main account if you wish) No set-up configuration required Auto detects client changes (theme change, resize, gui scale change, etc.) .exe file (pending) multi-lingual support (pending - likely to be implemented) omni-theme support (pending - Extremely likely to be implemented) shiny encounter tracking (pending - Extremely likely to be implemented) macOS support (pending - unsure at this time) and more, I'm probably forgetting stuff. Basically, my vision is that you download this tool, run it, and don't have to worry about anything else. I just want it to "work out of the box". Hope you guys might get some excitement from this. Look forward to completing this project and getting staff approval (inb4 this project gets shut down KEKW) 🙂
  8. I dunno what the catch rate is, but I’ll assume 10%, and I think lucky egg is a 5% hold chance? so, .1 x (6 combin 2) x (1/32 ^ 2) x (31/32 ^ 4) x .05 = the chance to find a 2x31 chansey with a lucky egg and catch on first ball. btw, 6 combin 2 = 15 .1 x (1 - (31/32 ^ 6) - 6 x (1/32) x (31/32 ^ 5)) x .05 = the chance to find a 2x31 or better chansey with a lucky egg and catch on first ball. You can also multiply in the 5% encounter chance if you like… On my phone so not going to bother calcing it out.
  9. If we’re going that far, might as well just embed Microsoft Word into the mail system :^)
  10. it’s not that lucky. Just use the binomial probability formula to calculate it out. odds of getting at least a 2x31 = 1 - (odds of not getting any 31’s + odds of getting only 1x31)
  11. People who want Johto added are either noobs, people with little to no foresight whatsoever, or people who are die-hard “johto best region ever!!!”. And, really, the kind of people that think it’s just a couple of lines of code to get the ROM to run. Like Razi is saying. Adding a full region is a huge amount of dev time. The other regions were added because they offered significantly more than just a map and storyline. They offered new pokemon, new mechanics, new items, etc. Johto would quite literally just be a map and storyline. You’d be asking the devs to put in weeks or months of development time for the players to spend an extra 1hr 30mins in game. That’s terrible value proposition. In contrast, we have been waiting for dungeons to be released which will give access to legendaries and hidden abilities. Those will give players actual PvE content, and repeatable content that will keep players going for tens to hundreds more hours. A much much better value proposition. *insert Think Mark, Think meme here*
  12. There's this: Would need some touch-up to make the animation less smooth to better blend in with the rest of Gen 5, and get rid of the pause at the end. If you want to go off of the sprite you posted, you'd have to edit in each frame of the animation (creating them yourself), which is pretty darn time consuming, and hard to make look good. If I were to do it, I would take the regular charizard animated sprite, and make that animation the base.
  13. can you post the top part of the error so I can see what line of the code the error is occurring on? edit: oh it looks like you are trying to install Pillow. try: python -m pip install --upgrade pip to make sure you are on the latest version of pip. And then try python -m pip install --upgrade Pillow I would upgrade Python to at least 3.6 or higher
  14. Agreed, and should also probably keep in mind colorblindness when choosing the colors for the tickets to distinguish them. I think like Orange, Blue, and Gray is colorblind friendly? Not entirely sure.
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