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  1. Gilan

    Problem with Roms..

    We cannot assist you in obtaining compatible ROMs. You must do that individually. Asking for and giving assistance for this matter violates the ToS of PokeMMO.
  2. Gilan

    Are we able to travel to johto yet?

    Johto is not yet implemented.
  3. Gilan

    Does gender matter when using the everstone?

    Everstone has the same effectiveness irrespective of the pokemon’s gender. The offspring will have the nature of the pokemon which held the everstone.
  4. Gilan

    Is there a way i can play heartgold?

    Johto is definitely on the list of regions to be added, though the devs have stated that they would prefer to add sinnoh before Johto.
  5. Gilan

    More CMs

    I think @Bilburt , @KaynineXL , and @ImFunk should all become CM's. I think they would do a fantastic job. :^) However, the need for more staff is internal. There's a lot of thought that goes into it, operations management (i.e. balancing staff and player base / work to be done), finding candidates, ensuring team cohesiveness, etc. I think it's best to trust the judgement of the staff that deals with recruitment.
  6. Gilan


    I'm confused, what's an update?
  7. I also think that Scizor is a great option for what you are looking for. Start with that, and then figure out what else you need to cover and choose a pokemon that fits those needs. Since this thread has gotten a bit out of control, I'll be locking it.
  8. Gilan

    Recommend Chat Time

    If you send the same message over and over again at the same interval as the set chat cooldown, it is considered spam (doesn't really apply for trade chat obviously). Increasing the cooldown would hinder regular chatting.
  9. Gilan

    give darkshade some recognition!

    Here, I went ahead and made the badge for him. I think it would look great next to his name in-game :)
  10. Servers are back up, enjoy the game everyone, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Gilan

    Server off?

  12. Gilan

    Mod Help

    locked by request
  13. Gilan

    quick question about TMs

    As redspawn has stated all TM’s are single use. Since this is an MMO, having unlimited use TM’s doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. As for the in-game dialogue, don’t trust it too much for game mechanics (still trust it for story direction), as the dialogue isn’t updated from the original games at this time.
  14. I do love some good Hide n’ Seek

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