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  1. So this is the real reason they got rid of Junior Game Masters

  2. *jumps in for the save*
  3. Forum account is not the same as an in-game account. You can make an account for the game here: https://pokemmo.eu/account/ If this isn't the issue then make a post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  4. I disagree. Because no one uses clubs it takes less effort to moderate :^) And creation/deletion of clubs is only tedious if a certain someone is on vacation.
  5. See, I disagree that logging in at 12 hour intervals should be rewarding. That's just stupid game design in my opinion. If only Dasu actually had talent in making video games, smh. Playing pokemon should be rewarding. Working with others should be rewarding. Logging in and spamming the wailmer pail should not be rewarding; at least to the extent that it is now. In a Pokemon MMO, many people spend most of their time growing berries... There's just something wrong with that picture. As for your comment about dungeons, sure it is about hidden abilities and legendaries, but once you obtain those, why do dungeons? I was always under the impression that dungeons would become the best way to make money, while being fun and interactive; i.e. some sort of consumable loot found in dungeons that is highly desired. In my mind, the best possible money making method in the game should have the following qualities: Working in a group amplifies the reward Fun and challenging, you actually have to think or be highly skilled to complete the task and get the best possible reward Time to complete the task only takes about 10-15mins and is repeatable (short time means that everyone should be able to participate regardless of irl situations; it's also friendlier to players working in groups, cause there's less of a risk of losing a party member in the middle of the task). The task isn't always completed in the same amount of time, i.e. you can make multiple optimizing moves in order to achieve a better time (this plays into the skill and allows for speed-running, aka, makes it competitive between players) Is focused around the core mechanics of Pokemon. Battling, puzzle solving, etc. Has a barrier to entry that you have to work towards obtaining and not something so simple as paying X amount of yen. And, in my mind, Dungeons will hit every single one of these points if done right. While, Berry farming hits literally zero of them (maybe it hits the last one, but I don't really consider the storyline to be a barrier to entry >.>). I'm fine with berry farming being a passive money making thing that you just do on the side, but it being good enough that people are spamming alts to take advantage of it is bad. A good money making method should be engaging enough that working two accounts at the same time should be extremely difficult. If people are drawn to using multiple accounts at the same time, it's a sign of bad game design. But, hey, in a couple months if nothing changes, I will probably be able to sell my labcoat for 15bil, so that's cool :)
  6. Selling labcoat 15bil :^) Just do a profit/time analysis. using 280k and 90mins for gyms, you are at apprx. 3.1k per minute. using 800k and 105mins for berries, you are at apprx. 7.6k per minute. I think it’s pretty clear that if you are gym running instead of berry farming, you are being un-optimal. Sure, gyms are more convenient, but are they worth <50% efficiency? The fact that some people have jobs and don’t have the schedules available to them to berry farm is kinda crappy to me. I think berry farming should be nerfed. Honestly, I think it’s stupid that catching pokemon / battling isn’t the most profitable. Berry farming is lame. Like imagine when dungeons come out, if they don’t do better than 7.6k per minute, why do them? I’m gonna be sad when berry farming kills the viability of dungeons.
  7. @GGXK post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  8. They don’t disclose that information. This is the best you’ll get (nothing specific):
  9. So, as a previous club moderator, this is my take on it: The club system suffers because it isn't as visible as the old round table. Round table used to have juicy drama that got people going to them every day, but clubs doesn't cause it's just a pain to get to, and not all of them are open clubs. As far as I'm aware, the usual channels of communication have simply shifted to discord, which is honestly just a better solution for teams than clubs. Which means that clubs' main role would be to simply flaunt accolades and collections to the public, but they struggle to fulfill this role because it takes several extra clicks and scrolling to get where you want to be, when compared to round table. Overall, teams just needs more support in-game to actually give a sense of a cohort. I swear Mystery Dungeon-style teams would be lit. @Akshit to be fair, I was fairly strict about rule 9, Asgard Warriors got pretty mad at me :) but I guess Jerry isn't as strict as I was.
  10. I love necro'd threads
  11. If I had a dollar every time someone claimed this game was dead...
  12. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-926058863
  13. Blaming his loss on percentage luck, lmao. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-924594361
  14. I don’t know what’s more unrealistic. Getting Sinnoh by end of summer, or you finding a shiny by end of summer.
  15. please appeal it, if you are actually innocent. Otherwise the Upper staff may never become aware of it. Then if it's a recurring issue, the staff member in question can be informed of how they are being too strict, etc. It's also completely possible that you were muted for something other than what you were currently discussing in chat; delayed mutes are sometimes a thing due to various reasons.
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