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      I know... I was feeling a little hip. I should have pretended I was incompetent for a bit longer

  2. your profile picture is throwing me off so hard.
  3. I know I'm taking my time, but I cannot wait to see what the community creates in my next version of the app. btw, I really like this Riolu theme. Shiny Riolu is one of my favorites!
  4. All these names being thrown around… Who are these people? Never heard of them.
  5. Incredible announcement banner design. Particularly the font, excellent choice.
  6. most people would have uninstalled the game after the 4th miss lmao
  7. What do you like? Are there some examples of others you can provide for reference?
  8. honestly sounds like a bug. @Munya the lord of bugs, can you confirm if this is intended behavior for burmy/wormadam pokedex entries?
  9. I dunno what Razi is on about. Theoretically this seems possible, to provide the PokeMMO client via web app and have iOS users provide the ROMs to said web app. Though, I’m no expert on this, would this be uploading your ROM to their servers for you to play (ie the servers ingest the ROMs and then spit back out the copyrighted materials)? Or would the ROM’s assets be contained to the local machine (the phone)? If the former, then I imagine there are legal issues with that. If the latter then it should be possible.
  10. My guess is that given the legal topic of the issue, they don't want you translating & speaking for them and potentially risk some sort of translation misunderstanding. Regardless, the moderator team has full power to remove / modify posts at their discretion, whether or not there is an explicit rule being broken.
  11. Taking the total number of hours I’ve played and dividing by the number of days that have elapsed since I made my first account, I play on average just about 1 hour per day.
  12. no, battle chat is not used in my program. I won't go into details, but everything my program does is visually reading pixels on the screen (it's able to determine when a wild battle starts, and what you encounter).
  13. No. My program works primarily with python dictionaries, so each pokemon is a key for the dictionary and each one has an associated count. But, the counts are divided into groups (based on profiles and hunts), furthermore, each encounter is logged such that you can query at what time an encounter happened. So there isn't a single variable that I increment, it's a far more complicated dictionary structure.
  14. what do you mean? Kyu is sitting on a beach drinking a pina colada. You think they actually do any work? It's just an emulator where they slapped on some multiplayer code and then released to the masses. Honestly, the whole project is just a cut and paste from various Stackoverflow answers. The only thing they actually work on, and by they I really mean Darkshade, is just some 10x10 pixel cosmetics every few months; not like they are painting the mona lisa constantly. Such lazy devs. Imagine if we actually had individuals who wanted to make a good game, and not just write 1 line of code and then reward themselves with watching 24 episodes of some shit anime show before writing another line of code. I've probably written more code in my Encounter Counter app in the last year than the devs have ever written for the entire PokeMMO game. /s
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