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  1. There should be a distinction made between Colorable Desu Labcoats, and Normal Desu Labcoats. There are like <10 active colorable desu labcoats; imo the rarest vanity that you have a possibility of being able to trade for.
  2. If only PokeMMO actually had a good pixel artist, smh :^)
  3. It’s not even an annoyance really. It happens maybe once every two months (probably even rarer than that) where a newbie will go waaaay back and post on some really old threads to get their post count up in order to post in the suggestion box. Don’t really think there needs to be a rule about it. If multiple people were consistently spamming old threads, then yeah maybe there might need to be a rule for it, but at that point it may just fall under “spam” anyways. edit: Now wait an entire year and then necro this suggestion >:)
  4. The support mods can assist you with this. Make a post here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  5. Luexrey, be aware that in order to play emerald you also need the other ROMs. (I think it’s just firered and black/white that you need but you may also need Sinnoh now).
  6. Currently the best workaround that I've done for this is converting all the mod's music files to MP3 (if they aren't already) and then use a program like MP3Gain to normalize all the tracks and then adjust the volume level to match the in-game music through trial and error. I support the suggestion to eliminate the need to go through the trial and error of adjusting the volume levels.
  7. Glad to see your fashion career is taking off, Gluegun! c:

    images (16).jpeg

    1. Gilan


      That particular line was inspired by the Desu Labcoat ;3

  8. Imagine having so much faith in a couple of weebs.
  9. Gilan

    Rich List

    haha Desu Labcoat go brrrrrrrrr But seriously, colorable labcoat owners would be (or should be >.> ) at the top of this list, and some of them don't want their identities revealed. Or if the suggestion is just purely based on yen, well then what's the point? Most wealth is hidden away in limited vanities.
  10. In my experience, the P2W that is bad is the kind that literally locks advantageous content behind $$$ (or just makes it extremely difficult to get via F2P methods). PokeMMO isn’t like that at all. Honestly, this system has been around for quite a while now and there really isn’t a problem with it. And, your argument that it’s more efficient to work irl at a job and then pay for yen, vs f2p grind for it in-game, is a bit flawed. Some people like the grind, some people like constantly rolling the dice for an amazing ditto. So while you may be f2p grinding for something, you are still playing the game; it isn’t a job.
  11. Gilan

    UU Reward

    New rate definitely feels better than the old one.
  12. If anything, I’m honored. You made my entire week with this piece, thank you! I also hope you don’t mind me using that last panel as my profile pic? Hope to see you in game again soon!
  13. This is absolute gold
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