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  1. Please create an account here: https://pokemmo.eu/account/ Forum accounts are not the same as game accounts. Please PM me if you continue to have issues getting started with the game. -Gilan
  2. Hello all, First, I would like to thank everyone’s patience in waiting for the results for the writing contest to be revealed. We had a lot of entries, and the judges had a diverse field of contenders for the prize; it took some time to narrow it down to our winner and the runner up. The top criteria that we judged on were adherence to the theme, the piece’s ability to elicit a sense of dread, horror, fear, etc., and being set within the PokeMMO world. Without further ado, please congratulate @Renola as our Spooky Tales Writing Contest Winner! The judges really enjoyed the flow of this story and the pace at which it was told. It’s use of horror descriptives to set the scene worked well and the references to in-game mechanics and lore were well received. Furthermore, the judges thought that the setting of the work was appropriate and added to the overall story; something like the Sinnoh release would normally be met with excitement and anticipation, but this story flipped that on its head and made it something to dread and fear. All in all, it was a well-structured, enjoyable read. For our Runner-up, @Rhyse delivered a great piece that left the judges wanting more. The judges thought it was engaging and had an appreciated thriller touch that made you read line after line until the piece was over before you knew it. The judges really liked the environment building of the piece and really thought that they could see the story unfold in their mind’s eye. The main theme among the judges that held this piece back was the word limitation of the entry; they felt that the ending was a little awkward and abrupt. Nonetheless, this was a very enjoyable read! I have included both of these pieces below for people to enjoy. You can find the original contest thread with all the entries here. Renola: Rhyse: Thank you to everyone who participated, and I hope you will all join in when the next writing contest is release! @Renola please contact me via PM with your selection for IV's/Moves for your prize. -Gilan
  3. Hi Roeland, Unfortunately, if your case cannot be solved by the Email Change function located here: https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/ it can take a significant amount of time in order to properly verify that the original owner of the account is the same as the person who is requesting the email change. I am sorry that it takes so long, but in order to ensure account security it currently must be like this. I hope you understand. You will receive a response on your support request thread when we have an update. If you would like to discuss any further, please send me a pm. -Gilan
  4. keep comments civil please
  5. Give me something good to eat.
  6. The time to submit your entry is expiring soon. Less than 36hours left!
  7. This is correct. You can post in any language, but please provide an accompanying English translation with it (can typically just use Google Translate). We aren't English professors who are going to scrutinize your grammar or spelling.
  8. Moved to competitive assistance. It would probably be best to narrow down what you are asking for. What tiers do you like to play (OU/UU/NU/Doubles/etc.)? What strategies do you typically enjoy (aggressive/defensive/gimicky/balanced/etc.)? Stuff like that.
  9. Friendly reminder that there are only 5 more days to submit your entry.
  10. something that might be nice for testing purposes, as well as just general use, would be the ability to call a specific soundtrack no matter where you are. maybe a new command like /set_bgm <sound_id> The command would cause that sound track to play in the given area for the duration of the client session (or perhaps keep it that way between client sessions?) Would probably also need a /reset_bgm command, too. To reset all overwritten bgm's.
  11. I hope you enjoy your time here at pokemmo! Would love to see some of your art sometime, too.
  12. use the chat command /bgm (tells you the current background music's id) 483 is working as intended in the mod. I'm pretty sure that the client itself is calling 999 for aqua/magma battle victories (just trying to get confirmation); pretty sure it's a bug. Because, even if I didn't map a song to it, it would be playing the default gba song.
  13. Do you know the Sound ID for that (I don't have a character that still needs to do the Hoenn storyline, so I'd have to make a new one)? Usually silence is 999, which if it's playing that, then I think it's a bug with the client and not with the sound mod. But I can put a sound track for 999 to compensate.
  14. The pikachu needs to hold a lightball. So essentially you need to make a 6x31 natured and have it hold an everstone, and a 6x31 unnatured and have it hold a lightball. That’s my understanding if you want a perfect pikachu with volt tackle.
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