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  1. Added Kanto Wild Battle Victory theme. Removed beginning silence from Hoenn wild battle theme.
  2. Hey Android users, Please try this one (it is a copy of the one posted in the OP, but converted into a zip correctly for android, assuming I did it right). https://www.dropbox.com/s/nha49bwmo770j10/RealCries.zip?dl=0 Essentially I converted all the Wav files into mp3 and then stored in a zip using a compression format for android. If this doesn't work then I'm at a loss. Enjoy. -Gilan apparently this doesn't work. :(
  3. Theme: Halloween Horror. Your post should be about a terrifying tale that befell you, your pokemon, or some other PokeMMO entity. A few guidelines: It needs to be a horror story. You're not necessarily expected to write the full story. Depends on how you visualize it. You could write the first chapter of a hypothetical book, you could write a movie synopsis. You can spoil the ending, or not. But make it thrilling! It takes place in the universe of PokeMMO. Meaning you can reference game mechanics, involve teams and friends, etc. You can speak as if you were the trainer in the game or in front of your pc, it doesn't really matter. But it's PokeMMO. Try to make something that stands out. We're not sure what to expect from your entries, but if it's good and it really stands out, you have a fair chance of getting places! Rules: Word count: No less than 250, no more than 1500. All submissions must include IGN, title, word count. Only one entry per Forum Account. You are free to update/edit your post until the contests ends. Entries must all be submitted before the deadline. Be sure to put your entry in spoilers, so as not to stretch the page. Make sure you're not breaking any of the basic PokeMMO rules: Here. You're welcome to include art to illustrate your story, however it will not be judged. Submissions must be posted during the timeframe of the event, not before or after. No plagiarism. Please write original content. Submission Dates: Entries will be accepted until October 31st, 11.59pm EST Prize: Winner's Prize Gift Shiny With your choice of nature, 2 moves with IVs 2x31 & 4x25 & 1,250 Reward Points  Runner Up Prize 750 Reward Points Judges: Gilan SneakyTeddi Jerryzoo Linfanz MPDH CommanderBlue
  4. no worries, it’s a more common problem than you probably think. Enjoy the game! -Gilan
  5. You can move the hotkey bar by opening your bag and then clicking inbetween the boxes of the hotkey bar and dragging to the desired location.
  6. If I’m not an old school player, does that make me a new school one?
  7. *jumps in for the save again*
  8. I'm happy to take suggestions, as I only have so much time in my day to search for remixes and listen to them. I'm only married to a few of the song choices, but some I do want to replace with something better.
  9. Updated for Hoenn and Android support (I think).
  10. I helped Eggplant when he first made his guide; I’ve been here the whole time ;)
  11. It goes into the /2/ folder with the other Unova music.
  12. Trying my hand at making a music mod. Currently just have the title screen, Kanto and Hoenn done. I am open to feedback and suggestions on song choices, but the overall theme is pokemon remixes/orchestrated/HD (preference in that order) that match the location in-game if possible (so no epic Trainer Red music for the champion fight, it should be the Kanto Champion Music). Download Link (Dropbox) it's about 500mb at the moment (so half a gigabyte). This one should work for android, let me know if it doesn't. Credits: Kanto Hoenn
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