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  1. You can travel between regions so you can go to hoenn, catch one (requires beating the hoenn e4), and then go back to sinnoh. Or, buy one off the gtl.
  2. always used “kill” Nurse Joy is a worker of miracles.
  3. no it is not possible. Staff will pretty much never give you information about another player’s punishment.
  4. Contact the staff member(s) who oversee clubs. iirc, I’m pretty sure the rules were made such that player ‘mods’ of clubs could hide posts but could not see or unhide posts that had been hidden. The main purpose was to prevent non-staff members from seeing content that is against the rules. Looks like Sethsen and Mikyii are the current club mods.
  5. Pretty sure it has more to deal with potential money laundering and the potential legal consequences should it take place. Though, I’m no expert on the law so don’t really know, but since very few MMO’s (really none that I am familiar with) allow RMT, I kinda think it’s probably legal reasons.
  6. You know you are getting old when the young’uns assume the fairy typing for Mawile, but you are used to Mawile just being steel type.
  7. Success: becoming staff Failure: See above.
  8. Technically Donphan from Xela’s great pokemon treasure hunt way back when. May it RIP (gave it away, along with my original labcoat, when I “quit” for the first time). First wild catch was Sandslash while EV training in Kanto victory road. Currently it’s with Djinn.
  9. There are plenty of sprite mods in this subforum, there might be one there that is more aesthetically pleasing for yourself than the default sprites: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/33-client-customization/ I don’t think the trainer sprites can be changed though.
  10. Woah now, I saved copies of my physical Game Cartridge ROMs as backups like a good little boy. I honestly think that if Nintendo really wanted to fight the fight, they could go after PokeMMO and put enough legal pressure on them that the game would grind to a halt. Like, the Devs may win in the end, but there’s enough here that it could probably get dragged to court. It’s just that the lawyer costs for Nintendo aren’t worth it. Other games have been shut down because it’s a more EZ Clap legal case that Nintendo could win without hesitation.
  11. the average of 31 and 31 is 31. So the parents need to have overlapping 31s to achieve a 5x31. It’s possible with 2 3x31 parents with 1 overlapping stat (x represents non-31 IV and stats are HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Spe) 31/31/31/x/x/x x/x/31/31/31/x so Def overlaps in this case. brace HP and SpDef. And the possible outcomes are: 31/31/31/31/31/x (best luck, ie atk and spatk get chosen for highest IV to pass) 31/x/31/31/31/x (medium luck, spatk and spe get chosen for highest IV to pass) 31/31/31/x/31/x (medium luck, atk and spe get chosen for
  12. If there’s not a section, the amount of PM’s to staff would be insane. The brick wall response gives finality to the issue, the final nail in the coffin. Personally, having been somebody who was perma banned and appealed the ban to no avail, to becoming someone who dishes out bans (I’ve literally been on both sides), I have no mercy for those who get banned and get their appeals rejected. I trust the system in place and know it works as it should.
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