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  1. Welcome back, have you tried asking "support"?
  2. Welcome to the forums ~
  3. Welcome to PokeMMO   Found myself staring at the sig for a while.. Yup, still doing it
  4. Vatsug

    hey guys

    Welcome to PokeMMO
  5. Hey hey, welcome to the forum. I see you left out "The Walking Dead" o.O Dooooood, no no. It's the best
  6. This game is the best. Play it and get "happily addicted"! Seriously, if you give it some time and really learn about all the mechanics and how much possibilities there really are here, you'll love it more than any high-graphic game that's released these days ;)   Content > Graphics   PS: If you're really into PvP and competitions in games, this game is very competitive and there are tournaments all the time. Find a nice team and experience the thrill of winning. Just take a look around the forum for all the competitive activity.   Welcome to PokeMMO (nice name btw; an
  7. Vatsug


    Hello, welcome to PokeMMO
  8. It happens. A teammate was gonna add a new move to my Umbreon and accidentally replaced Wish   So yeah, I would love it too. I see no reason not to, as I doubt it's any hard to code.
  9. Hello there, welcome to PokeMMO and the forums.
  10. Heya, welcome to PokeMMO and the forums
  11. Vatsug

    TaCo CaT

    Thank you, thank you :) To be supreme I need to reach a level of John Cleese, Roger Waters and all those great people.
  12. Vatsug

    TaCo CaT

    Welcome - Never heard of that taco before, looks tasty.
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