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  1. 80 million pure yen
  2. PSL matchup, tell me when you can do it, my most ideal days would be Friday/Saturday, but I'm sure we can make a time if you want to do it earlier than that.

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    2. Spaintakula


      Already on Showdown, hope we can finish it soon, what's your name there?

    3. Frexa
    4. Spaintakula
  3. you're a uguu

  4. trading politoed :o
  5. 4.3 for nido, DO YOU EVEN TRADE M8
  6. Im ready whenever you want buddy

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    2. Frexa


      Yeh i guess i can play friday night !

    3. Frexa


      Bro its 11:13 pm here, and i have to wake up early tomorrow, so i will go to sleep, hope we can get this done. It was a shame that you couldnt came online before

    4. YagamiNoir


      My apologies. I will be alert due Sunday.

  7. Yo we gotta battle for the psl, say a time

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    2. Frexa


      man im here, its been more than 10pm :/

    3. AQA


      sorry i wasnt home so saturday 10 pm gmt ?

      or 8 pm ?

    4. Frexa


      i'll try to be here

  8. Hi. Week 4 DPP OU, your flexible timings please?

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    2. Magnet


      i dont have school tomorrow so i can stay up for about 4 hours from this post, do you think you will be available anytime? (asked this in case youre at work now)

    3. Frexa


      i got time where i meet you

    4. Magnet


      old gens room :)