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  1. I am back! \omo/.....(kind of)

  2. watch out guys 'cus I am going all out on hassan's art contest \(omo)/

  3. where should I spend my coins...

  4. Does anyone know how to change a movie/mp4/video to GIF? help asap

  5. Need help,How to change multiple signatures automatically?

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    2. CyrusZathen


      Ok i'ill help you.

    3. buritoboi


      hmm,let me check....Paste a forum url on tinypic or other image hosting websites to the said interface which you logged in earlier then after a said amount of sigs are compiled...copy the url above the boxes and viola,did i get it right?

    4. CyrusZathen


      The url tinypic doesn't have to be -,- any url image or gif and sig work.

  6. temporarily postponing poster stuffs 'cus cat-astrophe event ;-;

  7. Can you create me my poster O.O?

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    2. CyrusZathen


      Ooh *v* take your time I want to see some kitties :3

    3. CyrusZathen


      Ok it took forever XD but great job on the balloon.

    4. buritoboi


      thanks,I will now get right to your poster :]

  8. Poster being created - Swagmaster420blazeit

  9. okay,it is done :] [spoiler][/spoiler] I created a delcatty version of this but it seems like this looks better so..yeah
  10. Poster being created - NoadHunter :]

  11. Journey :],you can download it here http://www.dafont.com/journey.font
  12. Finished :] [spoiler][/spoiler] sorry it took a while,the hair is very hard to create ;-;
  13. thanks,I don't have a thread now but I will make one someday :]   thanks :]   yours are rad too :],nice to meet you C:
  14. Whats your ign mine cyruss :>

    1. buritoboi


      Madnokof,sorry for a late reply ;-;

    2. CyrusZathen


      Is OK at least you replied :3

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