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  1. not to be off topic a bit, but what about black city? @Darkshade
  2. honestly it's not a big deal. if you're lazy and keep your pokes around 50 ish, and cap some pokes it shouldn't be a real problem. otherwise it would be too easy.
  3. maybe it's the custom region darkshade has hidden all this time. Yeah i didn't forget
  4. nice dude, i've been wanting to find one by luck for a while. Guess it's time to post one, as well.
  5. Do you not know how more annoying team tags will be if it was only 6 hour cooldown?  In your case, you might as well quit your team and make a new one. You can't compare releasing a poke to changing a tag on a team. Making it a six hour cooldown would ruin the point in having tags.   Either way you're going to lose members. You're in a team, and people leave teams. It's a part of mmo guild life, so changing tags isn't going to make anything better. Changing tags isn't going to solve that issue.
  6. 6 hour cooldown is kind of stupid tbh.  Why would you need to change your tag every 6 hours. That's totally unnecessary. Cooldown should be months. 
  7. You guys don't understand. Just because you can change your tag(assuming it might be implimented) doesn't mean it should cost the same amount as creating a team. If this was to happen there would have to be a long ass cooldown, and a higher price so people wont be changing tags constantly. Makes sense if the price was huge.
  8. since it's changing a tag, make it a huge money sink. hue
  9. I don't even want to go in detail of how long implimenting beauty contests might be. I hope they do update in bits though, so people can complain less at least.
  10. This would bring more variety. Instead of using just ou's for payout, it'll be more interesting too. 
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