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  1. Ok, so I just cannot believe that ~70% of Nuggets on GTL are being inexplicably sold at a loss for < $5k. There has to be an error somewhere. And for frequent GTL users it's obvious many of these Yellow item prices are well within the normal, mass, daily sales. At first buyers will be confused, but eventually they will ignore the colour because they'll never see those items for less.
  2. I apologize in advance for being skeptical, but.... I don't think this can be true, EXCEPT I notice maybe your wording is careful? I think we all assumed this was referring to GTL prices, but when you say "actually trades for" are you including sales to and from NPC shop? If that is the case then I believe your algorithm. But then the GTL colours are misleading because they are including transactions off GTL, which may not be comparable for NPC effort and availability. Ex. most nuggets are just sold to NPC for $5k, but that's a one way transaction. Nugget prices on GTL over $5k are Yellow, but that is actually the very normal price if you want to buy from a player and in fact the only way to get it. (Rarely someone would mistakenly put a nugget on GTL for $5k or less, that cannot be the GTL average). A nugget for under $6k on GTL is actually a very good price, if for some reason you want one. Having that priced Yellow is completely misleading. A nugget on GTL for $5100 would be selling at a loss, yet that price is still Yellow. There are many other items I can see that have almost identical issues one way or another. So either your algorithm includes NPC sales, or it's not using real completed GTL prices (maybe there is a bug?). The only other possibility is that you tell us that a supermajority of Nuggets (and MANY other items) are constantly being sold on GTL at a significant loss. Which I think would be inexplicable, that would be an insane number of newbs who have nuggets/etc to sell for cash AND don't sell them to NPC's that they already know about AND manage to figure out GTL enough to post them for sale AND price them less than their labelled value AND for less than any other nuggets visible on GTL.
  3. That happened to me with hotkey bindings, I had to go in settings and configure the controls again.
  4. I think most people are confused by the colours at first, it seems like it should be something important. But eventually everyone will learn to ignore the colours, because they do not make sense. It honestly seems like the devs just manually went thru every single item and set a price they prefer, and it doesn't match up to any other real numbers. It's definitely not averages, it's not current prices, it's not NPC prices, it's not what people are happy to pay, so that's all I can assume. Some items can be the standard price that everyone buys all day (and has never been less), and 100% all prices are Yellow. Some items are half the price the NPC shop sells for, and it's Red. They're all over the place. If it was something like rolling historical averages, I think that would not be a terrible idea (although maybe +/- % would be much more useful than colours). But this is definitely just trying to manipulate and set prices, I guess they want to manage the economy a certain way.
  5. Just fyi for anyone else out there. On Windows 7 x64, after the update my Hotkeys were completely cleared, I had to manually re-add them as F1-F9 in Settings. I didn't even know you could change them before this haha, Support helped me.
  6. I know BP are a pvp reward, but I've seen people talking about MP / Match Points / Matchmaking Points and I have not noticed those in-game? Searching forum I didn't find a definition.
  7. Lol I just lost 120k on Android again from this issue. Perhaps it isn't intentionally sadistic, I haven't seen the Android client on other devices so maybe the devs don't know how the interface looks on some? I do want to say that they've done an amazing job on all the cross-platform clients and it all works beautifully, as a programmer myself I am extremely impressed. So on my 2000x1000px android phone, not only is the GTL Sell dialog tiny, but the box to input price is actually smaller than the Sell button, and it about half a centimeter above it. In between is the Fee box, which is also smaller than the Sell button. Maybe on different Android devices this layout comes out differently? I know it can be difficult to design interfaces that look right in every display system. But on my device it's ridiculously hazardous, very easy to accidentally brush Sell while trying to set the price. Why does it even have a $100 default? Leave the price blank, so it can't be sold until the user sets a price (will prevent most mistakes and snipe griefing, not all). And please add confirmation dialog, that would prevent close to 100% of mistakes and snipe griefing (and further complaints). I'm not expecting interface to be fixed for every possible device, I really appreciate all of the hard dev work so far. See screenshot, it only just occurred to me that maybe this wasn't intentional.... (the tiny layout; now the lack of confirmation I still question... ) Keep in mind this is a touchscreen, my thumbprint is bigger than the price/fee/sell button all together.
  8. Earlier today in a duel some guy had a Quick Claw that activated 5 out of 6 times in a row. I freaked out and asked how he did that, he claimed that he "forged" or "crafted" it somewhere in game, and it produces a magic Quick Claw (and other items?) that has greatly increased chance of activating. He said something about it starts at 70% chance, then 50%, then 30%, etc. (I'm not sure English was his first language.) At first I thought he really knew something I didn't, and was being truthful, so I didn't save the logs unfortunately. I've been searching and asking on global channels, and no one else has heard of this forge/craft. One person did say they recently had a duel with an opponent's magic Quick Claw that worked almost every time. Is he just messing with me? Was it just a freak occurrence of the Quick Claw going off that much? I know statistically it's possible, I guess it would happen once every couple thousand rounds with a quick claw.
  9. Just joking. If it's such a popular suggestion, and an obvious issue hurting players, you'd think a simple solution of confirmation dialog would have been added. I am honestly a bit surprised if it's already been suggested that much.
  10. So what you're saying is, the Devs are sadistic? I thought it was interesting that they permaban people for "GTL scamming" (sorry to bring that up) for taking advantage of too-quick buyers' remorse, but they have it set up for sellers to get scammed by interface mistakes/no confirmation and snipers are allowed to smash. Perhaps the Devs should be banned for setting that up? I mean I feel like they are scamming me when it happens. Ha-ha just kidding. But srsly add confirmation dialogs to everything else or ban yourselves. :) Why only rescue the buyers who DO get a confirmation? :( And they limit markup price to 10% but you are free to hit the wrong pixel and lose an item at 99% markdown? :(
  11. Oh, it was in the day care of that region. I brought it over specifically to put in the daycare, so it could get cheap L70+ XP since I was playing through. Or did you mean 20% of the experience that Pokemon would gain if battling out of the day care in that region? Because 20% of the experience I gained while in that region (with my party pokemon) was a LOT. So either it gains 0 at level cap no matter what, or when I beat E4 and pull it from the daycare it will gain a ton of levels for $1k.
  12. Bump lol. They should make Secret Bases do SOMETHING. I don't really find the arguments against convincing. Also you could make it so each team or player account only gets 1 secret base per region, and it cannot be changed often, something like that so people can't just spam secret bases they can use everywhere. Also the map should add an option to Fly to your secret base. It's always bothered me that Pokemon games had this Secret Base thing but it's totally pointless except for cosmetics, with no reason to ever go to it, and yet they implemented mechanics for it and all the locations on the maps. Wasted!
  13. Does Daycare XP stop completely at your obedience level cap and you gain nothing? Or does it still get the XP but just freezes the level like the Pokemon in your party? I noticed that a high-level pokemon (70+) from my prior region is still only $1000 (minimum, 0-1 level gain) to retrieve, while I was still levelling my party a lot. So either it's gaining 0 xp, or there's a loophole for daycare cost. I COULD figure this out myself but it would take some convoluted testing...
  14. I just realized recently how bad this oversight is. It is a HUGE problem imo. I've actually been burned 3x now for around 100k each time for lack of confirmations. You can laugh at user error, but interface design should prevent glaring problems. The biggest issue is touch screen devices, it's WAY too easy to accidentally hit sell when trying to change the DEFAULT $100 price! And when you make that mistake, as I found out, it gets bought literally instantly, you have no time to even cancel your listing. Tbh it's almost designed to cause this pain to people. :( And the default sell price should probably have no value (certainly not $100!) or it just shouldn't light up the sell button until the user has modified the price. This is extremely easily fixed by any of these methods. And somewhat as bad, as the NPC shop not having Buy Confirmation. This has also burned me. Touch screen might not register your item selection, so you hit buy without double checking and end up with some useless $30k TM that you have try and dump for $2k. I pray to the devs to resolve this! <bows> (also praying this lack of confirmation wasn't set up as an intentional money sink...)
  15. I have the same experience, at first I got 4+4 two days in a row, and now it's been several days and many tide changes and no reset. Is there a maximum limit per character or something? I suspect this is the case, because Shell Bell sells for $25k, which seems very high if every character could make a free shell bell every day. $25k is more on par for an item you get once or twice per storyline run.
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