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  1. I dont think i can do signatures anymore i lost all the things i need to make them so sorry guys SOMEONE PLEASE TRASH THIS
  2. Hey Ultimate, I would like to apologize for not responding to your hello, I was filming a special, so I couldn't respond to your PM in game.

  3. OMFG i havent been on in such a long time and ive forgot about my customers D;
  4. I want a Umbreon one make it Awesome like the other quagsire one and make it say U.Kid Thanks :D P.S again your signatures are still the best
  5. Is it easy to say that im poor

    1. Goldeneyes


      Pretty much, yeah

    2. CyrusZathen


      I'm not poor because i payday and got bunch of shards every single day if i can.

    3. Goldeneyes


      Cool story, bro.

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