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  1. Doc so bad ayylmao
  2. did anyone post? Redav won 2-1
  3. lets be fair, it was probably Nik who actually made the decision amirite k9
  4. JJ is bad
  5. blasphemy
  6. I mean its not like zebra said the forums was the main way people should contact each other right?
  7. you're worse than gunt at hosting
  8. just call me elgbweadio
  9. make sure u pm his manager, mail him and his manager in game and send him an owl to make sure you arent inactive
  10. please you cant match Nik
  11. ez win ez life
  12. Maekaaay got lucky, smh
  13. did he even outplay him though, or is jice just bad?????
  14. u disappoint me