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  1. Can you at least spell his name wrong
  2. your talking about buffing (90 - 120bp) a move (outrage) and then banning it from pvp. spanktakula is talking about buffing (30% - 100% accuracy) a move (sheer cold) and then banning it from pvp. can you see the correlation :*
  3. Surely a tc member can understand that listening to the community isnt how things work around here
  4. Have you put any thought into perhaps banning some pokemon like conk/hydre considering the advantage it would give people drafting 1st/2nd. Even assuming you snake idk if it makes up for it
  5. But regenerator isnt broken, how can you ban it?
  6. But this isnt OU, we dont need to nerf LC mons? They can still be used in other tiers. @missy @scraggy @sneasel @scyther @whatever else
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