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  1. TV Series Hub

    wally west's haircut bothers me, its like mike in suits all over again
  2. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    because i cant toxic stall it
  3. Town of Salem Thread

    playing classic cause i hate myself lmao fun story There is 4 people left, i was exec and had already lynched my target, a confirmed jester, and 2 randoms, one claimed sheriff and one claimed mayor. ask the mayor to reveal but they say "they dont know how" and im like classic evil play. we dont end up lynching anyone. next day mfw the mayor died, mfw he was actually mayor mfw he actually didnt know how to reveal. very lol
  4. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    MVP: Russell Westbrook ROTY: Russell Westbrook DPOTY: Russell Westbrook MIP: Russell Westbrook COTY: Russell Westbrook Sixth Man: Russell Westbrook
  5. TV Series Hub

    I gave up on Arrow back in like season 4 i think was just too shit. For the lols i went to watch the arrow premiere and had no clue wtf was going on and remembered why i stopped watching it
  6. why yall even arguing I thought I already won this event
  7. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    maybe a female wolverine type character

    yall over thinking it, shit gonna be lit. also daily reminder this 54 second video is better than the entirety of the phantom menace
  9. TV Series Hub

    dw Nik ill chuck in some spoilers

  11. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    will offer my soul for westbrook
  12. NBA 17-18 Season/Fantasy Basketball

    dw everyone my lowballs are coming
  13. What annoys me the most is that the beginning of every word is capitalized except event
  14. Sport thread

    Um this is a sports thread please stay on topic

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