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  1. did u try typing out your appeal in caps?
  2. there is a new alex rider tv series, all 8 episodes are out. kind of based off the books, although this first season is based on the 2nd book point blanc so i imagine it strays in some parts. was pretty good, i cant really remember the books so idk how annoying it will be if your a fan
  3. Your generic things like less pokemon over 40%, more pokemon above 15%. Then a decrease in usage of specific pokemon which have little use other than stopping mienfoo trubbish/grimer/tentacool
  4. Idk man 70% usage could be a start?
  5. You dont have to speculate if you do a test ban though
  6. The whole point of a test ban is to see if its healthier or not. That way we dont have to sit here and say i THINK it will be better or worse, without seeing the actual result. Your drawing conclusions without even looking at the data.
  7. Arguing with yourself, gb has reached his final form
  8. @Munya nice alt we should just be able to catch legendary pokemon like in the normal games
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