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  1. but manager sign ups when??
  2. Mfw parke is good at something
  3. not sure if steel and ground mons taking sandstorm damage or you winning is more surprising
  4. A smaller number of people on each team would likely mean more people at mid season, so if people are playing like trash they could easily be replaced, hopefully providing some motivation to try. Slightly more dramatic but you could give prize money depending on win rate. People who don't have a positive win rate would receive that fraction of the prize while people who go positive split the remaining amount. For example if there is a 40mil prize to split among 10 players it would mean 4mil each. But if 1 player went 3:4 they would only receive 75% (3/4) of that 4mil, 3mil. The remaining 37m would be split evenly among the other 9 players who all went positive. Edit: I took out the part about doing the opposite after thinking i realize the opposite doesn't work, if someone went 10-0 they would get the pot.
  5. wish i could of got lkrenz instead of pbc
  6. yea my b just took em out of the google doc
  7. Mix of draft and auction is nice, adds another element to managing. I don't think the skill gap is that big, just depends on who u pick, players like enchantuer and miguelez werent even drafted and still did as good or better than the 'top' 16. Pipe defo overpaid for the #1 pick, i dont believe it would go for that much again
  8. Idk if we can trust zebra, we haven't forgotten the shiny duskull
  9. Just finished watching a show called 11.22.63. Has james franco, is about time travel and the jfk assassination. worth a watch if u have nothing else is just 8 episodes which are like an hour-ish long
  10. what i will miss most is the free money you give away with betting
  11. opened 10 packs just now, got 3 ultra rares. stop me

    1. SirVector


      Teach me

  12. I havent watched todays episode but im pretty hyped
  13. True all that winning we do