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  1. Wow look it is done. Congratz to the Kecleons for winning first place and $167.4m, also this little sig woooooooooooooooooooo As the Kecleons managed 38 wins this season, each player will receive roughly 4.41m per win. All assuming I counted right. Drako's in second receive $54m and the knowledge that they choked. Drako's managed 44 wins in the season, meaning each player will receive roughly 1.23m per win. Owls in third receive $27m shout outs to Mkns for managing them. Owls managed 38 wins in the season, meaning each player will receive roughly 711k per win. Monkeys in fourth receive $13.5m, shout outs to enchanteur for being a big old uguu. Monkeys managed 43 wins in the season, meaning each player will receive roughly $314k per win. Krooks in fifth place receive $8.1m and a thumbs up. With a big 29 win season, each player will get roughly $279k per win. Gardevoirs in sixth place get nothing except the moral victory of that 1 point. Spared No Expense in 7th get nothing, blame MaatthlewMLG he diffidently cost you the tournament. Bouffants in 7th get nothing, thanks for making up the numbers. PSL Awards when I get round to telling maatt who won and then he makes the sigs.
  2. Which one of the three teams is that?
  3. Also garde vs krooks tie breaker Ou julian vs goon Nu sebat vs butler Doubles lkrenz vs sparkie Same deadline ill add to op in a bit
  4. Considering teams were already doing everything they could just to make playoffs as well as a players prize money depending on wins this change literally makes no difference. The only teams it would of potentially fucked over were monkeys and drakos. I do get the surprise aspect is rough and thats my bad but the reality is it changes nothing.
  5. Tiebreaker for monkeys vs owls Doubles: Rendi vs Zigh OU: Enchanteur vs Kiwikidd SMOU: Lifestyle vs Mkns Deadline is the same as the other
  6. And i would of gotten away with it to...
  7. Drakos vs Kecleons Tiebreaker: Doubles: Lluvvia vs DoctorJJ OU: Zhiko vs SweetForU LC: Nowall vs Pachima deadline will be monday the 12th, is updated in the op, other tiebreakers will be posted when lineups are sent
  8. This is why we cant have nice things
  9. If u could not all tie that would great
  10. Drako's are subbing Titooo for Luke. @NikhilR
  11. Gardevoirs are subbing in Hopy for Yettodie. @NagaHex Krooks are subbing in Goldeneyes for NotArchon. @xXBlu3BreathXx
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