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  3. can someone link usage of the months without foo and the last few months with foo? that would be very cash money
  4. glossing over how stupid of an idea this is. experienced players are inherently bias towards the old system, they already have multiple teams, they are relatively better off under the old system as they gain an advantage over players without multiple teams.
  5. No one is saying they should be able to win off the bat. The point is with the old system regardless of pokemon/ivs/evs/items a newer player is at a disadvantage before the match (in later rounds) even begins.
  6. Seems unlikely the system would be changed back. The direction of the game in general is aimed to help newer players in pvp, see not banning things. The new tour system again is there to help newer players who dont have the resources to build 43 different teams. This doesnt give any competitve advantage to either new players or experienced players, while the old system is indirectly advantageous to experienced players.
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