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  1. Yea man we can fight. Toast is poor so he wont turn down the slim chance at money
  2. Just let me look cool for 5 minutes pls
  3. U know we voted at the end of the regular season right
  4. Surely the picture alone is enough for me to win, if not read the spoiler
  5. no missandei, shit episode
  6. i know nothing about football, but i cant wait for my players to get lots for tries ign Elcoolio Team Name: SCLSU Mud Dogs
  7. didnt coge lose to kaerodactyl or something did u even look at the poll
  8. ill take @LegendP he is bad
  9. 5eddded0e02ff4264c316b6e9d1cf323.png 

    1. Bluebird



    2. Flavawhat


      what about female dolphins

  10. Kek what r they running?
  11. Haunter dropped below the usage cutoff in OU in July due to the departure of Chansey in OU, and thus, the Tier Council decided to allow Haunter in UU once again. The last time Haunter was in UU, it was a centralizing force and seen on many teams due to the myriad of roles it can perform for a team. The Tier Council at the time was still undecided on the fate of Haunter in UU, but before we could come to a decision, Haunter rose to OU as the premiere Chansey counter. As the Tier Council never made a formal decision on Haunter, the only legitimate option was to test Haunter in UU. Since its return, Haunter has become a focal point of UU. After just a month of being in UU, Haunter is already the 3rd most used Pokemon behind only Scizor and Kangaskhan. With a great 115 base special attack and 95 base speed haunter is one of the hardest hitting pokemon, combined with an above average speed in the tier. Only a small portion of Pokemon in UU are able to outspeed Haunter without a choice scarf, and none are able to switch in vs Haunter safely. Offensive teams are often lacking reliable switchins to Haunter and thus rely on pursuit trapping instead. Pursuit trappers such as Sneasel and Absol, along with some new faces like pursuit Nidoqueen, have notably increased in usage since the introduction of Haunter. Haunter is also not a one-dimensional special attacker like Manectric. Haunter is able to take advantage of its typing and run a physically defensive set that is a whole new threat compared to the primarily special attacking sets. The bulky Haunter sets typically run sludge bomb, will o wisp, pain split, and taunt, but it is possible to change around moves as Haunter has many moves to choose from. There are very few Pokemon that can switch in on a will o wisp and also not mind Haunter's stab sludge bombs. Haunter's movepool allows it to have coverage for the entire tier and can eliminate most potential counters. Haunter's ghost typing gives it immunity to all priority moves. Haunter may not have the best defensive stats in the tier, but it has numerous switch in opportunities thanks to levitate, its ghost typing, and the great resists that it gets to the addition of its poison typing. Switch ins to Haunter are very limited and largely depend on what set Haunter is running. Nidoqueen is generally the best switch in as it only fears psychic from Haunter and punishes Haunter with pursuit. Every other special wall in UU is prone to sludge bomb poison and the bulky taunt set, making them unreliable switch ins to Haunter. Is Haunter Offensive Uber? Is it overcentralizing in UU? The Tier Council would like to hear your opinion on Haunter and whether it has any place in the future of UU. Thanks to my ghost-writers Artemiseta and BurntZebra.
  12. worst manager surely, let me win something this season pls