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  1. Hola Not sure if suggested already but I would recommend running wish/protect over softboil/aroma on chansey. I don't see aroma giving you much advantage when you have 2 natural cure users, potentially a rest dusclops and a guts heracross. Wish passing can also be nice if you end up running life orb on blaziken or metagross.
  2. Yea haze vaporeon is the best option and stops it everytime. Meganium actually does a pretty terrible job because of Gatr's bulk, Exeggutor is arguably a better option because it threatens Gatr a lot more with giga than meganium does.
  3. Fight me giarufn
  4. U were always bad at haxball
  5. The way pp max works you can't just add 3 pp. If it bothers you that much just don't pp max and leave it at 20pp
  6. @Arimanius dodging bets better than ronaldo dodges offsides
  7. Dq them
  8. Making new friends on showdown




    1. Toast


      only friends u will make

    2. dedegendut
  9. should add a best ever manager section or something
  10. "You are the slowest one yet"
  11. people tried to warn you
  12. and yet he didnt donate it to msl, shame on you riga
  13. I dont know a lot about basketball but ik that if tor bets on something they usually lose, so ill take the thunder