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  1. come on man. you know the latter months of a suspect test are more reliable. sure the sample size is slightly smaller but 558 teams is small anyway That last sentence is pretty paper thin even if you look past the fact it is purely just your opinion. Usage has nothing to do with whether a pokemon fits the uber offensive criteria. Even under the unhealthy criteria it has less to do with the usage of the unthealthy pokemon, clamperl, and more to do with the usage of everything else. ps are there actually usage stats for the past 6 months somewhere?
  2. Its worth considering the problem isn't arena trap but the sweepers themselves, specifically clamperl. Its odd to say that arena trap makes clamperl op when even without arena trap its still op. With little to no help it still beats tentacool and chinchou. Gastly is a touch easier, with a few fat boys around in porygon and lax as well as im sure a couple pursuiters but those will lose out to trapinch, they aren't as afraid of diglett. Foo is fairly manageable even now, with koffing, probably some ghost boys, budew, does foongus get regen yet? do people run zubat? i couldnt find usage anywhere blame munya. tldr; ban clamperl first, then suspect test trapinch, then suspect test diglett.
  3. gey

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      Why  r u still playing this game 

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      I wait for u

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  4. Just give updated knock off, problem solved
  5. someone move this to the guide tavern please
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