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  1. we can discuss fantasies together
  2. Eloy, Jay really insists that you talk to Yagami about your game and get it played, please. He does not want this to go into a void. So, please play your PSL game. Thanks :)

    1. Magnet


      Make a profile feed on his profile so Jay can feel assured, thanks again :)

    2. eloyraptor


      we will battle today at 16:00 CEST we spoke it by personal message

  3. Hi. Week 6 DPP OU, your flexible timings please?

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    2. Magnet


      Just tell me what time you can get on before 4 PM EST. If you cannot I will personally go and request thinknice for allowing us to play after 4 :)

    3. JIceJDragon


      I am on right now and probably from like 1-4 so...

    4. Magnet


      Thats nice, wanna do it NOW

  4. Hi. Week 4 DPP OU, your flexible timings please?

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    2. Magnet


      i dont have school tomorrow so i can stay up for about 4 hours from this post, do you think you will be available anytime? (asked this in case youre at work now)

    3. Frexa


      i got time where i meet you

    4. Magnet


      old gens room :)

  5. match today at 7am GMT (12pm PST) ~noon your time

    1. Magnet


      Hey! Sorry im kinda late, can you still do it ?

  6. 666 profile views m8

  7. Week 2 DPP OU

    1. Magnet


      What time are you free rap? GMT please

    2. Raptori
    3. Magnet


      Lets do it 30mins from this message or so or 30 mins from whenever you see this

  8. I tend to get lost when i head to shoal cave   pls help
  9. Magnet


    whalecum to wallmart
  10. Magnet


    whacum to whamart 
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