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  1. About time for my monthly revival post. I am back in the states and I have my PC again (finally)so maybe ill make 1 or 2 before dying again
  2. IGN: Symbi Timezone: GMT +2 / EST (In a month) Tiers: Gen 7 OU Something else to farm likes:
  3. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7randombattle-905479971 1) Randoms is the best game mode 2) Never quit 3) wtf no earthquake??????????????
  4. crazy the difference 5 years makes
  5. I was looking for the first version of this shop, and its crazy how its changed lol. The fact that I thought this was acceptable is beyond me
  6. Is VGC not a thing anymore? I'm like 8 generations behind by now
  7. The big boy Sleepy visited my profile :DD

  8. Put this together from a vector skull for a poster for my roommate's frat event. I much prefer the supreme headband. But, I just did something in photoshop??
  9. I’ll try these maybe either tomorrow or this weekend
  10. I'm actually studying in Europe for the next six months so we will see how this goes Little Update: I managed to get photoshop downloaded on my laptop (I normally do this all on my PC) so I will maybe get to some of these requests!
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