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  1. Love it! Ty! Is your ingame name also Draekyn? So I can send the money to the right person :)
  2. I like them both! What is your ingame name? Then I mail you some pokecoins. Sadly I can't use both signatures. So I took waillord because it looks more peacefull.
  3. Signature questions: Text: Miauwtje2 Character/Pokemon: Pikachu or Wailord (or both if possible) Background: Whatever fits. Animation: YES please :), Would love that, background or name, or both, whatever looks good! Donation amount (If there is one): Depends on signature :)
  4. Name: Miauwtje2 Background (optional): you are free to choose :) Render (Pokemon/Character): Wailord or Pikachu. Or both? :p Additional information (optional): I can pay 100K. Is it possible to make some movement in it? Like something in the background or a spark on the name or the pokémon itself? I would love that :)
  5. Is someone reading this? 

  6. You updated Granite Cave B2F but not the NPC in Fortree City. :( It's Volbeat (trade for a Plusle) instead of Pikachu (Trade for a Skitty).
  7. Love this topic! Awesome job, I use this daily! but I think i found 2 (little) mistakes. - In Fortree City there is no NPC Trade: Pikachu (Trade for a Skitty). Not in Emerald. I looked it up and also found the NPC, it's Volbeat (trade for a Plusle) - Granite Cave: It says Granite Cave B1F Rock Smash: Geodude, Nosepass But there are no Rock Smash stones on B1F, only on B2F so it should be (I also looked it up on bulbapedia) : Granite Cave B2F Grass: Zubat, Makuhita, Abra, Aron Rock Smash: Geodude, Nosepass Still awesome topic!
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