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  1. Well, you wanna host an event where only the best players can play, so there is no choice but to check the Hall of Fame thread. What I read in this thread is only biased people nominating their team mates, which isn't the correct way to do it. (not saying the people who got nominated aren't good or w/e) What generally defines a good player is their official wins, so @DoubleJ 's post is on point. I'd just use DoubleJ's list if you wanna make your event a good show but it's up to you I guess Edit: Also for the referee part; I'll try to help you about it if the tournament is hosted when I'm not working.
  2. Tu dois t'inscrire avec une team de 6 Pokemons dans ce thread. Dans toute la durée du tournois tu pourras utiliser que les Pokemons que tu auras inscrit. Chaque round est en Best of 3 (bo3), et les duels seront du 4v4. Donc comme le VGC, tu choisira 4 Pokemons des 6 que tu as inscrit pour chaque duel de chaque round. Tu pourra cependant toujours changer les 4 Pokemons que tu veux jouer en fonction de ton adversaire chaque round, durant le tournois, mais il faut que les 4 Pokemons soient dans la team inscrite. Le tournois sera Mercredi, Parke a besoin de savoir les 6 Pokemons que tu va utiliser un jour avant le tournois si possible. Pour t'inscrire tu fais comme les autres ont fait plus haut. @MadaraSixSix @Parke done
  3. One of the weirdest decisions I've ever seen but apparently RealDevilLegend agreed to let Stelian play twice, it would have been another story if Real didn't let Stelian play. Even though I don't agree with the Hosts' decision to let someone play twice, the guy agreed about it so it's now his own fault. Also, I don't think giving the win to Spain if Belgium couldn't get a sub would have been fair tbh, just giving an extension would have been a good decision since it was an important match.
  4. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: Aerun, Parke, OrangeManiac, Zigh, CHUCKunso, Imabetheverybest, Razimove, HXIN Team Captain: Aerun
  5. Nah, that would completely defeat the purpose of events to win them lol Good idea overall tbh, could kinda work like a seasonnal with the Desu labcoat as final prize I guess. Comp players will finally get something valuable while vanities traders are crying in a corner.
  6. Aurum vs Aerun after Sparkie and Nono
  7. I'm not counting but it's probably some ridiculous huge amount
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