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  1. Aerun

    Broken game is broken

    It was not raining.
  2. Aerun

    Broken game is broken

    Relogged and it's working now, getting hordes again
  3. Aerun

    Broken game is broken

    But how come I could get hordes of 5marills at route 120 earlier today, but when I logged on back, like 1hour ago, I only could get singles using sweet scent?
  4. So, I wanted to ev train HP some of my comps, went to route 120 to sweet scent and get hordes of 5 marills since Rachelucario said in that thread made by Imfunk in general discussion that it was now the best spot to ev train HP. Earlier today everything was fine, used sweet scent and encountered 100% of 5marills hordes but then I had to go and logged off, when I came back I went there again to finish my stuff and used sweet scent, surprisingly I couldn't get any hordes anymore but only singles, found that weird and then I decided to try to go back in my old spot (route 114, where we could only get hordes of 3pokes) to see what's up. Used sweet scent and this happened: Thought we couldn't get hordes of 3pokes with sweet scent anymore
  5. 134 days until c h r i s t m a s
  6. Just a daily reminder that I need to kms
  7. Aerun


  8. Aerun

    [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    C H A R M A N D E R GAME I SAID CHARMANDER dfoiojgrjirghygirkgjnrhi
  9. Aerun


    Watch me never logging on again
  10. Aerun


  11. Update happening and catching this shit at mt ember 3rd shiny geodude piodfyguehfjihegyfuhijeornhevgfrfhuoerhgfyuerger gerighiergje rge rgerger geg e rge rgergkieu rgerg erg er g erg
  12. 135 days until c h r i s t m a s

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