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  1. inb4 Russia wins the world cup
  2. Aerun

    enough is enough

    Trying to sell things in game is normally the easiest and fastest way to get money though, lotteries take time and you're not sure people will buy every tickets. Except, I've played this game nowadays and it's so difficult to get offers for anything we want to sell, and since that a lot of lotteries started to be hosted. I'm not gonna argue about the state of the economy again, but yeah I definitly think lotteries got something to do with it.
  3. Aerun

    enough is enough

    When you have to host lotteries to get money, you know something is wrong
  4. Aerun

    Lock & trash

    Bump. Can sell all of them at once for 4m if anyone wants.
  5. Aerun

    Lock & trash

    No thanks, I think I'm looking for atleast like 200k each.
  6. Aerun

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    What about non-gift comp shinies ? I'd like to get HA on my comp shiny venusaur without having to find a male shiny bulbasaur to fix it
  7. Aerun

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Ah juicy, gonna have to find a male shiny bulbasaur with the HA to fix my female comp shiny venusaur
  8. What are Unova's starters encounter rate?
  9. Aerun

    Lock & trash

    Lock and trash
  10. Aerun

    Shiny Piloswine Shrine

  11. I knew 2 scythers. PedroBr had a comp jolly one and he got banned for RMT I think I knew a scyther from 2013-2014 as well I think it was BoyPickUp who had one and traded to some other guy who died/got banned and that I forgot the name for a shiny magmar
  12. There is one feraligatr atleast. No chikorita No hoenn fossils No scyther No sudowoodo
  13. 1st France 2nd Germany 3rd Brazil 4th Portugal People could say I'm biased for the 1st place though hue
  14. This is getting ridiculous.

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