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  1. Leviatharian can't get breakout player of the season then. He already played a season with his old in game name "McTermi"
  2. Imagine admitting publicly that your team mate is a puppet coached by yourself and then he proudly says that the puppet deserves winning an award. wow
  3. So I saw we can't find wild charmanders in Mt.Ember anymore, but they're now findable in Rock Tunnel. Does anyone know in which floor they're spawning please? ty
  4. Why not a 5vs5 team tag tourney with OU/UU/NU/LC/Doubles ? More teams would be able to sign up and prizes would be better for the winners. Who even play UUDubs, NUDubs etc??
  5. Player one: Zigh Player two: Aerun Team name: v4 isn't dead
  6. Shinies can't low roll, you can only get average rolls or high rolls.
  7. Sure thing, how much do you wanna bet? just to make things clear
  8. Wanna do another bet? I can bet up to 10m
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