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  1. me vs xLuneth after urquidi and umbramol
  2. Sure thing, how much do you wanna bet? just to make things clear
  3. Wanna do another bet? I can bet up to 10m
  4. I nominate glumuk for getting swept by a Muk in OU, for getting 6-0'd twice by me, and for being worse at comp than @Tranzmaster We really need more meme players like him in this community
  5. Your profile pic is triggering the shit out of me
  6. Signatures Thanks to @Hallen for these godly signatures. @Aerun @Frag @SejuaniSupport @calidubstep @Zymogen @Gunthug @isi1993 @Hallen @Takens @Suneet @Navetas @Busso @aZaz07
  7. Manager: @Aerun Captain: @Frag Players: @SejuaniSupport - Sejuani @calidubstep - Cali @Zymogen @Gunthug @isi1993 - RealDevilLegend @Hallen @Takens @Suneet @Navetas @Busso @aZaz07 - Azzazz And a special fuck u to @cchiovitti527 - Cheels BOUFFANT!
  8. Maybe you were banned for too long that you don't even know shit about our team, but god damn atleast we don't have irrelevant idiots like you sitting around.
  9. IGN: Aerun Motivation: People asked me to sign up because most of the guys who signed up aren't worthy to be managers. So here we are. I won two PSL seasons as player so now I'm gonna win this season as manager and then I'll retire from PSLs. A part of me hopes I won't get picked though since I'm always too dedicated for this kind of events and it's time consuming. Competitive Accolades: OU and UU wins mostly then some 2nd places in Dubs tourneys iirc, you can check HoF thread if you want, I'm lazy Other stuff: SRIF
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