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  1. Bump peasants keep annoying me
  2. Oh god please no See what you did there @Eggplant Also take care man
  3. bump
  4. How ever rng spanish naab iz the better hax how u mom is u sis xd
  5. Looks like this kid didn't understand what @Draekyn tried to tell him
  6. bump
  7. Yo, it would be cool to get people to announce their matches in only one thread, because it's kinda annoying to miss some matches if people post on their group stage thread
  8. bump
  9. Accepting shiny + cash $ offers (I want atleast 5mil in the offers tho)
  10. are you serious what you are talking ? loool but iz bold!!!
  11. Now selling my shiny sealeo
  12. I need cash, so I'm selling my shiny female sealeo Only interested in cash$ offers, could also consider shiny + cash$ offers IGN: Aerun