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  1. Hope u get banner for rng bro… fukin unskill..
  2. Yes, 3 glooms 2 weepinbells 1 ariados Started hunting scyther last year though
  3. Back from months of not playing this game and this happens Phase 6
  4. Hey uguu we're all on our discord, riga is there too
  5. How do we know that it's the end of the PvP Season? Orange's point was that it wasn't listed in the current tournaments like it should have, it only got listed in it like 10hours before it starts so people didn't check and didn't see there was a tourney happening. Why didn't it get listed in the current tournaments if they are scheduled automatically?
  6. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: OrangeManiac, Zigh, CHUCKunso, Rynners, SweeTforU, Kanzo, RAVAEL, Axellgor, Cali, Spaintakula, Senjutsuka, Imabetheverybest, Forfiter, Artemiseta, Aerun, Pachima, SlimMatt, Parke, Suneet Team Captain: Aerun
  7. Team name: VeniVidiEver.. Player OU: Aerun Player NU: RAVAEL
  8. Can we go for more than 32 teams? I'm afraid that there will be tons of sign ups considering it's happening on a Sunday in a very common timezone and it's the first Team Tag tourney in years so I guess people would be sad to miss that because of teams limit.
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