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  1. I'm not counting but it's probably some ridiculous huge amount
  2. Aerun

    World Cup week #4

    Playing HXIN in 10mins
  3. Aerun

    World Cup week #3

    ptn le pve
  4. Aerun

    Garbage Day (Thursday, March 7th)

  5. Aerun

    World Cup week #2

    Im wins
  6. Aerun

    World Cup week #2

    Playing BlueBreath in 15mins
  7. Y'all need to leave me alone already ;_;
  8. Very fast and trustworthy breeding service. Also probably one of the cheapest services you can find. Would highly recommend.
  9. Aerun

    World Cup Week #1

    Just when I thought that community events couldn't get any more worse hosts, looks like I was wrong. It's hilarious that the majority of the hosts don't like me (Suigin, roxxass) so they decided to give the win to China because I won my match. Before even playing my match we could get a tie if I won, that's why I wanted to wait for the decision before even playing my match but then China and hosts forced me to play my match. This whole drama shows how biased these two hosts are (not talking about Mkns or OrangeManiac, both are good hosts that I can respect). What's also funny is that people hate France B because they know we're the best team of that event, they're for sure happy that we got robbed. Feels bad to see a great event getting ruined because of two shitty hosts.
  10. Aerun

    World Cup Week #1

    starnishishei vs me now
  11. Aerun

    Least liked staff member

    Worst staff members: Patrick Bilburt xKicco Tranzmaster (xddd) @Tranzmaster Best staff members: Caracal Jindu Emlee Noad
  12. Special fuck you: Mt.Ember
  13. Shiny Charmander hunt: phase 2847297272728817319 Someone kill me now please

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