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  1. Shinies can't low roll, you can only get average rolls or high rolls.
  2. Sure thing, how much do you wanna bet? just to make things clear
  3. Wanna do another bet? I can bet up to 10m
  4. I nominate glumuk for getting swept by a Muk in OU, for getting 6-0'd twice by me, and for being worse at comp than @Tranzmaster We really need more meme players like him in this community
  5. Your profile pic is triggering the shit out of me
  6. Signatures Thanks to @Hallen for these godly signatures. @Aerun @Frag @SejuaniSupport @calidubstep @Zymogen @Gunthug @isi1993 @Hallen @Takens @Suneet @Navetas @Busso @aZaz07
  7. Manager: @Aerun Captain: @Frag Players: @SejuaniSupport - Sejuani @calidubstep - Cali @Zymogen @Gunthug @isi1993 - RealDevilLegend @Hallen @Takens @Suneet @Navetas @Busso @aZaz07 - Azzazz And a special fuck u to @cchiovitti527 - Cheels BOUFFANT!
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