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  1. I mean I won twice last season against him, I'd be down to kick his ass one more time though
  2. Damn forgot this nerd was actually around. Having blocked the little annoying uguus in game is so satisfying, I'm gonna do the same on the forums I guess
  3. @Kyzu isn't Gazelli's account, Kyzu is an old player, he's my team mate and also @Draekyn's IRL friend
  4. Ok can we get the semis thread now?
  5. In how long is that supposed to happen?
  6. Yeah lol, Mt ember is fucking with me anyway, caught everything but magmar or charmander, grats on the bagon though I'm jelly
  7. Don't underestimate my jaja rng
  8. I'm crying, I was hunting with @Soccies then decided to go back to Mt ember fml
  9. I'm a rat kid xd :V
  10. Sexy af, thanks bb
  11. b-but i dont have any official wins
  12. Legendl vs Aerun in 15mins
  13. Ok, 4.5m then
  14. @KaynineXL is bae anyway