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  1. Value Advice

    Gulpin 15 Delibird 60-70
  2. Value Advice

    2-2.5m imo
  3. Value Advice

    Any good nature? I'd say around 40m regardless
  4. Value Advice

    Female + 2*31 so I'd say around 12-14 Around 8-10 imo 7-8 imo more like 50m imo, don't see any desire for it and a lot of people hunt it because of eevees Golem around 800k-1m depending on nature/ivs/gender etc
  5. Value Advice

    I'd say 250 for male and 250+ for female depending on nature ivs etc
  6. Value Advice

    Yeah bulbasaur is for sure 250m+ but people could pay more because it's a starter and you know about the starters hype also female bulba is worth more since you can breed it easily and you don't have to use a shiny ditto on it
  7. 100k wager, gen4 random IGN: Televisin
  8. @BurntZebra you probably missed that
  9. Yes yes the monkeys in very lucky

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