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  1. Cheels' EVing Service & Store

    Si, soy de acuerdo con que dices
  2. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    You better evolve it
  3. Quick Wishlist

    @OrangeManiac Also fix the substitute animation, not seeing the sub is annoying af
  4. For Real Pvp

    Yeah tbh I didn't know gen5 abilities are not working, thought you were talking about HAs, so yeah that would be cool to get that before TT
  5. For Real Pvp

    Nah tbh the priority for the TT is bw tutors HA are coming with dungeons, so I'm not expecting to get that in the next few months
  6. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    TEAM VVVV >>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. 2nd shiny in 2 days 14th OT TEAM VVVV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    add my snake pliz
  9. I caught it during the catch event, thanks god its not a gen5 shiny 13th OT

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