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  1. Jays EV training services, breeding & shop

    I'd need it before the week-end, friday or sometime early on saturday would be good enough I guess
  2. Jays EV training services, breeding & shop

    Didn't get my comp yet, it's been one week I think? I'd like to get it soon, let me know, thanks

    500k for that nice calm comp shiny skarmory without brave bird
  4. I saw that status update but didn't get to comment.


  5. Jays EV training services, breeding & shop

    Aight, what's your ign? I'll mail one mon with details and the money in a few, if you are trustworthy I guess I could give some more to train later
  6. Jays EV training services, breeding & shop

    Is this ev training service approved ? I don't know you so I don't know if you're trustworthy
  7. That was bad and you should feel bad
  8. Yeah because I totally tried to win this, grats to my boy geni
  9. Schuchty Tournament #1

    Signing up a team mate as well IGN: geniculata
  10. Schuchty Tournament #1

    IGN: Aerun
  11. im lifestyle parrot too?
  12. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-711627347 Posting that here because it made my day lmao

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