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  1. Very nice mod, works well with the 1x scale summary sprites. Thank you.
  2. From what I remember you can't use pokeballs during a battle in case of something like taunt, there needs to be some changes made unless that has been already. I've played several metro battles where the game is basically stuck and no player can make a move. Last time we talked to staff they said these problems did exist and metro tourneys would not be happening because of it.
  3. I mean you can give kicking rights to executives and its basically same thing, you just can't close the team. Not sure why having more than one person that can close the team would be needed. I guess shared permissions for promotions would be the reason you want this, so maybe just add more permissions in the tabs.
  4. If I'm understanding this correctly it'd be like a timed rental system which could be good even outside of GTL. I often get asked by teammates and friends to borrow poke and then they may be gone for a month or two (never had anyone steal from me,life happens and eventually I get my poke back). But sometimes this is inconvenient because then I suddenly need that poke back for what ever reason and have no way of getting it back until they return. If we could set some kind of automatic timer that sends poke back I think this could prevent a lot of problems, even EV training services in which people get scammed sometimes. I think having the option to let people borrow on a timer for no cost should be an option as well.
  5. Or they can at least make this item trade-able. Seems like maybe the easiest solution?
  6. I remember someone making a suggestion earlier about some type of "de-evo" item, and it was heavily rejected. With that said I'm glad to see this has a lot of support because I've made my fair share of stupid mistakes. Evolved my pickup meowth before, my chansey, a mankey I made for metronome and just today I accidentally evolved a friends drowzee for metronome. I think the little cup implementation makes even more of a case for this, whether its some type of toggle or an in game item to de-evolve. I haven't started any little cup poke but after making several metronome comps it's definitely frustrating having to stop evolution so many times.
  7. Question oh great berry master. If I substitute a very dry for a plain dry on some of the ev plants, will it produce higher yield average( or rng)? For example tamato's require 1 very spicy, 1 plain spicy, and 1 plain dry. But you can substitute a very dry for the plain dry and you can still get tamato's. I have tried a few different times with both but it's difficult to spend enough time to know whether its luck or it actually works. My experience was that the rng seemed to favor max yield more with 1 very dry, but obviously just a couple fields will be an outlier.
  8. This happened to me twice, with chansey and meowth...rip.
  9. I think something like a hover icon makes more sense, you can still see from a distance and it cleans things up a bit.
  10. It's not a huge deal but bit of an eye sore to myself. I feel like it simplifies it maybe too much. I understand it's easier to fast-travel and just take a quick look at not waste as much time. But I've never seen or played a farming game that shows watering levels constantly.
  11. I just don't see the point of using the green shard repel trick for lvl 35 relicanth. He is obviously much more common at lvl 30 and you're simply wasting money on repels. Best suggestion I have is just run from everything else and also breeding recover onto quagsire(w/corsola) can help keep you out there longer. Also pray for rng, sometimes I have hit back to backs racking up 3 or 4 greens in an hour, and sometimes I go 3 hours with nothing.
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