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  1. Just say you take it as a donation and not as a selling. Like staff did with donatorstatus. Should be fine then. ;)
  2. When you wanna battle?

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    2. xILuLu


      Hey you wasn´t here at 5pm est. When do you wanna battle then?

    3. LegendP


      Sorry! i was busy... i can battle now

    4. xILuLu


      I was sleeping at that time :D

  3. PSL Week6: Würd dir Dienstag 7pm GMT, Donnerstag 7pm GMT oder Sonntag 8pm GMT passen? Oder wir machen es spontan wenn wir uns mal ingame sehen.

  4. Friday 4:30 PM work for you?

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    2. xILuLu


      What gmt time is that? And i prefer not to battle on the weekend since we have a family fest on saturday and i have to help preparing things on friday.

    3. dataforce


      Okay, how about 4:30 PM EST (8:30 PM GMT) on Thursday?

    4. xILuLu


      5pm sounds great

  5. Just here to say how awesome this is and to get devs attention
  6. so your inbox is full, when do you wanna play our psl match?

  7. Release pokemon from party   [spoiler]Waiting for hilarious missclicks[/spoiler]
  8. Hey, when do you wanna battle?

    1. xILuLu


      I have alot of time. So it would be great if you could message me back when you have time. :)

    2. xILuLu


      Well. It seems you don´t want to battle. I can battle every day from 1pm gmt to 8pm gmt and from 9pm gmt to 11pm gmt.

    3. xILuLu


      So let me know...

  9. xILuLu

    Daily Tasks

    I have a daily for you guys. Beat 6 trainers in Ruin Valley for a total of 30k $. And the best part is that it´s already implemented. :O
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