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  1. Please update the Pokemmo 8 bit version

  2. I can't change the collision data on the map (that data is server side), so I had to do stuff like that.
  3. So the first version is out, check out the first post in this topic. Lemme know of the problems and tell me overall what you think of it. I'll probably make some updates to it tomorrow. Sorry it took so long but I can get very busy and this was just a tiny side project compared to everything else I have to do. Hopefully it was worth the 2 1/2 months wait, so thanks for being patient.
  4. Yeah because pointing something out that anybody can figure out by just looking at the dates of the posts is REALLY going to make me release it sooner. In the meantime while I'm waiting for his graphics patch I'll do more maps.
  5. Sorry it's not out yet, something irl came up. I'll get it up soon for real. Edit: The graphics patch that Mobius made regarding the mini pics of Pokemon is unreachable at the moment. I thought I saved it on my hard drive but I didn't. So I'll wait for him to upload it again so I can patch it and release this.
  6. I'll post the incomplete patch in a few hours or so. It's finally coming.
  7. Well true. Maybe I could release a beta without all the maps done on January 1st. About 90% or so of the maps are done. Would everyone be happy with that? I can do the rest of the maps and pokepics later. Also that customization stuff is a new obstacle that I'll have to deal with.
  8. Replying to tell you guys the same thing I've already told you a hundred times has delayed the patch by the amount of time it took to write messages like this. I will be done when it's done. When I have an update I will post an update.
  9. Just a little suggestion I had in mind. When you use thief and the opponent Pokemon is holding an item, it should go to your inventory instead of that Pokemon's held item. - Sometimes I forgot that my Pokemon was holding an item. - I might want to hold another item while farming for items. Like maybe a Macho Brace while I'm thieving Paras for mushrooms or maybe an Amulet Coin when I want to finish off the enemy with a pay day. Not a big priority since I know more important things need to be done, but just an idea I had today.
  10. Probably before the end of the year. I'm on winter break and my boss will be on vacation next week.
  11. I'm still alive. Just trust me that I'm still working on this when I can and I'll release a beta when the maps are done.
  12. Still working on it. I've decided to release a beta of the patch once I get all of the maps done. Then I'll take care of the rest in future versions.
  13. When this is done I'll provide a tutorial on how to patch it.
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