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  1. Considering that all other gift shop items are tradeable, it seems logical to allow players to trade this item. In addition, it is a practical necessity for the efficient leveling of Little Cup comps and would improve the PokeMMO economy by introducing a little more cash flow.
  3. I like this idea if it's easy to implement. It would add a minuscule, yet pleasing, extra depth of customization to the game.
  4. Order Form: IGN: Cressman Request: Headshot forum profile picture with an aggressive style (unlike the light/happy style you usually do); Samples below (preferably dark brown hair and green eyes) even though these sprites have nearly black hair. References: BACKGROUND: The sky or a white/gray background probably. You may also experiment with whatever you think will look good. Payment Method: 500k+ in-game Other ways to contact me: Discord
  5. This thread makes me very happy. I hope to see how you'll describe this unique metagame developed by mixed metas.
  6. They nerfed it to aid the aforementioned issue of pure yen destabilizing the economy.
  7. They implemented gym battling money to aid this issue, if we could battle 3 times a day then too much pure yen would be making it's way into the game and Pokemmo's economy would suffer as a result. I think it's fine the way it is.
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