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  1. Just an update on my current situation.


    Just to let everyone know that this project is not dead, I've just been extremely busy with A LOT of things and by that I mean my job, bills, community college, Etc. I just didn't have the energy to come in and spend time making these things at the moment... But as some as you have noticed ( If you read the first post with spoilers that has "Collaborators") I have some people helping me with this project really nice if I say so myself :D


    I'll be posting new images of the sprites soon. Time is all I need to get this done, and who knows I might even start doing the tiles or something like that after this is done, to match this this theme~ 

  2. thanks everyone! and yea the cube is called the companian cube, it's from the Portal video game series <: the drawing was a comissioned fan art


    Hope you enjoy your time here on fourms~

  3. Some good programs for your project would be Advanced Pokémon Sprite Editor, Advanced Sprite Position Editor and possibly Advanced Pokémon Icon Editor (if you plan to adjust the party sprites too). LunarIPS is pretty good for creating the patch itself. These programs shouldn't be too hard to track down, and the first three should come as a set~


    Thanks a lot for the tip! These programs are made my life much more easier~

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