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  1. Cheers to you mate, wish you luck~
  2. Something like this would be nice to add, considering that we only have ONE type of helmet in the game. [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  3. Greetings I'm back after a long long LOOOONG sleep(joking).   Just wanted to say hello to everyone that still are around and to those that are new as well!
  4. Just an update on my current situation.   Just to let everyone know that this project is not dead, I've just been extremely busy with A LOT of things and by that I mean my job, bills, community college, Etc. I just didn't have the energy to come in and spend time making these things at the moment... But as some as you have noticed ( If you read the first post with spoilers that has "Collaborators") I have some people helping me with this project really nice if I say so myself :D   I'll be posting new images of the sprites soon. Time is all I need to get this done, and who knows I might even start doing the tiles or something like that after this is done, to match this this theme~ 
  5. I dare say a match is in order to welcome you ^^
  6. Post it on the Help Forums...   @Breeder Welcome back Breeder! Hope you catch up on the things you missed~
  7.   I was thinking that I should add the DS version just as a filler until I get all the sprites down
  8. Hapliex

    Hi everyone~

      Hope you enjoy your time here on fourms~
  9. Welcome to the game/ forums~
  10.   Well... Yes and no, I'm using ripped sprites from HG/SS and adding "features" to the sprites, but I do look on Devianart and try to look for certain sprites to use as well, but so far I'm enjoying doing them since I just start doing sprite art three days ago haha 
  11. Updated   Salamence has been infected [spoiler][/spoiler]
  12. Updated   Gengar is now officially scary...   [spoiler][/spoiler]
  13. @ Moetal   In a good way. Love the amount of art work you put on those sprites, sort of makes me envious!
  14. The only three words that comes into mind when I see these Moemon is...   *Edit*  Sorry about this meme I just couldn't resist...
  15.   Thanks for the heads up I'll make sure to be more careful with what to use
  16.   Thanks a lot for the tip! These programs are made my life much more easier~
  17.   Thanks a lot for the encouragement! I really am exited that I doing this, would like to see the amount of people that are really interested with this.
  18. Read too much Pokemon CreepyPastas? Ever wanted to see what it would be like to have your very own Undead Pokemon? A world where you tame the hungry Undead? Well look no further I have taken the chance to make those dark thoughts come true! It is IMPORTANT to download an IPS Patcher (Google IPS Patcher and download it), also be sure to have a clean copy of a Firered Rom Downloads: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kksy4o80k352c5s/Zombiemon.ips *Patch 0.1* Step 1: Open up the Zobmiemon sprites with IPS Patcher Step 2: Navigate to your Pokemon FireRed Rom and double click to apply the patch Step 3: Another window should pop-up and this one is to save your patched file (leave the name as it is or change it) Step 4: Put the patched rom into your Pokemmo roms folder (Remove the original FireRed Rom for the Patched Rom) Step 5: Run Pokemmo then when at the login, click the Menu button. Step 6: Click "settings" and then DS settings, then disable DS sprites. (don't do this if you aren't using a DS rom) Step 7: Get your gun... Just in case. *Note* If there's any bugs that are out there or anything wrong with the sprites please do PM me I'll be sure to get that fix as fast as possile Progress: 0.46% Updated (6/21/14) Enemy Sprites (With the following **) are done at Gilgamore Pokemon fan site and by other sprite artist, back sprites done by me. Collaborators Also if there's anyone interested with this project don't be shy go on right ahead and PM me if you want to help me on making these sprites!
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