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  1. That looks like Rizen's munk from the 3 kings saga of Yu Yu Hakusho. I liek
  2. I mean if you want 400k and some comps sure. Other than that I got nothin. Edit: fucking phone not staying logged into right account -_-
  3. Alphatron

    A safe!

    You werent hacked dingus. You let someone have your password who you shouldn't have.
  4. Is this in the 2016 update Kyu alluded to in another topic?
  5. Oh quiet you, even if we were, you'd be in 10 other teams too.
  6. I think it would be a better idea to allow the trade of cosmetics, This idea would be really easy to take advantage of, "Oh Ill donate X amount of dollars for this comp or this shiny"
  7. Okay, but what if you have mixed chats? This wouldn't work and you'd have to click the box anyways. For example, my team chat and whispers appear in all my tabs. There isn't any need for this.
  8. Just lost my job, but it was boring anyways. What have you been up to?
  9. Could you draw ultron with a charizard?
  10. Pokemon/Whatever: Raikou Text:[CIX] Alphatron Animated text? y/n: Yes Background: whatever looks good, maybe clouds/lightning? Anything else: I like flare(no not team flare) :unsure:
  11. When staff is tired of you cupping their balls, you know its time to stop sucking.
  12. Back for now I guess

  13. Guys shut the fuck up, we'll never get to page 3 at this rate. King me.
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