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  1. Daily rewards for logging in. A random item gacha would work for this and pokemmo could allow people to spend RP to spin more than a once a day freebee.
  2. Honestly I'd enjoy seeing the game corner on island 2 actually have some games in it. Rather than give another game corner that works some extra games.
  3. nickesco

    Quick Wishlist

    I don't know if pokemmo is ever gonna add anymore pokemon besides legendaries. So I was thinking why not introduce something like alola pokemon. Whenever a pokemmo region comes out with thier own storyline and stuff have some of the pokemon which we already have be different typing. The look of the pokemon doesn't have to change though but would be a welcomed addition.
  4. nickesco

    A safe!

    This is basically saying I want to be able to put a password on your box. If you want the extra password protection. Wynaut?
  5. Why don't they just let up pay to fully Ev train pokes while we're at it with vitamins?
  6. As an event prize I'd want a transformation ticket which turns a normal pokemon into a shiny. So you can actually choose what poke you want to become a shiny than someone spawning a shiny and giving it as a prize.
  7. there are so many different types of dog ears you should elaborate on the kind you want with a picture maybe.
  8.   Are you allowed to bring new pokes to change your team if any of them get banned in mid tourny?    I can see my shuckle getting banned lol.
  9. They do have the feature to randomly match you up stairs in the pokemon center whenever that will be fixed. As well as trainer tower which will be happening soon hopefully. Just be patient and wait.
  10. If you had caught the pokemon beforehand you can just look in your pokedex or google it.
  11. I never got killed by tangelas.... because the game disconnects and freezes everytime I play it it would be nice to not have to do extra steps to get back to where I was last if it just so happens to be the tagela patch.
  12. Pokemon Stroller Slot: Follower sprite Only difference between this and your follower sprite is that you'd be pushing the stroller. if you've bought the stroller you can simply drag and drop the egg of your poke and the stroller will pop up with the pokemon egg riding in it. When the egg hatches the stroller will go away and the pokemon sprite will show up the same as if the pokemon evolved. I would also hope that this could be in a range of colors based on the color pallete
  13. So I tend to like to do EV training in the tangela patch and also in the water right beside it. My suggestion is simply when I'd black out or disconnect if the mother figure was the last person I went to for healing my pokemon in pallet town. I want to appear in front of her. Just like I would appear at the last pokemon center I went to. 
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