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  1. OT Event Reward Random Shinies that I like enough to own (and hunting them makes me suffer) Currently unavailable (Unless I really like you, or I get covid again) Currently Hunting: Ever how is...
  2. Cheels Dealers choice I might have the oldest shiny charizard in game, and am also a dinosaur in mmo. I’ll trash talk your foes, and just tell them to Stan BTS
  3. Join V4, like JJ said we have an entire stable of shiny horses at this point lmfao
  4. The Drug is making a meme out of my meme @DarylDixon
  5. >Doesn't play this game very much anymore >logs on to make fun of @Aerun Dab
  6. The saga of Aerun being bad and catching shit shinies continues On the next episode will he catch a mander? We think not
  7. Did he actually leave, or was he a victim of the great LYLE purge of 2017?
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