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  1. cchiovitti527

    [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    The saga of Aerun being bad and catching shit shinies continues On the next episode will he catch a mander? We think not
  2. cchiovitti527

    [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    Aerun is bad, but you can't be mad about the best shiny in the game...
  3. cchiovitti527

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    Its on, tomorrow 2:30 pm eastern
  4. cchiovitti527

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

  5. cchiovitti527

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    >Dakoda plays fortnite once >Parke gets triggered by someone new to the game, and yells at him nonstop >Dakoda never plays again >Says we’re toxic >I still love you though
  6. cchiovitti527

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    Epic Name: Cheels527 Platform: PC (or PS4 when Draek, SirVector, and Coolio get whiny). Server: NA West Lifetime K/D: 0.37 Season 5 K/D: 0.52
  7. cchiovitti527

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    Sooooo what I’m guessing at is that @Aerun is going to be my partner, unless someone wants to whiteknight me (is that even a thing in fork knife)?
  8. cchiovitti527

    [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    Added Razis second ot pilo
  9. cchiovitti527

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Y’all forgot Burro, but I’m too lazy to look up his forum name.
  10. cchiovitti527

    [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    This was your photoshopping peak, nothing else will ever come close to it.
  11. cchiovitti527

    Zebstrika hordes lost to the Update?

    Route 7 was the only location that had Zebstrika hordes, and as they were hordes of 3 I’m guessing they removed them and now they are just single encounters; or by some act of god they either just moved locations, or will be back after winter is over?

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