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  1. Chae

    A Player you will never forget.

    - Kanajin, because he was the first person to tell me IVs and EVs even existed. - Goshujin - Mysticwater - Jeredhoofd - Zoly - DynamicPyro - @Rulana bc this mofo has been part of my life for like 9 years so I guess she's here to stay
  2. Laura is a queen, how dare you
  3. Bruh why is my bestie @Rulana not on that list, this is madness.
  4. A day I'll definitely not forget
  5. Chae

    More Administrators and Moderators who speak Spanish

    Like I said before in the other thread, ypu can't just add staff members just for the sake of them being able to speak Spanish. There are more qualities they are required to have and more responsibilities to take than just say "hey dont do that!" In a different language. And they still have to be an example for the members. There also needs to be interest by those people too, if you speak Spanish and English and you want to help moderate that section, by all means and apply, if you're a good addition to the team I'm sure there are ways to work that out. If no one wants to, then what's the use? Besides, if you feel like it's such a chaos and you can understand the language, try to solve it by talking to them? Me and my friends used to fix things among English speakers that were spamming all the time back in the day that our only communication was through channel chat.
  6. Chae

    [USA] Election Thread

    This Election result gives me already visions of how the world is going to be like if Geert Wilders gets elected over here. Whatever you do, don't let us catch your virus pls.
  7. This hurts my Mawile soul ;-; Stalking Sky Pillar it is.
  8. Chae

    What's your Nature.

  9. Profile is horrible.

  10. Chae

    Character Customization 2.0

      It is, I know, just with this colouring and the detail, I meant it kinda lost the flow from the bang into the back of the hair. Like in the original it looks more rounded and elegant around the face, now it's more pointy. Is there actually a reason that the bangs had to be flipped? Even if it doesn't really change as much in the long run, just felt the need to share the lack of excitement when I saw this was the new me :')     Watch us when we magically get access to make up.
  11. Chae

    Character Customization 2.0

      I'm not really feeling this hair design. Overall I do really like most of the different designs I've seen now, really good job, but this was a let down for me. Besides the bangs being the other way around, I kinda miss the flow that the original had into it's shape. Guess I'll have to change hairstyles permanently.
  12. Summer, pls hurry.

  13. I want to be remembered as "What the hell, she brought RipHenk here? God save us all"  Jk Laura <3   Oh, and as the person that made everyone barf whenever she's with Spaint, yuh. 
  14. Shut up and kiss me <3

    1. Chae


      *Kisses* <3


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