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  1. HEADLINE: @Bestfriends and I are ex-friends. :( :( :( :(
  2. Watched it. It could use a slight bit of additional editing to fit with the "fast" part you are interested in. Other than that, nice job. Also you didn't put me in it, how could you.
  3. Shanie


    Where is the bus I can toss @Bestfriends under? Because everyone knows purple and BLUE together are the true lord-emperors of color. Pink can go take a back seat though because it wishes it was as cool.
  4. Everyone here is so innocent, I feel so bad. :( I'm afraid to click because I fear my usually rose-colored glasses I have for @Bestfriends will be tarnished with a neurologically unique version of him.
  5. Eyyyyy it's @Bestfriends. Is there a Discord server now, or do we still use Flintstone-tech TS technology for voice chat? Maybe @Kudasai can tell me. Also oh no not a YouTube channel. I'm afraid to click.
  6. Is that a type of Pokémon?
  7. Perhaps your memory flew the coop. IT'S A BIRD JOKE GET IT
  8. It's an old name sir, but it checks out. Thank you, thank you. Might have to log in and actually look around one day :^)
  9. I can see the forums are quiet! It's alright, I suppose that's just the way of the world now. Starvation is an epidemic. Keep up that green thumb, or something.
  10. Howdy. I'm Shanie. Really, really old users will remember me as well as most of the admins (hi @Darkshade). I saw a post on Facebook for the first time in a long while about PokeMMO so I decided to come check out what's new. The forums were the most interesting part of the game back when I was around but it seems like there's secret bases and hordes now, which is pretty neat.
  11. Did they remove your ability to change sigs?

  12. Thank you everyone for coming! [Results] Our winner tonight was Jayfeatskydd Winning $200,000 pokebucks and a Shiny Crobat! Our Runner Up was Amanu Winning $100,000 pokebucks!
  13. IGN = xzoraboyx Is having trouble accessing the Competition Alley forum
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