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  1. i thought you said dirty mouse...and im like wut
  2. zenor you glow in my eyes, @SneakyTeddi you glow in my heart <3
  3. well im sorry to hear that, maybe you should finish hoenn first, and get a smeargle with false swipe and spore that would work. and with abra, i would do the same. i hope to see you again soon.
  4. so, arbok evolves into serviper new evolution thats amazing.
  5. Name: DreamyChan Team: LËM Render/Character: popplio and buizel Background (optional): underwater
  6. Name: DreamyChan Team: LËM Render/Character: shiny cubchoo Background (optional): snow
  7. When is your next rare hey? @BrunoMarin @Dazuzi
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