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  1. Doing for Linfanz: (getting moist) For Todays Event: 1. Rev - 142 2. Green- 142 3. Dreamy(Emoduck) - 137 Thanks for joining everyone! :)
  2. Yo, i think i'm late but gratz for this beautiful shiny collection =)

    1. EmoDuck


      aww thank you! 

      its growing! 

    2. Diano


      Good luck for next ones ;)

  3. as a big massive shiny hunter, get leppas and sit in your favourite bush and hunt, and let the shiny find you :D
  4. finally shiny pikachu!! 40th shiny ot/caught 38th ots
  5. something that isnt a persian, im so proud of you forfiiii~
  6. oh my fucking god.....i fucking love it thank you!
  7. Render/Image: Shiny Altaria Text: Dreamychan/ [LEM] Commander Donation: (You can just pm me if you want to show) 100k Type of Request: signature Note: somethinn cute please
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