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  1. @Bearminator this is my time to shine.
  2. EmoDuck

    [läva] Team läva

    @Nikhill yu forgot to wether you want me to evolve these pokemon or not.
  3. EmoDuck

    Good Omens (Saturday, 10th November)

    feels bad i couldnt make it....
  4. EmoDuck

    [Sig] Matt's Signature Shop

    it looks cute, but can you make the sig a bit smaller?'
  5. EmoDuck

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    da hell u doing kid ? congrats again
  6. EmoDuck

    [Sig] Matt's Signature Shop

    Name: Dreamychan Team:läva Background u do u Render/Character: something cute Type of artwork: Signature Ty x
  7. EmoDuck

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    wow, thats my banette's brother or sister :) congrats again. Hax
  8. EmoDuck

    Ghostbusters Lottery

    40 thanx mm
  9. EmoDuck

    Section for particles GTL/PC

  10. EmoDuck

    Section for particles GTL/PC

    But the event ends on the 5th, so is it really worth it?
  11. EmoDuck

    Swablu's Family

    ty you guys for coming to my event, WINNERS TODAY: Noob- 176 points 1st dreamy with 155 points 2nd crown with 150 3rd.

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