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  1. @Bearminator id like to see you there watching me win it ok?
  2. when support is the best role tbh.
  3. i think she might put me to sleep tbh
  4. @Fixedgaming ill pay 750k make a sig dreamychan shiny pichu (team mr) ty make it animated to make it cute!
  5. a huuuuuge shiny break and i get my 2nd shiny budew, sorry awkways had to screenshot it for me. soontm my shiny bunny
  6. i want @MPDH behind me and give me hugs
  7. bro, you make it sound so easy. ive been hunting smeargle longer then you, and you come in and take my smeargle not cool. @HerickJS
  8. Render/Image: Shiny smeargle Text: Dreamychan (Team Mr) Size: Donation: (You can just pm me if you don't want to show everyone) Type of Request: Signature/Icon/Etc (signature) Signature Option (if you've chosen signature above): Rectangle OR Misty? Rectangle Note: (anything in particular that you're after)
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