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  1. There aren't any features like that currently
  2. No, I highly doubt that. Considering it hasn't been that way with past events
  3. We're spoken of in hieroglyphs alone
  4. It's one of life's greatest mysteries really
  5. Interesting idea, but the one issue I see in it is that it really only helps newer players for a short time, and extra prompts such as that would make it bothersome for players who have no need for any of that. A slight tweak to it though would be maybe having that option available until you obtain a set number of badges, say 3-4 until it was rendered less useful.
  6. Well if it's any consolation, you can at least get Cyndaquil currently
  7. Love how the Moon Ball looks personally
  8. Well, suppose i'm back for the time being. So, hello everyone

  9. Well, seems i'm back

    1. xSparkie


      Welcome back buddy

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