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  1. Similarly to what he suggested, I tried using least squares with polynomial features of the input, (r, g, b) -> (r^3, g^3, b^3, ..., r, g, b, 1), you then find the color transformation matrix using least squares from a single frame, and then you use it for inference on all the frames, seemed to work extremely well on the example you provided, just don't include the background (transparent pixels) and other duplicates in your data. for example using some random colors similar to yours (since you didn't upload yours):
  2. If someone makes a list with the missing gender sprites I'll add them after my finals are over.
  3. No, and it doesn't seem like the devs will ever give some QoL for mods, so might as well uninstall the mod, because it's never happening.
  4. 1. I might add them in a week or two, If @Verdep feels like resizing them (Although he hasn't been online since ~April), Otherwise I'll need to find someone else who is willing to resize them. 2. Not unless PokeMMO adds support, you can go to Suggestion Box and suggest adding a table for pokedex scale, table for HM scale, table for height offset (separate for battle and for pokedex)
  5. It works fine on my end. Can you go to your game folder, and post the log/mods.log file?
  6. Not unless PokeMMO adds them. If they ever add them I'll upload them (Front, Back, Normal, Shiny)
  7. Oh you are right, Superpower doesn't appear for my hydreigon too
  8. You guys are really over-complicating this, you just need to copy and paste the file from the download to the mod folder. nothing more. it doesn't matter if it shows in your computer as MPEG file, just drag it to the mod folder and it will work.
  9. it's a ".mod" extension, not mpeg, it's just a zip file.
  10. 1) Resize the gifs (not the using the table file) so they would weigh less, since they are way too big for a phone anyways. 2) Convert the gifs to global color tables. 3) If that's not enough, or if you don't want to do the above, you could apply a (30% - 50%) lossy compression.
  11. If they ever add those generations, I will personally upload them in HD, front + back + all forms.
  12. What would be the point of gen 6 to 8 if the game is only up to gen 5
  13. Import mod button is broken as far as I remember. You should just place the mod in the proper folder, then it would appear in your list, and you can tick the enable box.
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