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  1. which front sprites are missing?
  2. It's a problem with how you save your GIF, for example if you're using a website called EZGIF there's an option called "don't stack frames", if you're using a programming language and some library look for an option called "dispose" and set it to the proper option that removes the previous frame.
  3. I have Gen 1 - 5 and wanted to upload them before, but the folder weighs like 800 MB and my upload speed sucks so thanks for sharing this for everyone.
  4. A better way would be the ability to "link" your location in a similar fashion to how you link Pokemon, so for example writing "@Ver" would autocomplete to [vermillion], and using the clients translation / localization system the other player would see it in his chosen language...
  5. I made a script that captures and extracts them from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but unfortunately since my uni semester is coming up in a few days I won't have time to make the back sprites. I had the time to make them, but when I asked if people were interested the mods removed my thread silently...
  6. Insensitivity


    Just use a mod, I for example use this: Caught my first shiny a week after I installed it.
  7. Can we get Gen. 5 Front + Back, and add Gen. 1 - Gen. 4 back sprites?
  8. I couldn't find any clear answer, what is the file name format for battle sprites such as: Gender based sprites (Pink Jellicent for female, Blue Jellicent for male) The different Unown letters Castform forms based on weather I tried using the "dump moddable resources" utility to dump the battlesprites, but it seems that it only dumps up to gen4, and does not include the aforementioned ones.. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Looks great in game, waiting for the full version
  10. Did you press "give" or press "use"? just making sure you clicked "use"...
  11. Honestly, I don't remember it being like that a couple of years ago, but I do notice it, is the rendering range customizable by chance?
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