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  1. Target to buy at maximum $1M. Expect to have 30 SPD, 25+ on ATK & SATK, 20+ on rest IVs.
  2. Hello All, LF Mixed HP Fire Beldum, prefer Naughty nature. Also LF my first OT shiny Nidoking. Thanks! IGN = BluePocket
  3. IGN: BluePocket Country: Hong Kong
  4. As stated in topic, it would be much more convenient for us to search pokemons with specific hidden power type. For example, in current setting, if I want to buy HP Grass Magnemite in GTL, it is difficult to find out one easily. It is because there is many combinations of HP Grass's IVs, even I enter IV in each stat, it may still show non HP Grass pokemons. It would be highly appreciated if this function can be implemented. Thanks in advance!
  5. $500K for Tauros?   TAUROS LV 50 JOLLY ( 29-30-25-4-20-31 ) RETURN - EQ - PURSUIT - FACADE   6HP - 252 ATK - 252 SPEED