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  1. Good job in TT. Hope there will be TT held at Oceanic time so I can join.
  2. Good run brothers and proud of all of you. We are a comp team :)
  3. Good Question! Maybe we should get 2 poster this time, 1 for Feb champion and 1 for May.
  4. Oh, we won another TT in 2017. Our target should be the team which win most TT in 2017.
  5. Suneet's drawing is very awesome. Also remind me of Mike's signature drawing.
  6. There is 1 good idea that can stop Zymo to advertise his shiny Growlithe, which is to buy all his tickets. By doing so, Zymo needn't advertise anymore.
  7. OMG, you are our key OU player. Maybe we will lose OU but win UU and NU in all 4 rounds.
  8. Why still don't have our poster in March official TT post? Do organizers expect we can defend the title so they make it after this TT?
  9. Congrat Sparkie to get 1st runner up of OU.
  10. OU team event is cool. Hope next OU to be held on around 3PM GMT.
  11. Then wish you encounter Shiny Machoke soon.
  12. Bil, you are the most loyal RISE member :)
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