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  1. Phase 4 searching shiny mudkip 70.635 encounters 61 OT Jonulo
  2. TEAM ORPE>>>>>>>>>>>> Phase 3 searching shiny mudkip idk encounters 8 OT LussyNL (Alt account)
  3. Phase 9 searching shiny bagon MISSION COMPLETED idk encounters 7 OT LussyNL (Alt account)
  4. Phase 8 (searching shiny bagon) 20.070 encounters 60 OT Jonulo
  5. Phase 7 searching shiny bagon idk encounters 6 OT LussyNL (Alt account)
  6. Phase 5 (searching shiny bagon) 7.088 encounters 59 OT Jonulo
  7. Phase 3 (searching shiny bagon) 14.731 encounters 58 OT Jonulo
  8. Phase 2 (searching shiny bagon) 100.730 encounters 57 OT Jonulo
  9. Phase 1 searching shiny bagon idk encounters 5 OT LussyNL (Alt account)
  10. Tell me what is money for? buy shinys or vanitys or comps? There are people who have fun doing things themselves. It's nicer to put your identity stamp on the weirdest shinys in the game and be recognized for it. So I have a little more respect for people who are hunting shinys.
  11. Thank you all for the congratulations you have sent me in the game and here in the forum <3
  12. Phase 6 searching shiny charmander MISSION COMPLETED!!!!! idk encounters 4 OT LussyNL (Alt account)
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