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  1. Lol when I created this thread I searched to see if there was any topic like that, search feature is so good -_-
  2. Doing a quick bump on this one, I would love to have a feedback from any GM.   It would be great if this have any chance to be implemented, because honestly its not much to ask.   Losing a pokémon potential because of either a misclick(imagine teaching Thunderpunch to Breloom and misclicking on Spore as example) or the pokémon simply having an Outdated moveset sucks so bad.
  3. I'm glad there is only positive feedback so far. Only a few Pokémon gets great benefits from this anyways, most of them are gimmicky moves.   Is there actually a reason to not implement this?
  4. Let us relearn moves from past evolutions. This would be a nice thing to have so we don't need to make a whole new comp just to have a move from the past evolutions your pokémon has.   Per example, I have a mainly Physical Arcanine which was made way before the split, however with Crunch now being Physical it would be a nice move to have, but Arcanine can't relearn it and Growlithe can, so I would need a whole new comp just to get Crunch which kind of sucks IMO. There are other examples, like if someone has a comp Slaking but now he wants to get Fury Swipes(call it gimmick, whatever) he also needs to make a new one just for one move. I'm sure there is also other situations but I'm kinda lazy to research what pokémons would benefit from it.   I think there is no problem with this idea, it would just slightly reduce grinding(which needs to be reduced IMO).
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