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  1. Yes.
  2. @Kamimiii ye im still down. Void if tie?
  3. Hit me up in game when you're on please. Btw great service 11/10
  4. 500k on dragonites winning
  5. Pancham is actually gen 6 :^) I had to
  6. 30k, money well spend. k e k
  7. Why are you assumining things?
  8. rng

    As Moetal has pointed out please use an english translation with foreign language posts. But to stay on topic. RNG/hax/playing the odds is a thing that is in Pokémon. Not specifically PokéMMO. How annoying and uncompetitive you might find it. It is and it will stay part of the game. It might be unfair but it is what it is. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to PM me.
  9. @mago1993 here you go o/
  10. Alright I'll mail it to him/her. I shall close this thread and re open your old shop.
  11. @Silok won!! Congratulations. Please let me know your IGN so I can mail it to you!
  12. Having a username from a 5 year old and it being 1000 miles long
  13. Your thread didn't get deleted. Just your bump was hidden by a staff member. Bumping threads in General Discussion isn't a thing so please only post something with content.
  14. Moved to Trade Corner.
  15. To be fair did you ever make more than 2? If so I would love to see them. They're funny. But nah not really. Just trying to make some easy money that is all