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  1. I assume you mean the confusion nerf that happened with Generation 7? From 50% chance of hitting yourself to 33% chance? If so yes we currently have a 33% chance to hit yourself while confused.
  2. Unfortunately due to the nature of Vermilion City. It started raining and the paint all got washed off. The little karp now had to think of another way to brighten up his appearance. Which was__
  3. Hey @jai01rus, We appreciate you streaming our game but continuously creating new threads for your livestreams is sadly against the rules: - 12.) All work must be kept within the same thread, this applies to Audio&Music, Videos&Tournaments, Tutorials and Livestream related content. I have merged all your threads into this one and please use this to announce your streams in the future. Thank you very much. Have a nice day and good luck with the stream!
  4. Whenever you are playing on PokeMMO you are playing on an online server. This means that every action everybody does takes the same amount of time. If there was an option for battle animations to be turned off, turns would still take the same amount of time than when you have them on. This is because not everybody will play with them off thus the time would still need take the same. This doesn't matter whether it is a PvP or wild battle as anyone is freely able to spectate both kinds and both happen on a server. tl;dr: It's just impossible to implement the option to turn it off without completely removing the animations for everyone. Which isn't happening. Hopefully this explains it.
  5. Short answer: No. Ain't happening. Long answer: It will just make breeding too easy, everybody would just breed a 5x31 and don't care about the nature and then proceed to nature change it through the new item. An item like this will never be put into the RP Store as it would make the game way too p2w thus it would become an obtaining item by everybody basically crashing the prices of comps in an instant and ruining the game's economy. Next time, whenever you have a suggestion please do so here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/ . Have a nice day.
  6. Lf Nahwel's PSL donation thread so I can donate to the right person this season.
  7. First of all let me start this off by saying the alt runs will most likely never return. Not like the ones before 2016 or whenever everything changed. Same here. I have probably alt ran Kanto around 30-50 times (I know rookie numbers xd) and got very efficient at it so I would consider myself to be at least known on the subject of alt running. A level cap was introduced to actually make the story interactive. And yes, teach the new players the basics of Pokemon. Which the handhelds fail to do the majority of the time. Making items untradeable I'll get into later. And I personally find the battle animations argument to be extremely poor. Just because the game back then was far less complete than it is now has nothing to do with anything. This would've happened regardless. First of all, it does give the game a new challenge. As it is literally different than the handhelds thus being new. And I agree with Pokemon never being a difficult game but this is also because the handhelds are designed around very young kids. Fire Red for example is literally rated E for Everyone. As PokeMMO technically isn't allowed to be played under the age of 13 without parental consent and thus imo the difficulty is easily justified. Holding down 1 button with your starter until the end of the game isn't interactive gameplay, while I acknowledge this is very subjective, it also kind of ruins the immersion of the majority of the game. Being the story. While both might sound very unenjoyable to you whether it be piss easy like it was or in the situation that it is now. The situation now at least makes players think about what to do in a battle instead of just holding down Surf with their 25 level higher Blastoise than the E4s Ace. I had trouble wording myself correctly so I do apologize if I sound confusing. The amount of money you end with from alt running was around the same range no matter how quick or slow you were. And while I agree that in a MMO optimized strategies should be rewarded, alt running is just a different story. Because yes, while you as somebody who can clear Kanto in 6hrs obviously gets a better yen/hour out of it. The end result of finishing an alt run stays the same. And this is where in my opinion comes in the biggest factor as to why alt runs got changed. The items. It never really was about the amount of money you could get from it, it was never about how quick you could finish the story. It was the amount of exclusive items you pumped into the market. It doesn't matter if you finished in 6hrs or 24hrs. In both cases you ended up putting in EXP Shares, PP Ups/Maxes, Amulet Coins etc. into the game. To the point where those items became very invaluable. I remember specifically PP Up/Max losing a lot of value, same as EXP Shares and TMs(this was before they were available in the Marts) as well if I recall correctly. And especially when PP Up/Max and those other healing items were made obtainable in other ways this was just not healthy as it just discarded that feature of making them. Regarding the battle animations. Not much can be done as you're playing on a server. Even if you would be able to turn off the animation it would still need to take the same amount of time as when you have it turned on. Because someone will have it turned on. I hope this is pretty straight forward as my English is top kek. Regarding items refer to above. I would agree with you as pumping in pure yen into a game at a large amount is bad. Which is why Berries were such a problem for such a long time. But like I mentioned above another way of obtaining the majority of the items that you get from the story was created and thus the untradeable thing was necessary. And lastly I don't think that will ever happen. Not because I think it is necessarily a bad idea but mostly because it wouldn't do much to the game. And it would just be the go to option for everything to not have a level cap and just go back to braindead starter spamming. tl;dr: ok boomer.
  8. I would agree with that it would bring back the "old vibes" of the old days of PokeMMO but I am unsure if it would be a wise idea if I am completely honest. Automated tournaments were mainly created so everybody in the game had access to it, rather than just people that browse the forums. We also generally only had English threads with only specific time zones so many non native English speakers just did not even understand when those tournaments were. It also relieved a lot of stress from staff. From not needing to host/ref the PvP events and create brackets, role call and many more tedious things. I never minded any of it myself but I can definitely say it makes our lives a lot easier and it allowed us to create tournaments at times when we were usually all asleep/at work/at school etc. Now on the other hand I do think your suggestion has some good aspects to it. I could see it potentially working in this way: The automated system remains how it is right now with regards of signing up and matching. And I don't think the automated tournaments itself are necessarily the problem here. It is the spectate function. If somehow the spectate function gets improved to let's say; everybody that wants to spectate a match needs to enter a room through the upstairs of the Pokecentre and only through there are you able to spectate all the matches. And while you are in there you are also with everybody else that is spectating. And you can talk in normal chat/some other chat with them. Predicting plays and talking about the matches without necessarily ruining the turns for the people that are battling. It would also somewhat bring back the feeling of being together watching tournaments while not undermining the current system that is in place. It would sort of destroy the freedom of being able to spectate from anywhere. But with how many Pokecentres that are in the entire game I doubt it will be much of a hassle. But again, this is just an idea I just thought of and it probably has some downsides I will get told by many people. On top of that this is just an idea, not an official thing that might happen in the future. So please do take it with a grain of salt. Just wanted to give my two cents on the situation. All in all I can safely say that the old ways of hosting tournaments will not return. For standard tournaments at least. Team tournament/niche tournaments still get held in the old style of things.
  9. Outrage will remain at 90 Base Power for the foreseeable future. This is due to balancing reasons as mentioned above. Outrage is a very epic and balanced move in generation 5 that totally did not get spammed by every dragon to ever exist with little to no draw back whatsoever. Especially with the unavailability of certain Legendaries such as Heatran and Jirachi this doesn't help in our case. We will announce if Outrage ever gets changed to 120 Power on the forums. I'll be closing this now.
  10. Welcome to the game and hope you enjoy your time :D
  11. There is currently no ETA on the arrival on Platinum. Anything regarding Platinum can be found here on the forums if any additional information gets posted.
  12. Hai there! Hope you enjoy your stay and welcome to the game.
  13. Like mentioned above any kind of macro, script or bot is not allowed to be used while playing PokeMMO. Your account will be punished if you are caught using them so please do not use them. I'll be closing this now.
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