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  1. TheChampionMike

    [NU] Cute and Dangerous (Saturday, 2nd March)

    @Bilburt Look friend a tournament name based off of you
  2. TheChampionMike

    Please listen to me!(Saturday,16th March)

    Don't tell me what to do
  3. TheChampionMike

    Team Tournament February 2019

    Praise the lord and everything that is holy 1
  4. Country roads

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheChampionMike
    3. Bearminator



    4. Lvkee


      u ever stop and think, how was this man a mod (miek) even tho bil the big gay

  5. TheChampionMike

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

  6. TheChampionMike

    Lunar Event Strategy

    Bouffalant as well
  7. TheChampionMike

    World Cup week #3

    me and sixsixsixt in like 5 minutes
  8. TheChampionMike


    They usually freeze berry timers while updates are happening. Just pray @Desu is nice today
  9. TheChampionMike

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Venezuela vs Argentina A Uu: AxLKghost vs Walerito Belgium vs Spain A Doubles: Mkns vs RealDevilLegend Rest of Latin America vs USA OU: Alejandro vs EVLGOON Lc: Urquidi vs BurntZebra Colombia A vs Germany Nu: Chechof vs Butler Rest Of The World vs Chile Lc: Coolio vs Redav Doubles: Imabeverybest vs Sebat China B vs Brexit ou: HuanLiu vs BlueBreath 100k uu: sixsixsixt vs TheChampionMike 100k nu: bingonb vs Zymogen lc: MingKa vs Yettodie double: Mamowinez vs Rendi 100k 50k each, unless pointed out differently
  10. Thankfully, there will always be a set cost to make PP ups/maxes. So if the prices drop that much through one person the price will go back up regardless because sooner or later people will realise it is not worth it to make those items. When this happens the supply will drop immensely and the demand will be bigger than the supply and ta-da the prices will go up again. You cannot forget that this is still a MMO with a decent "open" market. People try to flip, change prices or try to control a certain aspect of the market all the time. And personally I believe you should be rewarded for being able to pull this off succesfully. Barring people from doing that would ruin a major aspect of the MMO part.
  11. TheChampionMike

    A Spanish Mayor of PokeMMO

    no jajaja in my mayoral council
  12. TheChampionMike

    What is a true Pokémon Master?

    @DarylDixon is the one and only true pokemon master
  13. TheChampionMike

    [OU Discussion] Togekiss

    I have had a good think about this one and I think I am leaning towards banning it. The lack of certain Pokémon and legendaries doesn't favor this case right now. Without the likes of Zapdos and Rotom-W around, which would stop it in its tracks, this Pokémon really does end up being a problem to a lot of teams. I think there are definitely checks to Togekiss, because if there weren't any it's usage would be through the roof and it does have 4mss. However Togekiss doesn't just bring damage, it also has the ability to bring a little bit of support to a team with Heal Bell if it opts to run it. As people have said above the sheer lack of skill this mon takes to just win games is simply so stupid. The ability for this Pokémon to just allow an opponent to not make a move for easily 10+ turns in a row is just a no for me. It takes away all the fun and skill from the battle. There is an argument to be made that you should just run Pokémon that are faster than it if you don't want to get flinched. Or bring Pokémon that can check it. But you don't just fight against Togekiss and by the time Togekiss get's revealed there usually has been a lot of chip damage done and/or Pokémon already fainted. While this Pokémon can end up sweeping teams by itself, I think an even more annoying thing it can do is just tear apart any team with "skill" for any sweeper to end it right after. Right now even with Togekiss in it I think OU is in a very very good place. I'm a little sceptical about what will happen to the tier if it does end up getting the boot. It doesn't single handedly define the entire metagame but it is a pretty dominant Pokémon in the tier right now so I am uncertain. But I doubt it will turn to shit. And to be completely honest if TC is worried or unsure why not just testban it for a month or two?
  14. PHATI #1

    1. TheRealPhatiman


      Nooooooo Mike is and always will be #1 ❤️


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