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  1. It is that time of the year again! Mike's random fact of the day™!!!! This month will be about; PANCAKES! Did you know that a pancake fan ran a marathon while continually tossing a pancake for three hours, two minutes and twenty seven seconds. What a mad lad. See you next century
  2. gimme a tag team tournament ty
  3. Honestly I didn't know what to say when I heard the news and still don't. Andrea was the embodiment of what a positive, helpful and good player should be. Never in my time I have talked to her has she tried to start arguments, be super salty after losing a battle or just generally being a uguu. She never did any of that. And honestly I respected the hell out of her because of that. On top of that she wanted the best for this community, wanted to create fun events and tournaments. And whether she knew you or not, she wanted you to be happy and smile. She was not only a friend to many of us, she was also a core member of this community. And I fucking hate how one of the most wonderful people in the world has to go out like this. I have already sent my condolences to her family but Ill do it again for everyone who was her friend as well. To all of you my condolences. Rest in peace Andrea, as you deserve nothing less but to be happy wherever you are now. Thank you for being my team mate, for being always so positive and thank you for being my friend. Ill miss you.
  4. honestly I dont even remember writing half of that sentence but yes ty bil-sama uwu edit: nevermind it was the censor of April Fo ols xd
  5. @Desu you guys are 6 days early announcing it smh, shoud've done it on Ap ril fools like b/w so people put on their tinfoil hats. p.s. you smell
  6. Generally the game follows everything from generation 7 except a few things. From the top of my head these things are: Fairy typings doesn't exist yet Steel still resists dark and ghost Gengar doesn't have Cursed Body but Levitate still Dugtrio has 80 attack Outrage still has 90 power Hidden Abilities aren't available yet Knock Off doesn't have 65 base power Besides this everything has generation 7 base stats etc., both Pokemon and Moves. We also have stuff like Drought on Torkoal and Drizzle on Pelipper. I might have missed a couple things but honestly there is no real way to keep track of everything besides looking through the update logs.
  7. Team Name : NoRematch Team Tag : NORE Players : LifeStyle / LeJovi / stairway / iJulianFNT / Rendi / pIata / aftershocker / Lotus / DeadGorilla / SoFiik / JIce / Drayyton Captain : LifeStyle (posting for LifeStyle)
  8. His reply wasn't him trying to disagree with you pointing out some checks and a very very niche counter. It was to point out that you are giving 2 checks and 1 niche counter to justify the mon being healthy in the OU tier. If you bring SpDef Dragonite and your opponent decided to not bring a Togekiss it'll basically be useless. The checks you summed up both take 25% from rocks so they have limited switch ins, and seeing as Togekiss always pretty much runs roost it can pretty much outlive them no matter what if the Togekiss user isn't half stupid. This is completely irrelevant. People running fire coverage isn't just to hit Ferrothorn lol. It's also to hit mons along the line of; Excadrill, Scizor and Skarmory to name a few. That has nothing to do with your argument on how to stop Togekiss. Running fire coverage =/= running a specific Pokemon for 1 singular Pokemon. Calm down mister meta breaker !111!1! That's the thing though, if you build to stop Togekiss you will just lose most matches if they don't bring it. And if you don't fully build around it and your opponent decides to bring it you lose. You cannot forget you can only bring 6 Pokemon and not 739163. With the current OU there is a lot you need to take into account, but seeing as Togekiss is very "luck" heavy even if you were to account for it you can still lose to it because flinches exist. You can have your opinion and that is fine. But just like you are voicing your opinions others are voicing theirs and you don't see them saying "blah blah it's not valid". But I digress.
  9. any that is still left happy birthday
  10. Country roads

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      u ever stop and think, how was this man a mod (miek) even tho bil the big gay

  11. They usually freeze berry timers while updates are happening. Just pray @Desu is nice today
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