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  1. There is currently no ETA on the arrival on Platinum. Anything regarding Platinum can be found here on the forums if any additional information gets posted.
  2. Like mentioned above any kind of macro, script or bot is not allowed to be used while playing PokeMMO. Your account will be punished if you are caught using them so please do not use them. I'll be closing this now.
  3. Please create a thread in here with the necessary info: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/ We will be able to help you there. For next time please create a thread there right away about account and client related problems.
  4. Yes the untradeable seeds are currently not able to be used. This is a known issue though and will be fixed somewhere in the future.
  5. Apologies for the late results, thought I had announced it already. Thank you all for joining. Here are the winners; First Place: gbwead Second Place: PokkeRiley Third-Fourth Place: CamilaKawaiiChan & OscarFail Fifth-Eight Place: enchanteur, ChilamC, MullenYu & Drayyton Bracket Congratulations to the winners and hope to see you all next time.
  6. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-955011032 scald burn chance 0% that game, gg won
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaa

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      Have had this game for a while on this laptop already buddy

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      I mean me you trisomike 

  8. What happened first is that the second person I was fighting it's script appeared in the middle of battle: When the battle ended my camera was no longer centered: Leaving and re entering the area fixed it. And this only seems to happen here at Lake Verity.
  9. The barrier of the platform still remains on both sides but you can freely walk over the line aside from that.
  10. In the normal games it automatically makes the players go down the slope if no button input. Not really a big deal though
  11. Just to add on this; It's not the entire day. It probably has to do with gen 5 having 4 different seasons with different times of when it is day/night etc. It's most likely winter in game now and sees 7pm as night when on the in game clock it still says day. I haven't been able to check this with Morning yet but will edit.
  12. Happens after healing. This one was in floaroma town and haven't been able to check if it was all cities. EDIT: happens in every city
  13. Just as title says. Routes so far seem to work fine though
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