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  1. This is really the only thing said about them about when they could arrive. But this isn't really a confirmed time estimate at all.
  2. Prioritize fixing competitive moves, over fixing economy

    I mean you cannot forget that instead of having 33 berry planting spots you now have 156 extra in Unova. Giving you a total of 189 berry planting spots. It's not hard to get many berries now with the addition of these new berry spots. So most things have been balanced towards that.
  3. hi, i dont cant loggin in pokemmo, can you help me? hola, yo no puedo entrar a pokemmo, puedes ayudarme?

  4. What Current Move Set Generation?

    USUM learnsets with gen 5 moves. Some gen 7 learnable abilities which were in gen 5 or below(Like Drizzle on Pelipper). Some moves/abilities have gen 6+ mechanics. Status is going by generation 7 aswell. Also got generation 7 base stats. Best is to just check your pokedex for everything moveset related.
  5. shiny voltorb lottery

  6. shiny voltorb lottery

    Got it. Good luck everyone!
  7. FIRST

    Hi first. I'm Mike
  8. Critical Hits are doing WAAAY too much damage.

    As others pointed out. This is not a bug. Whenever you crit you do x1.5 the damage you normally do. But on top of that you ignore any defensive boosts the pokemon you crit might have. This is how you were hit by so much all of the sudden.
  9. What does this mean

    It's for example outside of victory road. Since that place is like Castelia and has a way different map grid than other routes/cities sweet scent for some reason wasnt able to be used there. Now you can.
  10. [SaKé]

    Crimar stop jouk me ant give shiny watchog Calcu is good bro. He always coach mathew
  11. Shiny Watchog Lottery

    94 wins! @Crimar
  12. General Hordes Guide

    Alright so a little update everyone. I've seen that every season, atleast in Unova, has different hordes. Because of this I will remake this guide to be every region's and season's horde in the same format as it currently is. This means that this will become quite a big guide and I will need to hide some posts for more reserves. This will most likely also take me a long time to finish up so any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Right now this is just from Autumn Hordes. So any help with the Winter Hordes are welcome. Thank you anyone who has helped me and will help me in the future.
  13. Shiny Watchog Lottery


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