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  1. TheChampionMike

    Looking for someone to make a mod

    Like Aimi pointed out, requesting is not allowed so I will be closing this.
  2. TheChampionMike

    [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    Wow would you look at that guys. @MaatthewMLG is back!!!
  3. TheChampionMike

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    Ill go ahead and send you the 500k for now, if you ever finish the theme and like it etc. I might send some more if you are fine with that. p.s. love the sig :)
  4. TheChampionMike

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    Mayuuuuuuuuuuu gimme 2 things Name: TheChampionMike Team Tag: PokeMMO Staff Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Dragonite for Signature // Dratini and Dragonite for theme Render (Optional): - Theme Colors: Light Blue Type of Artwork: Signature and Theme Animated?: Just the text on the sig Donation: At least 500k, might give more if I love you Additional information: ur great xoxo
  5. TheChampionMike

    [Art] Soda's Skatches

    who you calling mami?!? YOU ARE THE MAMI :D
  6. TheChampionMike

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Damn congrats that's an awesome shiny, sadly it ain't orange :( oh and @DoctorPBC hehe xd
  7. TheChampionMike

    [OU] You attract me (Friday 18th May)

    You attract me @Bilburt o3o Nyaaaa~ *wiggle wiggle*
  8. TheChampionMike

    Freedom of speech

  9. TheChampionMike

    [Art] Soda's Skatches

    With a dratini. On da beach, make it cute as hell. Mucho love Colored skatch
  10. TheChampionMike

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    God does the guydingo himself Lord Michaelangelo IV have to keep this club alive by himself? SO BE IT HAVE YET ANOTHER..... MIKE'S© RANDOM FACT OF THE DAY®™ WOOOO YAY *claps* Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg has made some considerable and litigious moves to ensure his privacy. He bought a $100 million plot of land in Hawaii in 2014, and is recently decided not to suethe people who own pieces of the property through generational ties. He also tried to tear down four houses in and around his home in Palo Alto, Calif. Isn't that ironic? H m m m m m m
  11. TheChampionMike

    Android Release HYPE [ETA 1 week™] HYPE IS REAL!

    I got annoyed by this part, mainly because of the fact how wrong you are but you won't admit to that no matter how many people say you are. The game hasn't been this active since forever really, in weekends pretty much all day the servers are at high and it generally feels more alive in game. The game isn't necessarily dying, just the older players are quitting which makes it feel like it is (Which is inevitable really). However I do not think the developers have necessarily 'shat' on the long term players. The previous updates were moreso changes for the future of the game and will most likely make more sense once everything has been added. The game will no longer be just PvP and shiny hunting as end game, from what Darkshade/Kyu etc. has said on forums is that dungeons are actually gonna be high end PvE content. This game will most likely be less enjoyable for the competitive players as they will most likely be semi forced to do PvE stuff to get everything(this is my guess, don't take my word for it as I know as much as anyone else) thus 'shitting on them'. Also idk what you mean with 'add actual MMO features' when they've been literally talking about adding dungeons, which are the most staple feature is pretty much every MMO. From what they have said is that the security update delayed everything as they find security more important than content. And if you ask me that is pretty much respecting the players. Some people dislike change, some do. I personally feel that this game is headed in the right direction, it just needs some time before it reached what it is meant to be.
  12. why u player then lol

    1. TheChampionMike


      why u doubles player then lol

  13. TheChampionMike

    Android Release HYPE [ETA 1 week™] HYPE IS REAL!

    Yay! Even more reason not to pay attention in class
  14. TheChampionMike

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    WOWIE GUYS WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE TIME!!!! IT IS TIME TO D-D-D... RANDOM FACT OF THE DAY! Did you know that the name xSparkie actually originates from all the way back in 150 B.C. It was when a meteor hit the earth and this brown ish baby boy was inside the crater. Because he sparked like no one has anyone ever seen spark so bright, the name Sparkie was made. However, in the current day and age people steal names. So he was forced to put an x infront of it, and maybe a little because he is an edgelord. The past is truly fascinating.

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