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  1. The Round Table used to be the forum section where team threads were being used. Ever since our forums has gotten the Clubs feature this forum section got removed and it was all moved to Clubs if you wanted your team thread to be moved there. So the round table doesn't exist anymore.
  2. So a lot of people were wondering where the Totally Daily Random Fact of the Day™ went. Well fret not as I have returned to gift you all with a random fact. Did you know that elephants have an insane amount of control over their trunk? Elephants have around 150,000 muscle units in their trunk. Their trunks are perhaps the most sensitive organ found in any mammal - Asian elephants have been seen to pick up a peanut, shell it, blow the shell out and eat the nut. Elephants use their trunks to suck up water to drink – it can contain up to 8 litres of water. They also use their trunks as a snorkel when swimming. Now think of how much action you can get out of that thing 😏 That was your Random Fact of the Day™ brought to you by Raid Shadow Legends™. Untill "tomorrow".

  4. I said yo, fucking say hi back 😡

  5. Log in with your in game account and go here: https://support.pokemmo.eu/support/create Choose ban appeal and say what you want to say. Someone will then come back to you whenever they can! Good luck with your appeal.
  6. club mods slacking so just making sure this doesnt actually get deleted. did you know that oltan sucks at pokemon? yeah what a surprise amirite? not. XD
  7. I hope one day we will finally know and understand how mayonnaise is made.

    1. Lvkee
    2. 3065640587


      You need to do it first and then do that again

  8. Hello friends, fellow players and old acquaintances,


    It hurts me to say this but earlier today, Wednesday December the 15th, something terrible happened. Until now I still cannot really believe it happened. But it did. Sadness and pain is something that happens to all of us. And I now finally understand true despair and the complete sense of helplessness. I sincerely wish this doesn't happen to anyone else. 

    Anyway I stubbed my toe.

    This was my story. 

    - A trauma patient  

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    2. KaynineXL


      My arthritis riddled body can no longer keep up with the memes of today. sadge. Awesome to see you and Djinn with the big boy promotions(whenever that happened, it's probs old new now). Congratz! @Teddi@SecretDjinn 

    3. Mike


      My profile feed isnt some outlet that can be used for idle chit chat. Kinda weird

    4. KaynineXL


      wait this isn't facebook?

  9. Draw me something, and no im not paying you. Much love
  10. IGN: Mike Timezone: No one cares Tiers: XD Fluff: If you pick me Ill hold auctions to decide who will play that week
  11. Random fact of the day; Did you know that the first written record of glue comes from the Ancient Egypt? One of the earliest examples are hieroglyphs that shown casket of Pharaoh Tutankhamun that was glued together with compound made from animals. Now never ask me for a fact again you were never part of this team kinda weird dude
  12. You ever just wonder that if 1 single thing changed in history we might have all become peanut butter jars? Pretty interesting thought. Also daily reminder Oltan is by far the worst boss this team has ever seen
  13. Because it was taken at the time and teams never got deleted even if no one logged on for 5yrs
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