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  1. You ever just wonder that if 1 single thing changed in history we might have all become peanut butter jars? Pretty interesting thought. Also daily reminder Oltan is by far the worst boss this team has ever seen
  2. Because it was taken at the time and teams never got deleted even if no one logged on for 5yrs
  3. sweet best boss, sparkie most handsome boss, oltan worst boss
  4. Yeah sorry I don't go by the casual normal new year, I go by chinese new year like a true chad. ANYWAY WELCOME TO Mike's Fact of the CENTURY YEAR MONTH DAY WHATEVER IT IS™ Today we will be talking about birds. Yes birds. Truly fascinating beings. Chirp chirp. Did you know that birds can get depressed? It turns out that birds actually have the brain to become depressed, stressed or even very upset. So next time you see a pigeon fly against a window it's probably a suicide attempt. That is all. See you next time uwu
  5. While this isn't necessarily a terrible idea in the end it would not change anything. Because SGMs do double check the evidence and do make sure that the ban was warranted. Having a sort of middleman do this will just prolong the process without any change. Since if the evidence isn't strong enough and makes a SGM question if the ban was actually warranted they won't just shut said person down, you do not need a middleman for this. Zenor touched upon this already but I want to add that if someone does get banned for RMT, and they get said message like "Your account has been permanently closed due to breaking the code of conduct by trading in game assets for real money." it is 99.9% also actually the case. The fault of the current system is that false positives, which do happen occasionally, are very hard to spot. Because I have seen it happen where the stars align so much that someone got banned because of it. Is this ultimately the fault of the system? Yes. But if staff sees the evidence and case of the false positive, and if the evidence looks like hard evidence but actually just very unfortunate timing, everyone in staff would agree with the ban. Therefore the false positive will get the same message as someone who actually did it because the persons who are in charge of ban appeals see no reason to look into it further which is what makes it sometimes feel as if the system is unfair or in other words complete dogshit. But these are oddballs, very very very rare cases. And to be honest this is a really hard thing to fix, because being framed or being falsely accused of something in real life also happens. You're right, it doesn't hold up. But it's not an excuse. It's a factual thing. Everyone has always complained for the longest time that ban appeals take way too long to be handled. If staff were to also write out unique answers for every single ban appeal they would be handled even slower. It is very unfortunate if someone gets banned, I would never want to see anyone get banned. But the fact of the matter is, if you got banned and the evidence is there to backup everything a GM did to ban a person. Why would anyone in staff give them more time and effort than they do right now? And as I said before if something isn't clear, they do actually get asked their side of the story. Also I would like to add that someone saying "I didn't do it" doesn't mean they actually didn't do it. I have seen plenty of people that I trust say to my face I didn't do it, but then they actually did it. Last but not least do I think the current way ban appeals are handled could be improved? Of course, there is always room for improvement. But I think how everything is handled right now is pretty much how it's going to be for a very long time in the future. Would it give players a sense of closure if they saw and got explained more what they got banned for? Yes and should that be the case? In an ideal world yes. But the day only has 24hrs. I am not quite sure any of you understand how much time and effort ban appeals already take. Trust me I wouldn't want to deal with that stuff even if I got paid to do that. In the end there are some cases that get screwed over by the current system and that should be improved. But the way they are being responded to is essentially the way it is.
  6. please go back to the deepest pit of hell you came from Guillian, we don't do this here anymore
  7. Finding friends/team members in the matchmaking window is annoying. If you are in the same team or have someone added as a friend give us the option to right click -> Spectate in Matchmaking.
  8. Happy New year everyone. Hope you all have an amazing and healthy 2021. Stay safe all of you. Much love from me <3

    1. SweeTforU


      Happy new year my love 

    2. MaatthewMLG


      go eat seed ugly

  9. Life hit it on the head here to be honest. What's the difference between matchmaking and ATs nowadays? Theyre all blind matches, you have no idea who you are facing(except the finals) and the rewards are better from tournaments. That's it. As it's always been UU and NU aren't as popular mainly because it is not the first tier a player gets into. And seeing how much of a pain it can be to breed and make a larger amount of pokemon I can see how people can be turned off from playing the lower tiers, especially if they barely have any OU mons. Even more for newer players. I think the issue doesn't lie in the MM system. In fact I think the current MM system is the best we have ever had. Could you get more rewards for placing high on the ladder? Sure I wouldn't have an issue with it although I don't think this will magically make 2000 people play UU and/or NU. I mainly think that the issues lie elsewhere in the game. Since realistically why would you want to play lower tier matchmaking when tournaments exist and you pretty much guaranteed get in, unlike the OUs.
  10. Alright. This will be a very big brain fact of the day, and it'll be space themed. Did you know that 'White Holes' are technically possible, the opposites of Black Holes so where matter can't be entered in but can escape from. Even though there is currently no known case of it existing. The universe surely is an interesting place.
  11. Hello, You were all expecting another ON TIME AND TOTALLY NOT MONTHLY random fact of the day? But I am sorry to disappoint. There wont be any today. To be quite honest with you all I have been pondering about the idea of stopping this. Now I know what you're thinking; WHAT!? THAT'S INSANE!! YOU DO THIS EVERY DAY WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO WAKE UP TO? And to that I say just don't wake up at all. Its that easy. That is all friends. For legal reasons I must tell you that this is a joke and I don't want anyone to never wake up.
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