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  1. Hi Mike, I am the leader of New Team Rocket {NRkt}, we are a casual/some hardcore players, team. I was wondering if i could post a recruitment post in Clubs.

    1. TheJohnBlox



      Hi Mike, just like @ whytelyfe131, I would like you to announce my team / FamiliaBlox {Blox} / is a Brazilian team. If you can I appreciate ^^

  2. 1st LifeStyle: 2nd lestheawesome: 3rd Sebat:
  3. What's Your In-Game Name?

  4. Thank you all for joining The root of all Weavile! The winners are: First Place: EpicVerde Second Place: UmbraMol Third-Fourth Place: JasonSparrowX & Hernjet Bracket Congratulations to all the winners and hope to see you all at our next official event.
  5. Yes you can travel to each region on one character. You can go to a new region after obtaining 4 badges in a region. The method of switching regions are talking to a sailor in either Vermilion, Slateport, Pastoria or Castelia respectively. If you accidentally switch to a new region or a wrong one you can talk to your mother in the region you just switched to to go back to your previous region. This function only works until you receive your second badge. After you get your second badge you have to continue playing that region until you obtain your fourth badge to switch regions. Hopefully this answered everything!
  6. Details Automated Tournament | Single Battle | 64 Players | 6v6 Under Used | Bracket Date & Time February 26th - 8PM UTC || 9PM CET || 3PM EST Time Zone Converter Registration Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You can register by clicking on the PvP menu option (Masterball icon) and then select "Tournament Signup". You may only enter on one account. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Tournament Clauses Explained Banned moves: Encore UU Ban List Abomasnow | Arcanine | Bastiodon | Blissey | Breloom | Carnivine | Chandelure | Chansey | Chatot | Cloyster | Conkeldurr Cofagrigus | Dragonite | Drapion | Darmanitan | Empoleon | Excadrill | Ferrothorn | Garchomp | Gastrodon | Gengar | Gliscor Gyarados | Haxorus | Hippowdon | Hydreigon | Infernape | Jolteon | Kabutops | Kingdra Lopunny | Lucario | Luxray | Magnezone | Metagross | Mienshao | Milotic | Mothim Pachirisu | Pelipper | Porygon2 | Porygon-Z | Purugly | Rampardos | Reuniclus Rotom | Rotom(Heat) | Rotom(Wash) | Rotom(Frost) | Rotom(Fan) | Rotom(Mow) Salamence | Scizor | Skarmory | Skuntank | Spiritomb | Staraptor | Starmie | Swampert | Tentacruel | Togekiss Torterra | Toxicroak | Tyranitar | Volcarona Wobbuffet | Wormadam(Plant) | Wormadam(Sandy) | Wormadam(Trash) First Place Prize Shiny GIFT Lvl 50 Weavile Your choice of nature, two moves, with IVs 2x31 & 4x25 & 1,000 Reward Points Second Place Prize 500 Reward Points  Third & Fourth Place Prize 250 Reward Points  Host: Mike
  7. You can get Manaphy by talking to a book in the Mansion in Sinnoh. The one south of Hearthome.
  8. Some probably do have it but the AI just doesn't understand the value of those moves yet so it will usually opt for an attacking move. Flint is also a big joke in the original games. There is only so much the limited fire types that exist in Sinnoh can do. This is really only done because the EXP curve is different in PokeMMO. If we stayed true to the actual levels of the original games most players would get to the elite four with a team of around 48-52, depending on the team/species/how they use their mons, with our EXP curve. At that point you're just so far underleveled it's not fun anymore. Of course grinding is an essential part of a MMO but in all honesty needing to level up 4-6 levels on each mon just to have a chance would be bad game design. I would say one of the main reasons why it might feel particularily easy is due to the free healing in between members. But before Sinnoh came out a lot of players were struggling with the story Elite Four as they do generally use better Pokemon, movesets, items and teams than their original game version. And this was too harsh to also continue to force players to use healing items. As many people just ran out of money and were hard stuck because of it. That being said as pointed out above if you want to have a challenge rebattle the Elite Four a couple of times. They will end up using fully EVed stuff and some more surprises. On top of that the free healing is only during the first time you fight them. The rematches you need to heal everything yourself.
  9. I might be incorrect about this so ignore me if I am but; The reason why we still use HG/SS as an optional game is because we use the overworld shiny sprites from it. Black has every overworld sprite but no shiny versions. Same for Platinum iirc but maybe not every single species(Amity Square things). I am pretty confident all the NPC sprites are already being pulled from Plat, but maybe not who knows. Either way HG/SS has more use than NPC sprites.
  10. Post game is accessible. Instead of needing to have SEEN every single Pokémon in your Sinnoh Pokedex you need to have OWNED every single Pokémon in your Sinnoh Pokedex. He will then give you the National Dex and you will have access to route 224 and onward. Yes
  11. Welcome to the game \o/
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