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  1. Basically, I plan on "gming" some stories, but I'd also like there to be some rival rp teams (I know that's asking a lot since there are so few rpers). But basically, I'm just going to run this as a kind of table top for the club/team that we're forming. And using PTU as a reference for what the character's know.
  2. Allow owners of clubs to actually manage the clubs. Apparently club owners cannot add tabs, start topics or do anything except add a club picture and a description to a field that does nothing.
  3. Wow, I'm not used to this many people wanting to rp. Yes. If you see me on, send me a whisper.
  4. Friendlier than previous attempts when I have tried.
  5. Yes, we do exist. Yes, we're struggling to find like minded people. Yes, we're here. Come forth and rejoice! Let not the trolls spam you into silence! Come, be proud. We have fought against people who would call us satanists, so now we are here to fight against those who would call use newbs, noobs and l0sers for simply wishing to partake in a world as though we were IN that world instead of looking down upon it from on high like some adolescent would-be god. I play Valensiya. I play a trainer. I am a roleplayer!
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