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  1. We're gonna get r1'd by VVVV again aren't we
  2. Farewell Brother, best of luck etc etc
  3. Name: Bakugo Team Tag: Rise Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Bakugo Render (Optional): Up to you Theme Colors: Up to you Type of Artwork: Sig Animated?: Yes Please Donation: 250k Additional information: Do your thing, I'm sure I'll love it
  4. Name: Bakugo Team: Rise Render/Character: Katsuki Bakugo in his hero costume Type of artwork: Signature Color: Up to you
  5. Have you tried being less handsome? These peasant folk are probably just drawn in by your masculine and endearing presence in such a dangerous city. Instead of changing the game or the player base, why not make yourself terrible, then no one will ever want to associate with you.
  6. Because it's right next to the boats going to the other regions. Before the Hoenn update the place to be was actually Viridian City but everyone flocked to Vermillion for the above reason
  7. Happy Birthday Curráy @xSparkie @ShadowGary
  8. what the fuck did you just say to me?! I'll have you know kloneman has a heart of gold and an ass of silver If you ever say anything so horrendous again about this man, I'll be forced to send you on a midnight boat ride with @Cressman
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