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  1. IGN: Bakugo Timezone: EST Tiers: NU Something else to farm likes: I beat a rusty KingUnibrowser, in an unrelated tier, in an irrelevant meta, to get MDVN a TT win
  2. At this point the best course of action would be making Bil manager and letting him draft Butler first overall
  3. I nominate our living god @DarylDixon
  4. We're gonna get r1'd by VVVV again aren't we
  5. Farewell Brother, best of luck etc etc
  6. Name: Bakugo Team Tag: Rise Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Bakugo Render (Optional): Up to you Theme Colors: Up to you Type of Artwork: Sig Animated?: Yes Please Donation: 250k Additional information: Do your thing, I'm sure I'll love it
  7. Name: Bakugo Team: Rise Render/Character: Katsuki Bakugo in his hero costume Type of artwork: Signature Color: Up to you
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